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Steve and Scoot here, we just had a nice morning of shooting with the Leupold CDS dial, CDS again is custom dial system. With many of the VX2 line the VX3 line and the VX6 you have the opportunity to send into Leupold your ballistic information, including atmospheric conditions, temperature, elevation, humidity. -In general if you know where you’re going to be hunting you’re going to want to get the elevation, what you what you think the temperature is going to be about and that will help them build the dial to be actually specific to that area.

-Right, and if your hand loader, you can give them all of your ballistic information and your ballistic coefficient of your type of projectile, lyour velocity, or if you don’t know any these things in let’s say you just have for Federal Premium 30-06 189 grain Osler give that to him they’ll do that too. -Absolutely What you get in the mail is the CDS dial, the scope that you get has quarter minute clicks, so you can use this right out of the box just like any other scope. -Yepp When you easily install this CDS dial and all it really takes is an allen wrench. -Comes with the dial That comes with the dial. You loosen these three, pop the top and the other CBS dial you can see the three stainless set screws, you would put this than this this scope here that’s this dial is bill at a 100 so it’s gonna 0 at 100 to we have zero disco we would have 0 the scope on are gone yet and so now we will will will put this on and then one when we tighten it down we want the the 100 yard mark right to be right in the headline there right and lot of people will put a little too much torque an issue no need to teach us just not get out this time it’s not gonna move I promise you yeah now the scope that we’re should not this morning that the scope that you had on your Ruger was your at 200 yet so it yet shoot that’s a very flattering cartridge so everything is going to be the same out the 200-yard basically with that with that right and what I really really like about the CDS dial on the BX to Zen into the x3 is is you have what’s called a zero stop a lot of folks don’t know what that is but it now this and I’ll is correctly installed and if I wanna Shoop 100 yards I leave it 200-yard you put it and to 225 you put an end to 2525 you but I’m 525 in a zero stop means if you’re aiming at a target right and you don’t shoot you simply turn the dial in it automatically stops atwater’s 0 dis right on this occasion 100-yard right I its ingenious and again in its stated on top so you can buy different dials exactly so I wanted to if I’m in aid use this load for whitetail hunting here in Illinois that’s what this is built for but now our son I wanna go to a heavier bullet or a different type a ball at and I’m gonna go up into the mountains to go elk hunting I’ll could have a dial built for that so this will tell me what Nile I have on my I might the CDS dial is the simplest way hyping I i doing to shoot a gun confidently at long distances there’s no Christmas tree radical there’s no stadia lines there’s no busy picture in your in your field of view you simply range your target put that distance on your CD s style hold where you want your point impact to be and pull the trigger I recommended very highly it’s not an entry-level scope this is a good product that your grandkids will have hang and II like the VX three line with the CDS Thailand I use it a lot I really like great do.

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