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Hello guys. What’s up welcome to a new video The name of the video title is how to reduce TP? If the file says ok, I think you know about the image formats Tp. Is it being here or dot gif? Everything but especially we more you use frequently Tp. Epic images ok – in this video we’ll actually learn how to reduce the JPG file size So guys, what do you what? Do you actually know the file size is what is the file size is the file size is actually the total size of the file in Megabyte, or Kilobyte ok but actually we actually learn in this video the whole things that how to reduce the total file size and And resize the image ok as well recess the image as well ok so This is this is an image the file This check is properties the size of the image is 5 point 0 3 megabyte and in pixel in Pixel this is 6000 pixel width and 3000 and 375 Pixel height, okay, we actually Resize this image, and as well as will compress this image to okay.

Yes, so how we do this? We don’t will not use any complex tools like photoshop. You may think oh photoshop. I don’t know I’m not a graphic designer, so I don’t I can’t use photoshop. So don’t worry We’re not going to use photoshop or our heavy tools And we will actually use the tools all the upload and resize or compress such tape up tools, okay? So let’s check How we are going to do going to do this first of all we use the very light? Microsoft default to Microsoft Paint ok first We are going to resize this image, and we are opening this image in Microsoft paint ok This is very big image actually so in Microsoft paint you cannot compress actually but can resize so We are going to resize this image only from using Microsoft paint So this image you can you can resize Mac using Microsoft paid in two ways reducing the percentage and pictures okay, so If you keep here any percentage This is handle percent if you want to reduce you Keep the person reduce 40% then you will just keep your 60, and then okay, then it will reduce Automatically, okay? so you can Resize it using pixels.

This is six thousand pics and we with let you want to keep it 1200 pixel width okay, just select the pixels horizontal and vertical pixels click on okay done our Image has been resized okay, if you save this here then this will be This will save on your desktop, and you will miss with resize, okay, then the second tool we are going to use a an external software This is the name of the software is right Okay, we’re closing Microsoft paint I’m not going to say that we’re just keeping a copy of These images we are going to actually usage, so I don’t like like actually using external software’s to resize image but sometimes this is this Medic or If you want to use this software we can just use it this is the name of the sub-trees right okay, and just Start some Google Dry out image optimization tool, and you will find that okay? I will give this software link to the description so find out them it from there, okay? so here the Simple software you just you have to just upload the means from your desktop, and I’m just selecting my images from my desktop and This is it okay So if you want to resize these images from here in pictures and percentages just like Microsoft paint You can reduce the pixel size Or if you don’t like to reduce the pixel size, then you just you can just click on You can keep it just keep default okay so I’m just keeping you just using a little bit and keeping it 4,000 pixel width and It will set height by default pictures you can also reduce it in percentage just select the percentage if you want to reduce 40% then just right here 60 right here 60, but I’m Reducing these images images in pixel size, okay and keeping 4000 pixels in height and You had a lot of options you can just select any one of these, but I’m keeping this Default slope a good sharp image will be and just clicking on okay this is just processing and the original if I said was five-Point you 3 megabyte and the compressed images the new size is seven hundred and seventy one kilobyte okay, so this is done to use this image and just click close click on save And just saved okay, let’s check the image saved fashion.

This is themes we have The let’s check is check its properties Yes, this is the reduced size 771 Kilobyte and the size of the Images Four Thousand into two 2025 okay, so the two ways we have computed already and let’s differentiate the quality this is the reduced in Messiah teen right and this is the world you know image and both are Quality optimized almost same so this is a very good tool. I found And so you can use this too without any hesitation Okay The second things start are to do they are going to see you Don’t on line tool. Okay. This is the name of the tool is actually teeny Png This is a very nice online tool so this tool actually works very fine, so We’re just loading a name the original image Sorry this shortcoming of this Tool is this does not the free version of teeny Png does not allow to upload files has more than five megabyte So we just uploading Uploading an image less than five megabyte We have made a copy and just reduced using route. This is 789 kilobyte in pixel let’s check how This is working. This is uploading it will take couple of seconds to upload and automatically compress Too teeny p in this server, and this is working done okay, so The original file size we have uploaded here seven eighty nine point six kilobyte and after the file you know reduction compressing this is 365 to white okay using tilly Png.

You can just compress the image, so we cannot resize actually Resize the images using teeny Png. This is actually the limitations limitation of this tool so nice work on if you want to use it just from Clicking download and save it to your desktop, okay? Saved so Done Td. Png is done Then I will show you an another online tool. This is called a croissant this is also a cool and powerful online tool for Many put it in your images. He says your images Compressing your images. I got these two famous. This is just awesome and cool very cool ok so just Let’s check how it actually work. Just browse an image which you want to compress from your PC I’m just uploading the original file size which is more than 5 Mega Byte I Have upper just click on continue So upload complete in PQ size calm It will take a couple of seconds. Let’s check how it actually works, so if you want to Reduce its size Then you can select how much you want to Resize so if you think you don’t want to change the image size then You keep in Same no change you want to reduce the size 50% smaller then select it and the estimated file size will be 3000 pixels within one 1688 Pixel Height ok so there are different options here. You can use choose and if you want to give an effect to your images you can use Here there are different effects equalized Blackout grayscale and so on so on I am just keeping everything default Just clicking and down and resize my image 50% is smaller and So so done the new file size Musa is 526 Big Kilobyte and reduced file size is 3000 pixels width okay, so if you want to use this image Just save to disk.

I mean it will download automatically and download medically so this is how we can resize your image or compressively image using pic resize okay so this was actually the for cool tools for resizing your images online or offline using Microsoft paint – right teeny Png and quickly search and so hope if you find this video guys helpful, so please subscribe our channel and Hit hit the thumbs up button and share to your social media profiles Thanks again. Thanks for watching our video subscribe our channel for more videos.

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