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if you have lenovo vibe p1m then your are at right place today i am going to show you how to hard reset and recover forgot password in lenovo vibe p1m how to hard reset and solve password recovery problem in lenovo vibe p1m my phone is hanging it is now hanging at logo AND WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO SOLVE HANGING ISSUE IN LENOVO VIBE P1M solve this problem in your phone can solve MANY problem in the phone such as HANG ISSUE ,VIRUS ,FORGOT PASSWORD AND ALL yeTHIS CAN REMOVE AND RESET YOUR PHONE LOCK ON phone if you follow this process for unlocking this will delete ALL USER DATA SO please BACK UP BEFORE YOU PERFORM back up your phone before performing this ALSO SOLVE NETWORK ISSUE HARD RESET VIBE P1M that’s part of what issue and HARD RESET you are interested stay tuned HERE WE ALL READY TO ELIMINATE PROBLEM ON YOUR PHONE PRESING volume up and down AND power but YOU CAN POWER OFF NORMALY NOW IN SWITCH OFF CONDITION YOU HAVE TO PRESS VOLUME DOWN AND POWER BUTTON you have to press volume down AND power button for 10 seconds to boot in recovery MODE down then moved into a list like this now heRE you had to sELECT RECOVERY MODE BY SELECTING WITH VOLUME DOWN AND CONFORM WITH VOLUME UP up button selected first option recovery mode and your phone will reboot to recovery mode it is recovering more than this is very important in part of my video so please wATCH this PART VERY carefully now you have to scroll down with one down to wipe data factory reset but this time here to select the power WIPE DATA FACTORY RESET SELECTION WITH POWER BUTTON is used for SCROLLING up and VOLUME down is used for SCROLLING down this will clean your phone AND this will also clean your data so please back up your data before performing this and promoting RECOVER PASSORD cache partition and select with AND CONFORM WITH POWER BUTTON reboot my phone first option now SEE HOW TO HARD RESET AGAIN boOT YOUR PHONE TO RECOVERY MODE BY PRESSING VOLUME DOWN down AND POWER BUTTON FOR 10 SECONDS RECOVERY MODE BY VOLUME UP BUTTON WIPE DATA factory reset and confirm with power button wipe data factory reset selected wipe data factory reset cache partition on lenovo vipe p1mselect now like partition and come from the power button then we had selected boot my point and your phone will start to normal mode so this will take time so please be patient can take a few minutes I’m going toskip my video till it starts so so please be patient because it will take a few minutes to start here it is it is started and press Next skip text skip anyway next next next and so on skip next ttill will be to your home screen has done what are you waiting for and please subscribe to my channel for more updates video for Lenovo tricks and solutions vibe p1m free subscription for the channels is free so subscribe.

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