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Because you can never have enough storage on your phone, I’m going to show you how to move apps to a micro-SD card on an Android phone. I’m using the LG Optimus Exceed 2 prepaid phone for Verizon. If I go to the storage settings, I’ll show you how this phone is pretty limited on space right out of the box. Here we can see that this phone only has 4GB of internal memory.

So I’m going to expand the storage with an inexpensive micro-SD card. Once it’s mounted, I can see that I now have just under 30GB additional memory available. Now I’m ready to move apps off of the phone’s memory and onto the card. In the Application Manager, I’ll select the app I want to move. On the details page, there will be a Move button. Right now it says Move to Phone because the app is already on the card. I’ll go ahead and move it back to the phone and then I’ll move it to the SD card. When the app is stored on the phone, the button now says Move to SD Card. So I’ll just tap that button to move it back. The time it takes depends on the size of the app. This is great but there are some apps that cannot be moved and most of those are system apps so just be aware of that.

The Move to SD Card button will be greyed out on those. Now that I can get apps off the main storage of the phone, I can download more games or whatever without worrying about space. This phone only accepts a maximum of a 32GB card but others can use much larger cards. I hope you found this helpful and if you did please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe for more how to videos and product reviews..

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