Infinite Free Power & Influence (Inquisition XP) Cheat: Dragon Age: Inquisition Exploit – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

hey folks this is Rhykker, but today you can call me nikola Tesla because I’m about to show you how to get unlimited free power in Dragon Age inquisition as well as quickly max out your inquisition level and unlock the maximum number of inquisition perks that you’re allowed to have this is all done three very simple trick that I first showcased in this video here on how to unlock three sky hold customizations in order to get the free power and the free perks you have to have progress through the game enough to have gone a specific merchant in Skyport and you can see this merchant here his location on the map and exactly where he is from there it’s a simple matter of trading with them bind any of those items in the other tabs and then very important with out closing the trade window clicking cell and selling the item back as long as you do not close the trade window you can sell back at full price while still gaining the benefit of having purchased the item as you can see after selling back when you exit the window you still get the Inquisition XP and you still get the power the amount of XP in power you 1 lakh will depend on what you buy but just have added since these are costing you anything that wraps up this guide thanks for watching leave a comment letting me know how you spend your acquisition burke’s check out these other video guides and until next time don’t forget to LIKE comment and subscribed.

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