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Hi, Welcome to my Youtube Channel This is BinaryDNA. This is my first video so take it easy on me. I wanted to explain was on certain webcams made by Microsoft, their HD series there’s a button you can hit on the top. I want to get it to work with Skype. because skype is finally out, and that is what Microsoft is migrating to and I wanted to do it with only three lines of code. So that way it was easy not only to do, but also easy for people to just read and understand. So let me show you what is going on. This is Microsoft HD-5000 nice wide, wide picture, decent microphone. Actually I’m recording on it right now.

And at the top you, can see in the picture but there is actually a button and they call it the CALL button. So… the way it works, is when you click the button It uses a program called IcePick.EXE I found this out my just doing a simple Google search and type in LifeCam button. And as I was reading down people said hey when I move my camera I hit the button and it starts up my program I hate it what do I need to do so they said remove ice pick and that’ll fix it. So that let me to think hey Ice Pick has to be the program that calls Windows Messenger Sooo… But it can only use Windows Messenger 8 So the problem is.. when you go to use Windows Messenger 8 it asks you to upgrade to Skype. Because Microsoft bought out Skype, and that’s what they are trying To migrating to now. But once you have Skype it uninstalls Windows Messenger when you hit the button says hey we need is install Windows Messenger So you are just stuck in this endless loop, and you can’t even use the button. So the solution is When it goes to click the button and it causes IcePick.EXE instead of having a pointer because that’s all it is It’s a pointer to Windows Messenger 8 We’re going to replace IcePick.

exe and have it point to Skype. Now I know that may sound hard. You’re creating a dot exe, an executable It’s really not that hard. I’d like to show you how. first thing we’re going to do is make a bat or a batch file for those of you that do not know what a batch file is. You can hit your start button and hit run or we can typing cmd. This is what’s call a command prompt. where you can type in basic commands in here like DIR for directory, CLS for clear screen or EXIT to exit. This is the program I wrote. It means change the directory to the location where Skype is, which is Program Files x86 \Skype \phone. and I just want to start running the program sky and if you don’t type in the word exit you command prompt will still stay up so that’s why I added it. The next step is we’re going to convert the batch to an EXE we do this with a really simple one small program I’ll link it in a sec and when we do it, we’re gonna save it as IcePick dot EXE the same name as the program that the button calls then after we do that, we rename the original icepick to this just so that we have it as a backup, in case something does happen, or you for some reason you want to go back to using and then we move the new ice pick that we made to this location which is the default location for Microsoft LifeCam we’ll see how it’s done so this right here is Microsoft LifeCam once you’ve are got your webcam you have to download the actual software is located right here and what we’re interested in is this program It has a little blue ball and is called icepick All I’ve done is the f2 and renamed it IcePick.

BAK and then hit enter And it will still look the same. And if you look, this is how big the original program file was. And this is how big the one that I made was. The reason why it’s such a big difference, is because like I said it’s just three lines. speaking on that let’s go ahead and get that started We’re going to use two programs. one on everybody knows called notepad. and to get to that…. we rightclick click new and we’re gonna select text Right here, and we are going to rename it ice pick and then just hit enter now when we open it up, we need to put those three lines of code here. here they are. I give you a second to pause it if you need it when we’re done we’re gonna file save as and right now it’s a text file but we don’t want that ,we wanna save that as a BAT file so all we have to do is change to All File so we can change the name we’re gonna name it IcePick.EXE batch file.

now this new program is created right now if you want to go ahead and click on it would actually run your Skype, but in order to get the button to do it we want. We have to make it a dot EXE file that’s where bat to EXE setup comes into effect. I found this over here at http:\\\BATTOEXE\ I downloaded the trial version because I was going to use it once or twice did if you guys really like the program consider buying it so now the next part is easy peasy. Once you go down here, we need to find ice Pick.BAT make sure that’s the only thing in there we’re going to run this program it’s really quick actually And we’re going to click Continue so for me I put it into my downloads and created a folder called LifeCam button hacks.

so that’s where I want the batch file that we just made and I wanted to output, or save it as an executable in that same folder and click Go and it’s that quick This shield means it has administrator rights so when we go to change the folder in actually can do that and it has permissions to start up the Skype alright so all we do is right click move it over here click move here yes and now we’re done. Literally, as soon as you hit the button cmd prompt that quickly, and then it start’s running Skype I hope this helps everyone out there let me know in the comments if it did and let me know how I did considering it was my first video and I had about an our to make it. While my son was asleep. Thanks, PEACE .

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