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Hi guys this is Roy And welcome to a brand new video on this channel. Do you won multiple wireless devices like tablets pc mobile phone smart TV And you also connect them with some kind of Wi-Fi network. Am I right? I also used to have this kind of network in my home But the main problem I face is Transferring file, or sharing file between my devices. Like when I transfer file between my computers to my mobile phone I generally connect with the data cable and transfer what ever I need And when I download some movie on my computer then I want to watch those those movies on my big screen TV. I generally copy the move on pen drive and attach it with my TV and watch the movie.

So last week I set up a wireless cloud at my home really cheap it cost less than $100 . 6800 INR hundred-dollar and i am getting now watch 40 to 50 mbps speed over Wi-Fi insanely fast and now I can share my file I can watch 4k videos over wifi it awesome so in this video I’m going to share with you guys how you can do that too so let’s get it started so this is the router i talk is the model number is a RT N 10 U it cost me around $30 There is a USB port on the back and you can connect a hard drive or pen drive with it I thought like I can access it from anywhere and that’s really cool but the speed is so slow I get only 3 – 4 mbps maximum with this roouter i did some research and try to find out what is that best and cheapest way to set up a NAS or Network Attach Storage at home in total using a 1 TB HDD with hard drive it costed around $130 – $150USD In case if you don’t have a portable hard drive And thinking about buying one I suggest you Check the xiaomi MI R1D AC Which has a built in 1 TB HDD and prizes little is little less than $100 USD And couple of days ago gear best send me this router Lets open the box. wow this is the router itself the router has a nice piano finish looks, likes a WD mybook external harddrive Its light weight and build quality is average on the back of the router we have 12v power input Then a reset button then wan port followed by two gigabyte lan port & a USB port The router is super powerful and it powered by 1 Ghz Dual core processor and 256 mb RAM which is more than out for any home user let’s see what we have I think its a manual, this is a another manual look at it later and in this world we have power brick let me zoom it’s a 12v 2.

5 amp power brick let see what and we have And we have a convertor For indian power supply Now Lets power it on. Now setup the router it super easy. and you can do it even using your phone just connect with the router’s WIFI. and it will automatically open a browser and set up wizard will appear Then follow instructions If the setup wizard. Not appear automatically find the default gateway It is the ip of the router And then type it on the address bar for this router it is then hit enter Accept the term and conditions and click ok then put the password It just take only two clicks to setup your own home multi gigabyte Cloud Storage this is the GUI, Web based GUI of the router. I think it super simple but it’s not for advance user If you are an advance user this router is not for you if you attach a big usb HDD it takes time to scan and indexing those files if you are not able to access the USB Drive please go to download apps then download the apps according our OS.

windows mac android whatever you are using and you will also need a MI user ID password to use the app Talking about wifi range and performance It supports dual band other and 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz 2.4 GHZ WiFi Range is much better than 5GHZ But file transfer pretty slow in compare to 5GHZ It able to cover my 1200 Sq feet house Without any problem While well penetration mode is turned on I tested file transfer speed with my laptop with in 10 feet range 5 GHZ Wi-F file transfer speed is 40 – 60 MBPS. After a single wall signal strength drop to -55 DBM and I get up to 30 MBPS After two walls – 70 DBM And max speed is UPTO 15MBPS Then there walls near about 2 -3 MBPS After 4th well there is no signal at all. At this price point performance is pretty good. I transfer more than 100 GB file over Wi-Fi without With out any interruption And I was able to stream 4k video on my xiaomi MI 5 like butter smooth without any buffer at all.

even i able to stream 4k video simultaneously on three devices on wifi without any lag. All of the devices shown in this video the link is in the description below so you can check them and thank you so much guys for watching this video till the end and hope you like this video if you liked it make sure you smack the like button and don’t forget to hit the red subscribe button. it helps me a lot And if you have any question any suggestion make sure you comment in the comment section below Thats being said my name is roy and I am signing out meet one my next video . till then ta ta bye bye. Peace out..

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