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– When we go to a pub, if we talk to a wedding photographer they don’t use JPEGmini, we know they’re not a real wedding photographer. (laughter) (upbeat indie music) – What’s up, my name is JD Renes. And I use JPEGmini – I’m gonna tell you a little story about JPEGmini – It’s completely changed how we do our business – I downloaded it on my computer at home because I saw it in Mystic and I thought, I gotta have that. – It does one thing and it does it really well. It takes all my high-res JPEG images and compresses it down to almost like an optimized web-sized file. Without losing its quality. – It prints the same, it looks the same, the client gets the same image.

– You end up actually saving money, it’s easier for clients to download. – But back then, it’s like, that’s not possible but then somebody else told me about it, and somebody else told me about it, and then I tried it. – It was so hard to believe that it’s true but I tried it and it was like amazing. – We looked into it more and we sampled it and used it. – Side by side, you really can’t tell any difference. – Uploading client galleries has gotten quicker. Storing the images has gotten quicker. We’ve gone from about 44 terabytes of storage to about half of that size storage. – Every file that goes through Lightroom goes through JPEGmini – Everything we’re editing goes through JPEGmini – So you want good images on your blog, but if you want to decrease the size but they still look great and excellent. You have to have JPEGmini. – It just saves a ton of time, it saves a ton of money. – It’s less drives to mess with, less uploading time, less downloading time. I mean everything has just changed, except for the quality of the image.

– When google searches my website, it actually loads a lot faster. – And it just is part of your workflow, Like you can’t imagine you workflow without it. – You save so much money just on storage space, so it’s awesome. – We run training courses and JPEGmini is one of the main things we tell people they have to get. – And you know the best thing about JPEGmini? Is when you drag and drop there’s the (imitates computer beeping) your files have been reduced by, vroom..

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