K1 Visa Process – K1 requirements evidence of a genuine engagement (US embassy interview) – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

hello this is me yuri from efilipino women today I’m going to talk about the evidence of relationship or evidence of a genuine engagement this is one of the most important requirements that you will have to bring in your interview at the u.s. embassy your conversations the consular officer will ask that from you and so what I did is I took a screenshots in like this and then also I took a screenshots of our emails and more screenshots of our chats together and so I printed out like 10 copies don’t overdo it because it’s not really they only read a few bit next one that will be asked from you is your photos together and so what I did is I made a scrapbook that’s not really necessary to make a scrapbook you could just have an ordinary photo album and put a location and date of your travels or trips or location where you met when the photos were taken it shows the date at the bottom of each photos and this year day and dedication proof that you can bring is receipt of your engagement ring but if you don’t have an engagement ring yet you can just bring your updated intent to marry the same one that you submitted in your i129F application and updated intend to marry of you and from your fiancee with eight prior to interview that’s that’s it for the evidence of genuine engagement and good luck to all the fiancees yeah come on.

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