Instructions, How to Install download NukeTown 2025 Map for Xbox 360 Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 II – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

hey today we’re gonna learn how to download your newtown twenty twenty-five map for your xbox three sixty this is something that i had a really hard time finding out how to do earlier today so after a couple hours of looking for some forms of making some phone calls i finally got down to how to do it what do you preorder this game part of the big reason why a lot of people pre-recorded was ’cause is supposed to be some exclusive uh… access to new california twenty five i would have expected that anywhere on the game you know what they had any information on how to download it or how to get it i would have expected that i will go to call of duty dot com or something like that uh.

.. so today i combed through a lot of xbox three sixty a forum tonight combed through some forms on uh… on-call duties websites and i was unable to find any information there’s a lot of people asking the questions but nobody really knew how to do it so i’m hoping that this helps out today when i called the local gamestop they told me to look inside my case i fully completed yet inside your case you have to read pieces of paper de beers season pass you have some little useless piece of paper about your controller and then you have newtown twenty twenty-five advertisement on the back of that as your code there’s your code bottom left-hand corner of the month showing every benefit but there you go now this is a microsoft code this is not a coat provided by call of duty so you have to go about this differently typically notre dame download something like last year when you have the elite you go to store and you don’t want this stuff repair which we all the stuff the fault but for now right now all it shows is math paxton avatars if you choose map hacks that’s asking you to download the walkouts too season pass which i have not done yet and going to but i haven’t done it yet that’s fifty bucks and that’s really really worth it i’m i have a look at all the perks this year but last year worked out really well how to do this as you put on your x xbox but no one the lights up in the center of your control the tap it wants eagle left down to redeem code you puncher cody m it starts downloading it again asks you where you want to download it i’ve gone ahead and already downloaded it and then to access it going to xbox live public watch public match sorry find match any connection on the new town twenty twenty five and assistance crazy moffett of random games and there’s a ton of people playing them right now so let’s go see what these are all about na hard point is a new a new game style this year from what i understand that i haven’t played yet but anyway i know i’m not the only person that had trouble figuring out how to download newtown twenty twenty-five there is no videos there’s no mission on anywhere so hopefully this helps if you had trouble this videos for you.

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