Importing CorelDRAW graphics to CorelCAD – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

The art of modern 3D printing is a process involving several basic steps to achieve your end result. Relevant Corel products can provide the specific tools you need… …to help you every step of the way. Learning the process of 3D printing takes some basic design knowledge and the right tools to set you on the path to success. The best place to start is with a 2D sketch that is easier, faster and more intuitive than attempting to draw a 3D design from scratch. In CorelDRAW you’ll find all of the necessary design tools and features..

. …to lay the foundation for your 3D printing goals. Save the design as a .CDR file. Open the 2D CorelDRAW file …and transform the 2D sketch to 3D using a complete 3D Modeling tool set. Use the Extrude tool to extrude the 2D gear entity. Subtract other solids. CorelCAD is a powerful software solution that can give you the diverse tools you need… to create a 3D project. Output your 3D creations to a 3D printer with built-in STL export… …or export 3D views back to CorelDRAW or Corel DESIGNER for complementary tasks. .

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