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Wassup guys, It’s OmniPie here with another How To Win video. By the way, yes I did show the kills in this video quickly in my top 3 hidden op locations but that doesn’t mean it was a how to win video. Just to clear that up for those who were confused in the last how to win video. But anyway, because of the amazing support on that video and all my videos, I can bring you more Vbucks giveaways. All you have to do is like, comment, subscribe and turn on notification for a chance at 2,000 Vbucks. Nice and easy. Now let’s start the video.

Looking at this bus path, the best start for this game would be the season 3 new factory because it’s on the bottom left side o the map and the bus is covering the top right side of the map so that when we get there, we can get all the loot to ourselve or maybe just one other person comes as well which would still be worth it. I like to start with this building all the way south because usually the safe zone goes north from this location, so I can loot that, make my way up and then just rotate to the safe zone. We make sure to look arounnd when we’re almost on it here, a lot of people don’t do this but it could be the difference between you flanking someone and someone flanking you, so do it if you can. Spoiler alert, no one else landed here so we get the easiest loot ever. I’ll just go ahead annd show you a mini montage of me looting the chests cause it’s the best feeling in the game, well you know, other than brutally destroying another players hopes and dreams.

It’s a close second. Don’t forget to wack some pallets, it’s not as fun as getting a shiny new weapon, but when you gotta fight a John Wick or climb Mount Fuji, you’re gonna be glad you did it. I reccommend these bright yellow pallets, they give you very good wood. The best wood in town. I guarantee it. So here we go, leaving new factory with some nice weapons and so much snacks it looks like I just left grandma’s place. And since this is an OmniPie video, you already know how the safe zone’s treating me. I’m gonna go and head over to this crater over here for some nice kryptonite and maybe some chests that people always ignore. OMG, lookit that, two chests ripe for the plundering. We grab those, eat a kryptonite and say bye bye to the storm. Not today.

Right now, it’s still pretty early, so usually, I like to try and get the high ground close to the middle of the safe zone so we’re gonna go ahead and go to this high ground next to tomato town. I hear gunshot so I look for it since we have to be moving right now anyway and it’s better to spot the enemy before they spot us. I find someone but I don’t take the shot cause at this distancee, it’ll feel like a breeze of air touching him and then he’ll start hiding and I can’t finish him off at this range. So I go in closer first usingn trees to hide. Now that I’m kinda close, I shoot him and get some shield off, so I rush in right away, cause we don’t want him to heal up after that so we have to pressure him. Since he’s hiding behind a tree, we wanna build ramps into floors so he can’t quick peek and shoot us from behind the tree. And here’s exactly why we rush after we have the free shot on someone. We watch him healing and just like that, three free shots.

Now just keep pressuring cause he’s a free kill now. Oh, or not. Wow, was I wrong, this guy has moves. Now the cute thing about this angle, is that the one on high ground actually has to reveal more than half their body to shoot the enemy below. So I just wait for some shots and got him. Now it’s just a matter of finishing him off just like this. So two things from that fight, make sure to push if you have an edge for easy positional advantage and don’t be afraid to shoot straight up if the enemy is low cause that angle is not easy for the enemy. Now we got a sniper and making our way to the marked location. When we’re running around like this, we want to spot any enemies before they spot us, so we’re going on high ground, we’re jumping and looking around. And just like that, this little bump let us spot someone first, and get an easy snipe.

Quick tip with sniping, if the enemy hasn’t noticed you, take your time to get the best shot in, here we wanna take our time and position for the travel time and for when he lands on the ground, because when he’s jumping, he’s constantly moving up and down, but when he lands, there’s a bit of time when he’s on the ground and that’s when we shoot. And oh boy do I feel bad for this guy. He was probably a good player, running around getting a lot of kills and having a pretty monster inventory, but like I said, spotting the enemy before they spot you could literally be a game changer no matter how good you are. So always be on high alert of your surroundings. We’re gonna go ahead and pick up his scar and switch for the heavy shotgun because it is a little more accurate mid range, so it’s a bit more consistent, but the pump is fine as well, it could go either way honestly. Next safe zone , to no one’s surprise runs away from me again.

Is this funny to you safe zone, is this some kind of sick joke to you, you’re disgusting. So I go ahead and mark this next high place and start heading over there so I can get it before anyone else. A few moments later, I hear gunshots but I don’t see anyone, so here’s a trick you can use to find out exactly where the enemy is when they’re shooting where you can’t see. First you turn in that direction, then if the next shot is still to the right, keep turning a bit more, if it’s left then turn left a bit more like in this case. Then if it’s to the left, turn left just a tiny bit, if it’s to the right then turn right just a tiny bit, just like in this case. And wala, I’m running straight at the enemy without having seen them. And ofcourse, always start with the snipe if the enemy hasn’t noticed you and then switch over to ar to finish them off if you can.

