Lifehack: make a triple dynamic split with VSDC Video Editor – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Add videos that you want to use in a triple split Add a rectangle from available shapes on the left panel and adjust its size to one of the videos Clicking the advanced settings button next to the Color option, open the palette and select black Click ‘Blend’ next to the timeline and select ‘Inverted mask’ Cover a required part with a black rectangle Apply the Inverted mask Click ‘Video effects’ and select ‘Transforms’ – ‘Zoom’ Confirm applying the effect to the selected object In the zoom porperties select ‘Linear parameter change along a trajectory’ and click the advanced settings button to open a timeline chart Dragging the points on the timeline and looking at the scene preview, determine required parameters Repeat all these operations for the rest of video clips.

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