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Come on, what’s going on? Here we go. Aah! What is this?! Oh, my God! No, no! That hair’s going on that head. [ Laughter ] You know how we always said how funny it’d be to make a wig of his hair that you have to wear for the rest of the season? That was a joke, guys! Oh, that was no joke! [ Laughter ] And here we are. Here it is? This is it. Release the kraken. Let’s do this. One… All: …two, three.

Oh, my God! [ Laughing ] It’s got the wave. Q: Oh, my God. Ew! Whoa! Oh, my God. All right, here we go. All right. Here we go. Turn around. You got to turn around. Don’t look! You’re looking over my shoulder. I saw you! Oh, my God! Murr: On three, turn around. One, two, three. [ Laughter ] Look at this. Look. What does it look like? Is it bad? Oh, my God! [ Laughter ] Oh, my God. So, Murr, you have to go get a passport photo. [ Laughter ] We made you get a driver’s-license photo when you had no hair on your head. And now we’re making you get a passport photo when you have that. Stop screwing with my travel! How long does a passport — isn’t it like 10 years? 10 years. [ Laughter ] So, you just have to go ask people where the passport office is. Q: I don’t think you’re ready for the responsibility of having great hair like that. You think it’s just flipping around looking sexy, it’s not.

With great hair comes great responsibility. Yeah, you got that right, pal. It smells like Q. What does it smell like? It smells like whiskey and pot. [ Laughter ] All you got to do is find the passport place, buddy. I’m in a hairy situation. I got to get a new passport fast. [ Coughs ] I’m choking on my hair. Oh, okay. I got plenty more, so it’s okay. It’s okay. When you go there, is it free or do you have to pay? [toupée] You have to pay. [ Laughter ] Q, how did you have this on your head? This is day one. Yeah. This is months. We’re coming into the summertime, too. Do I have to comb it? Do I have to wash it? No, you can’t wash it or comb it. That’s as fresh as the hair’s gonna be, right now.

It’s only getting worse, is your point? It’s deteriorating. It’s like me. [ Laughter ] So, that’s it. Now you got to go get a passport photo. Man: Guess what came in. [ Laughter ] Is this my passport? No! Oh, my God. Are you kidding me?! Oh, my God. Wow. You are never getting through TSA. Oh, my God. Do you have your license on you? Look at this. You know what’s funny? When he doesn’t have the hair and he shows this, they’re gonna be like, “What? Do you have anything else?” [ Laughter ] And it’s that. He takes the license out. You need two proofs of ID? There you go. Well, the good news is, your hair came in really nice. [ Laughter ].

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