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Hello everyone This is a camera review of the HUAWEI Mate 9 In the first half of the video, there is a simple tutorial and some sharing Video and photo samples at the second half of the video The weather is not good today but we still be able to take decent photos Someone may ask… How good is the Mate 9 camera? In my experience, not much, but with a wide aperture mode better in focusing and better pixel quality Let’s start with the basics swipe from left to right There are tonnes of modes here We will go through the most useful one We have monochrome, beauty video, HDR, beauty video panorama, night shot, light painting Time-lapse, slow motion, water mark audio note, document scan and finally food mode Swipe from right to left We can choose the resolution Noted that not all functions are available in all setting For example, if you choose 20M in resolution hybrid zoom becomes unavailable.

and warning message appear on the screen Let’s set it back to 12 MPixels Then we will have the zoom back The zoom is looseness until 2x It use the pixels from the 20MP camera 2x zoom is just the 100% crop of the 20MP camera then we can choose to add the Leica watermarks. on the bottom left of the photos Now we try to disable the watermark This is the photo without the watermark and this one with watermark and we have the option to turn on the camera grid to help people to composite the photo The intersection points of the lines are the point of intrest. and there are serval guides here and here we have the Golden spiral For people who is serious about the scene composition. If you don’t know what is the Golden spiral, just go for the grid apart from putting people eyes near the point of interest, You can use the grid to divide the screen into 3 parts For example, if you are taking a picture of a horizon You may want to have two third of the screen to be the sky and one third for the sea and there is a selfie timer, providing 2s, 5s and 10s and we the audio control for the shutter In other words, you can use voice command to take a selfie Smiles detection and..

. Object tracking You can select an object and the phone with track the object with best focus and explosure and we can adjust the saturation, contrast and brightness of the photos Back to the main interface the switch of the main and selfie camera located on the top right corner The selfie camera is good We have some image filters here Colour mode let you to choose a vivid colour or standard colour and finally the wide aperture mode The wide aperture effect is done by the dual camera lens The effect is decent since this is the third gen of dual lens already The weather is cloudy today so, how to take a good looking photo? I am now standing in front of the fountain I take a photo with auto mode as you can see, the water drop can be seen the camera just capture every drops of water However, most people want a silky smooth water fountain instead.

just like most people like to see a silky smooth waterfall instead So, how to make the water in the photos becomes silky smooth? There are some settings for that First is the ISO The higher the ISO, the brighter the photo But you will experience noisier image with higher ISO setting another you have to know is the shutter speed The longer the shutter speed, the brighter the image The shutter speed is very useful if you want to take a photo of moving water For example, we set the shutter speed to be lower The image is brighter but blurry But you no longer see the water drop on the photo It is silky smooth a big difference from the last photo But the image may over expose if you set the shutter speed too low Now I am using a filter from my camera (ND filter) to reduce the brightness a normal sunglasses do the tricks if you haven’t got a filter I just put the filter in front of the camera lens and the shutter speed is 1/40 and no longer over expose. we can even lower the shutter speed Just take the photo with 1/20s shutter speed Let’s have a look as you can see There is a big difference between the very first photo and this one Let’s talk about other stuffs First of all, let’s go to the “Pro” mode I am changing the white balance right now and the weather is cloudy What I need to do is to set the white balance to create a feel that looks like sunny and I take the photo with this setting Let’s pay attention to the colour of the photo The overall feeling is warmer than before Look’s like a sunny day? and there is a new function compare with the P9 We can see some icons with white dot near by icons with the white dot means you can lock that setting Just long press that icon to lock the setting It is a useful function since sometimes you don’t want the camera to change the setting for you You can temporarily lock the auto focus.

and you can also lock the auto explosure This is very useful for extreme conditions I am very happy with this function since the setting can be stored and they are still there after you restart the camera app Let’s play with the colour mode The vivid colour mode just very well tuned It’s vibrant but not over saturated. Photos are very eye catching with this mode on Next, the wide aperture mode. Let’s take a photo Then we go to the gallery Press this icon Then we can choose the focusing point right over here or we can even change the aperture setting You can see how I change the focus point once the focus point is set, the object near the focus point became sharp It just like you are using a DSLR to take the photo give you a strong feeling of the depth of view Now I talk about the light painting modes There are total of 4 sub mode here I am going to talk about the Silky water mode It works for both waterfall and fountain after you press the shutter, you have to hold the phone for a second The longer the better the you can see the water became silky smooth but 2 seconds exposure time is too long for hand-held so, it would be better to use a tripod.

However, you won’t always have a tripod with you You can just put you phone on any stable object like fence, table… Then you got a much better photo Let’s take a look at the photo You can see that there is not a single water drop on the photo They are smooth like silk and sharp details found on stable object With this mode, you don’t need any filter you can set the shutter speed to very long without over expose the photo There is a “Star track” mode for star tails or star track and light tail mode then let’s talk about the SLOOOOW MOOOTION They are commonly used in taking video The phone just recorded in 120 frame per second Then playback the video in slow speed We can control when to slow down It is suitable for taking fountain, sports and racing football match…

the most exciting moment then we can replay the awesome moment These functions are fun Flagship phones these years have such functions Let’s change the scene Cloudy day is not attractive but we can use the colour mode to enhance the colour and we can also go to the “Pro” mode Change the white balance to the cloudy mode Then we have a warmer image or if you want to do even more you can go to the custom setting and boost the colour to the warm side Isn’t it looks like sunny day? Or you can play with the wide aperture mode. No wonder if you got only a phone you can take your master creation You can choose the focusing point and the depth of view It’s all up to you It won’t have the same quality as the DSLR However, you can easily upload stuff to the social media with decent quality Hybrid zoom 2x zoom is very useful and retain all the image details and you will got 6x zoom after the software update the quality of 6x zoom is not very good but at least useful still good for FB or IG and the 2x zoom is good, see? the 2x zoom is just like the one found in iPhone 7 plus They both got uncompromised image quality In video mode It just can’t catch up with the LG V20 since you cannot change most of the setting during video recroding But you still be able to set most of the settings before pressing the shutter.

including exposure and white balance. The combination of EIS and OIS is good in Mate 9 It’s the best among HUAWEI phone Do you think manual focusing in video mode is important? Mate 9 let you set the volume rocker to become the zoom / focus buttons so, at least you have two real-time control when taking video pitch to zoom and focus by volume buttons and we can also control the LED light during video recording The Mic array allows you to record only the sound from the direction you film. You can change the recording direction during recording four microphones record clear and crisp sound 4K video also available in Mate 9 The latest H.265 codec provide a low bit rate but high quality video The file size of H.265 video is much smaller than those encoded in H.

264 The 4K in Mate 9 surprised me a lot. But noted that EIS is not available in 4K mode HUAWEI first use a dual camera setup in Honor 6 Plus and it’s not work as well as expected In the last year’s P9 It got a good reputation. For the Mate 9 this year It got even better Let’s look at the sample videos and photos Thanks for watching, please subscribe my channel Just remember to click on the Bell near the subscribe button then you will got notify when I upload a new video.

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