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hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and today we’re going to be looking at the 8 best life hacks and crafts in case you guys didn’t know I have a whole different brand called the crafty it has over a million Instagram followers so maybe you know it well on that I do a bunch of life hacks and crafts and today I’m going to be testing some of these out on top tens but before we make our lives way easier why not subscribe and press at the notification bell too coming up first we have Oreo ice pop do you guys love Oreos I am sure you do but it’s coming up to the summertime so maybe it’s a bit too hot for Oreos no well don’t worry about it guys because today we’re making an Oreo ice pop all you need to do is grab one of these Oreo boxes which has individual packets of Oreo cookies then take one out and here’s the fun part smash it with a rolling pin just imagine the Oreo packets someone you don’t like and really smash it to pieces then open it up and stand it in a glass next pour in some double cream this may be called heavy cream if you’re in America and if you don’t have that try using milk Birds be warned milk does not freeze as well as heavy cream so try that instead now for the hard part we have to wait for it to freeze simply put it in the freezer for around 4 hours and it should be ready to enjoy now take it out of the freezer and have a delicious bite of these Oreo ice pops this is great to make in the summer and it’s very cheap and easy too next up is DIY stress ball I’m sure no matter what you do you’re stressed out maybe you’ve got a really tough job and you get stressed out with all the work you have to do or maybe your teenager going through high school and you have personal issues and high school issues well did you know that therapists say one of the best things to do is to squeeze a stress ball it may sound silly but squeezing the stress ball really can help to relieve your stress but who wants to buy a super expensive one instead let’s make our own for free first grab a water bottle and fill it up with flour next grab a balloon and put that over the bottle now turn the bottle on its side and squeeze the flour into the balloon try not to make too much mess but be warned this hack is kind of messy once you’ve got all the flour in the balloon take the balloon off the water ball – next try the blue knob and try not to get too much flour all over the place and there you go you’ve got your own DIY stress ball made easy you can squeeze this as much as you want and it shouldn’t break if you want some extra fun draw a smiley face on it with permanent marker next staff is keyboard cleaning slime look at your computer keyboard right now I guarantee there’s some nasty dirt or grime on it somewhere okay maybe that’s just me but if you can relate to them don’t worry we’re gonna clean that up right now and we can do it all with the magic of slime for this one you need to grab a bowl then dump a bunch of clear or white PVA school glue into it next up add some lemon juice to create a clean lemon scent then for fun you can even add some food coloring then add borax or iContact solution to it now we need to mix it up a lot you should mix it until it’s around the consistency you’re seeing on screen right now make sure it’s not too sticky otherwise we’ll get stuck inside your keyboard which will not be good once it’s that this kind of texture you can dump it onto your keyboard let it sit for a few seconds and it should pick up any dirt or grime on your keyboard this one may take a few tries to make sure you have it the correct consistency but once you have you can store it in a plastic container and use it every time your keyboard gets dirty next up is balloon magic trick if I asked you to pick up a glass jar or cup with just a balloon you probably say how well it’s easy with this amazing magic trick first grab your jar or glass then light a match and put it into the glass now quickly before it goes out put your balloon over the glass or jar then wait for the match to go out and it will stick to the balloon you’ll now be able to raise the balloon and it will raise the glass or jar and if you try to pull the two apart you probably won’t be able to unless you’re very strong the way this works is the lint match needs oxygen that’s why it sucks all the oxygen out from the gaps in between the balloon and the jar this presses the balloon into the jar making it stuck in there but don’t worry if you need your jar or glass back simply grab a pin and pop that balloon next up is balloon ice hack we’ve all been there you are at a house party and you have a load of drinks in ice but the ice melts very quickly and before you know it all of your drinks are simply floating in water well here’s a way to make ice that stays frozen for a very long time and not only that you can actually reuse this ice all you need to do is grab a bunch of balloons then fill them up with a bit of water and then freeze them once they’re frozen you can put them in a bowl and then put a bunch of drinks in there too then just like that you have reusable ice for any party or event and because these balls of ice is so large and thick it means they won’t melt after a very long time next up is elastic band hack so this one is a super simple hack you can use every single day have you ever tried to get some powder from a container and taken way too much we’ve all been there whether we’re making coffee or hot cocoa but to fix this all you need to do is put an elastic band around the container you can then scoop out however much you want and simply brush the excess amount off with the elastic band this is super easy to do and it’s a hack you can use every single day and finally on the list of our best life hacks and crafts we have clean permanent marker if you’re in school or work I’m sure you make notes on your hands all the time but what happens if you use a permanent marker or maybe if your friend pranks you and draws permanent marker on your hand well there’s actually a really weird way to clean it off you wouldn’t imagine first you need to grab an unlit match then dip that in some water then brush that on your hand and it will actually get rid of permanent marker this is a pretty amazing cleaning tip which works wonderfully so there you go guys those were our best life hacks and crafts if you want more like this then be sure to leave a comment down below and I’ll be sure to make some more and remember guys you can find way more of my life hacks and crafts on my other brand the crafty it’s pretty big on Instagram but not as big on Facebook and YouTube so be sure to follow it on there too and be sure to check out the poll in the top right corner to vote for the best life hack on this list but as always thanks for watching check out some more videos on screen right now leave like if you enjoyed and if you haven’t already what are you waiting for subscribe top turns.

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