How To Upload Custom Screenshots To Steam: 100% Working Method – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

What’s up guys? welcome to my channel! I am Jesse Everything today we are going to learn how to upload custom screenshots to your Steam library step 1 open up Steam and navigate to your library step 2 whichever game you want your screenshot to be associated with find that in your library and open it up step 3 using the F-12 key, we’re going to take a series of dummy screenshots make sure to take at least one dummy screenshot for each number of custom screenshots that you’d like to upload step 4 we’re going to use the screenshot uploader to locate our dummy screenshots on our harddrive if the screenshot uploader isn’t already open when you exit the game find your game in the library, right click its name, and select view screenshots once screenshot uploader is open, click on the button that says show on disk step 5 now it’s time to navigate to your custom screenshot and open it with the program MS Paint once it’s open in the program you want to highlight the entire image and copy it once that’s done you can close MS Paint and head back to the location of your dummy screenshots step 6 open any of the dummy screenshots in MS Paint once you have the image open in the program you’re going to paste using ctrl+v over the dummy screenshot lastly, save the file by hitting file, save, or ctrl + s and then you can now exit MS Paint step 8 the last thing we have to do is to close down Steam if it’s still open and then restart the program navigate back to the screenshot uploader you’ll see a list of screenshots click the files that you’d like to upload to Steam add a caption if you need to, hit upload sit back and you are a custom screenshot master! now I know there’s other ways to do this, I’ve read about a few alternate methods they all seemed alot more complicated and while I really cringe to use the most barbaric form of editing known to the universe which is MS Paint copy and pasting you’ve got to give it one thing, it works and because Steam initiated the file it has all the appropriate meta date and information and all of the other files and the other folders that go along with the screenshot were created simultaneously so all you’ve got to do is make some dummy screenshot for the game that you want go in there, copy paste some other screenshots, save the videos, or save the pictures upload them and then boom! you’re a screenshot hero thanks for watching the video, like comment and subscribe, all that good stuff and I’ll catch you on the next video.

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