Il Nido dei Cecchini – SNIPER SCOPE CAM #3 ► LiT – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hit Barbie Can you take them? Yes Two, two enemy on me Too far I manage to get there, but I will never hit them No, too far You can not hit? Yes, but I can hardly calculate the trajectory It’s windy, even I can not do it What the fuck does? Care that is firing From where? from where? Oh god came on! One is below us I can’t hit, fuck I hit him well I can hit him, but there are too many leaves in the middle Great man! Who is him, Giacomino? I hit him, great! Well done! I think I’ve fired two By the joy I reloaded again, fuck It has become a shotgun It shoot, no crashes Shoot more slowly, of course Next time I’ll use the 0,32g, instead of 0,30g You never know Put the gravel next time I want to see if they go straight Focus on the left, tell me if you see an enemy Because I can not look, while I hold him at gunpoint If I can shoot him He got up, going out Too high He is moving the branches but do not see it There it is! He is making the gap between the branches More or less where? Caution No, you do not see them as, he’s on the left He’s there? At the left That, I see him If they do not strike me before I hit him Have you been hit? Yes, I got it He call hit? Yes He was Mariotti! A round of applause for Mariotti who greets us! But how many players we are today? Many There he is, there he is I hit him Great! Coution here Shit I finished the shots Incredible! I never finished them hit Hit Hit, hit.

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