Livehack — Energie sparen bei Geschirrspülmaschine – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Even when washing dishes you can save energy and water! Up to 60%! Especially singles and couples can save a lot of energy. A lot of energy and water can be saved with a short wash program. For example, for glasses. For example, if dishes are not encrusted and baked. Glasses and a few plates will be particularly clean if you only use dish soap and dishwashing tablets. Ideal for shorter programs. (Use a short wash program!) Even more water and energy can be saved with a small dishwasher. Instead of 450-600 € you pay for such a device only 150 €! Not just a space saver in the household. The energy and water consumption drops again by up to 33%! More Livehacks only by roentgen01! Add me now!.

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