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In this video we’ll cover the process of setting up cameras and exporting 3D views as well as sharing 360º Panoramas to Facebook By default every project already has cameras placed automatically by the program, but we also have user cameras that allow us to save our own views. Cameras can be added and adjusted in 2D using the camera tool… or in 3D via the Camera Properties tab of the Inspector. In this tab of the Inspector we have all our predefined cameras, user cameras and movie tracks. We can rename our user cameras by just double clicking on them and typing in a new name.

Now once we select the user camera we can see that a translucent icon appears in the top right corner of the 3D view. The same icon appears when we add a new camera and what this means is that we are changing the position of our camera as opposed to just walking around our interior. We may set now our point of view and resume the regular walk around mode by pressing Escape or clicking on any point in the 3D view. If we’re happy with our camera we should probably lock it and we can do that in the project tree. Here we need to click the lock icon next to our camera. Once we do that, we can select our camera but we can’t change any of its properties on purpose or by accident. Also take note that clicking on a camera in this list and pressing Spacebar brings up the camera preview window. Now lets go ahead and take a look at how Live Home 3D exports these 3D views to the picture file that we can send out to our friends or family.

To do that we need to select a camera then click Export 3D View in the Inspector or use the Share / Export to File option in the Toolbar. In the Export dialog let’s select the destination, the format and the resolution. Note that the Pro Edition allows us to export to a larger resolutions and even enter in a custom size. After that we need to set the quality. Then the program exports the view and offers us to open it in preview. Sharing a 3D View on Twitter and Facebook is also done via the Share button. Moreover, Live Home 3D offers a unique possibility to share 360º Panoramas of your home design on Facebook. To share a 3D View as a 360º Panorama, click Share on the Toolbar and select Facebook option, then in the dialog that appears choose 3D View 360º Panorama as Export type, Live Home 3D can share up to 1024 x 1024 pixels Panorama files (with the original file size 4096 x 2048), while the Pro version can go as high as allowed by Facebook. Once you click the Share button the program will ask you to log in to Facebook.

After successful log in the Panorama is posted to your feed and your friends will be overwhelmed by the design you’ve made. Well that basically wraps it up for 3D views and panoramas..

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