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hi everyone welcome to be our editors once again indication we are going to discuss about step recorder step recorder in Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 or 10 let us know what is the step recorder step record reads everything what you made in your computer it records step by step with the description and screenshots with the description and screenshots so when you are doing a long process long process with multiple steps with multiple steps it is very difficult to remember them remember those steps then you can use the step recorder to record the process step by step after that if you want to do the same process again and again if you have any doubt at any step you can use this recorded description so that is the use of step recorder let’s use it I go to start shut button and enter step here type step here and going to open this open the application it is a small tool to record then start record click on start record i will go to head of photoshop not only photoshop you can use any application go to file menu and open i have an image i opened it and i remove the background it is our process I want to get the description about these steps what I made recently then stop recording I have to save it with the name removing background in an image something like this okay I recorded it and it saved it I got in gif file at my desktop I want to extract it right button and extract you unzip it then just open it this file can open in windows XP explorer firefox ms word on many more applications I got the description with green shorts everything I got everything I got step by step it’s a beautiful feature in Windows 7 next time we will meet with another useful tutorial thank you thank you very much.

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