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Hi guys! This is Eva from Bay Harbour Med Spa. And here’s another interesting question. And the question goes, can laser hair removal help with anus hair? Of course it can, of course! We can laser the hairs around your anus. And some people ask, why would you want to do laser hair removal around your anus or just remove the hair in generally in the genital area. Well, I tell you what. For hygienic reasons, hygiene. So an I personally you know have my personal beliefs have this and I see things a little bit differently.

So I am all for it not because I am doing laser and you pay me money and I make business out of it. ah ah ah. That’s not the reason. The reason I am all for anal laser hair removal and genital laser hair removal is cleanliness. So yes, God created us, or Darwin created us or monkeys created us once upon a time, all with hair. But those were prehistoric times. Today. Those were different times. We needed hair because we didn’t have clothes. The hair was actually protecting us. If you go to prehistoric primate times, we didn’t have clothes. We were walking around naked. We had to have protection from the sun, and so all kinds of diseases and wolves and crawlers and lips and so we had hair everywhere. But today, we live in a civilization world where we have water we have shower, we have cleanliness, we wear clothes we wear underwear.

So the hair is not necessary on your anus. The hair is not necessary in the genital area, the hair is the pubic hair is not necessary. I think that it looks much better if you remove the pubic hair, if you remove the anal hair. If you remove vaginal hair. If you remove testicle hair. If you remove penis shaft hair. Any hair in that area is wonderful to remove. And be clean. But let’s go back to the anus and I will tell you again, me. Let’s talk humanity. And lets talk reality. Okay. So, for those of you who are seriously listening and seriously asking about the hairs in your anus. Why it is great to remove it. Why if if if nature created the hair, why not to leave it there. I tell you why. And this is reality. You go to the bathroom, you defecate. Number 2.

And then you have to wipe your tush. Well, if you have hairs and coming out from your anus. From around your anus, and going lets say from your genital area, to what your and you wipe yourself. First of all, I must tell you that a lot of people really don’t know how to wipe properly, because for some reason this is not part of an education to educate the children from a very young age how to wipe. But okay, that’s another topic. When you wipe your anus, so you wipe the feces away that is residue. Guess what happens when you wipe your tush, when you wipe your anus, and you wipe trust me. Some residue of the fecal matter that you just wiped away stays on the hairs. So it’s yucky. It’s not hygienic.

It’s not clean. And this bacteria but if you remove all the hair around your genital area and you remove all the hair around your anus. Then, you chances are less. They still will be. But are less. To have fecal matter stuck to the hair because you wipe but some of it got stuck because you have no hair. So you wipe it properly. Me personally if you would ask for bodily hygiene. or and for anal hygiene. I am the biggest believer in the biggest advocate for bidets. But they are particular bidet that are I’m an advocate of to use. That you helps to clean your anus. This water. When you go, you defecate and after you defecate and during defecation you used a particular bidet and that’s another story, but with that you clean yourself properly I assure you when you use this this particular bidet that I am talking about, that one will keep your anus sparkling clean no fecal matter. Nothing there. So the answer is yes, laser hair removal is perfect for anal hair. It should be done, it should be removed.

It, for hygiene reasons, it’s number one that’s the number on thing have that area completely clean. And then I, I don’t go into more details but if I would have to touch on it. Sex. If you are and let’s just be honest with one another. If you have sex, and some people have preferences whether it’s heterosexual or homosexual but some people prefer to have sex via the anus. Well, if if that’s the case for sexual reason also you want to have as little as possible of germs and bacterias going back into any cavity whether it’s your anus or any other part. So, being clean, in your private parts, being clean having no hair, being clean. Is much better than having hair. So there is answer I’m not going to go farther on this subject. I’m just telling you for hygienic reasons, the answer is yes, get rid of anal hair and genital hair and do it with laser hair removal. Much much better and I explained you why. So guys, girls, anybody that listen to this. Thank you for listening.

And until next time, ciao. Adios. Bye! Eva!.

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