How to View Saved WiFi Network’s Password (Win 8.1/8/10/Preview) – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

I Just installed Windows 8.1 like a few weeks ago and a came across a problem that I couldn’t view the password Of the connected wifi network,okay forget about the connected wifi network… Okay I should have been able to at least view past WiFi networks which were connected to this computer which wasn’t possible and so I found a solution to the same thing at the same time I thought it could be straight forward and no EXTRA sofwares So lets get started! So the thing you have to do is first go on to WiFi make sure connected to it with the right password..

but that s that head over to the right okay right click then head over to the…Right click on the wifi icon that is that is the three four bars thing,then open up networks and sharing center… then head over to the sections that says “connections”… and then click over there,Now you will notice this dialog box popping up.. over here you will have all the technical details of what your wifi does and hmm.. what it has been doing for the past few minutes and hmm Head over to the small button that says wireless Properties… and click over there,Now this is the regular box that you usually get… when you right click on this and view connection properties…but this is like has been move for direct to indirect in Widows 8.1 for some reson I have no idea why? okay then head over to security.

.. and then show character that’s it your done! your can put the same password with uppercase and lower case exactly the same on any other device and have internet access….okay so I guess I I finished up the whole point of doing this so thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe button.

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