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This is how it look when you update to Emui V5 or Android7 There are few things I don’t like First they took my theme away And icons are so large now And when I slide all the way the Hi board thing appear Which I don’t use It takes time to close it So… I’ll show you how to fix these First you zoom out on any home display Then you will see this kind of display Go to Setting at bottom right First we want to change “home layout” Now it’s 4×5 Home layout means icon grid Now it’s 4rows by 5 columns This is preset we will change to 5×5 Now you see? Icons have more space Now I have 3 more space here So it can fit 5 in one column 1,2,3,4,5 And can fit 5 in one row OK, that’s one thing Second! close Hi board Do zoom out as before Then go to setting again Here it is, Hi board! which I don’t like If you wish, turn it off here And third thing in suggestion! It’s up to your preference but I like to.

.. Open Home Screen Loop When you turn it ON It will loop your home screen when you keep sliding If you didn’t turn it on, you need to manually slide back Which I think it’s not convenience I don’t see the point why we shouldn’t do it Ok, so that’s it It’s how to customize your home screen after update If you like these information, hit circle to subscribe!.

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