Now he dropped a legendary semi auto sniper and a bunch of people in the comments are gonna be triggered because I’m a bad player and don’t know that gold is better than blue. WELL LISTEN HERE YOU SMARTASSES. No good player is gonna let you shoot more than one sniper shot at them without building, so the 60 or 70 damage from a legendary semi sniper is still worst than the 100+ damage from a blue bolt OK? SO RELAX. EVERYONE JUST CALM DOWN. Now what we wanna do is build a small base at a decent distance from the next guy so that we can shoot our grenade launcher at them and make sure to aim pretty much all at the same place because it’s hard to rebuild a lot of walls before the next nade explodes if they’re pretty much in the same spot. And also make sure to crouch during the delay between grenade shots so you don’t get sniped while doing this. Now after we hit him with the grenade launcher, we wanna switch to our scar to finish him before he can heal up. And I’m actually just gonna spray here because I do have a scar which is much more accurate than a normal ar. Otherwise, I would’ve definitely tap fired while crouch to use the 100% accuracy since long range with a normal ar is just terrible.

Just a small little thing you have to keep in mind that the scar is way more accurate than the standard so you can spray at a certain range with one but not the other. This guy had a legendary rpg and I thought about it but I still like the grenade launcher better even if it’s just a blue because it can shred down bases way faster than an rpg can. The rpg is basically a noob killer when the enemy doesn’t know how to build, but against good players, the grenade launcher does major work. But because the rpg is in the safe zone, i go ahead and head back to trap it just in case someone wants to go for it. A good bait calls for a good trap. Alright now check this out, we’re actually gonna go to this high point and the storm will be on me for once, it’s amazing.

Haha, in my dreams maybe-cries-, leave a like if you cry everytime. It actually doesn’t matter at this point since the storm moves at a snail’s pace so I do what I always do, run around on high ground and try to spot enemies first. Oh, what was that? Did you see it? Here we have a human who self identifies as a bush. They must not be allowed to live. Bullet to the face. And their loot? Just as pathetic as they are. But seriously though, bush camping isn’t a bad strategy but you gotta pick the right bush, I haven’t done it in a while but I think some bushes can actually hide your head unlike that one. And also pick one that’s either just in a really wide field so it’s harder to spot you from above or on a hill so you can jump on someone when they climb up and not fight an uphill battle. If you noticed earlier, I actually almost touched this guy without noticing and he didn’t even do anything about it. Like come on, when are you gonna get a better chance at a kill and some good loot besides that? You can’t expect to just win if you’re not gonna go for an enemy who doesn’t notice you like 10 feet away.

It’s just sad at that point. Now I go ahead to the circle here and see someone gliding into the barn. I don’t think he noticed me yet so I’m gonna see if I can get a good snipe shot off on him befeore doing anything else. He starts building a base so I’m pretty sure it’s not happening at this point. Best plan now is to move up a bit so my grenade launcher can be in range and then start raining down bombs on him. Remember to always do this behind cover especially at this point where the enemy probably has a sniper. I keep doing it because I haven’t hit him yet so engaging would be hard and he’s using bricks right now, so he’s probably out of wood, I might be able to just shoot him down if I keep blowing up his structures. And there we go, he starts using metal and looks like he’s desperate so he starts pushing. He’s only using metal now and if you didn’t know this, metal is actually a lot weaker when it’s just made than wood.

It has I thinkn 20 hp less so don’t be afraid to take out the ar and just spray at it until you get a couple shots in just like this. This guy’s pretty good and desperate so he keeps pushing in. Right here is where a lot of newer players will panic and reload or try to switch to shotgun to keep shooting but it’s really important to keep the high ground, so the right choice here is to always build up even above the enemy push. annnd then shoot them at a good angle. Now this is really weird no matter how many times I watch it. I know he’s lower inn health, so I shoot him and jump towards him at the same time so he can’t build me out. For some reason, his ramp breaks and then we both fall and I manage to finish him off. Nice name btw. But I feel like the ramp shouldn’t have brooken, it should’ve been me just chasing him when he’s at like 50 health on his ramp. But check this out right, Here’s when I jump.

His ramp says it’s at 90 health. I shoot him for 73 and some shots hit the ramp too but there’s no way only half the shots would break it so fast. And he also shoots straight at me so I don’t think it’s him. So yeah that was pretty weird. Tell me if you know what even happened, I can’t figure it out. But anyway, that’s the tips and tricks that I use when I’m playing to win everytime. If you guys use these in your own gameplay, then you’ll get closer to winning every time as well. Hit like and subscribe and go get them dubs..

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