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Hi Everyone. Thanks for being here. I’m Sabrina Khan and this is Literally Marketing. Today I’m going to show you how to use the Canada Post Precision Targeter Tool. So what we’re going to do is figure out the number of households in that area and I’m actually going to show you how you can specify based on demographics the number of households. Let’s get started. So we’re going to start with Going to go over to Business Solutions and start with Marketing Solutions. This is where we’re going to find the Precision Targeter Tool. There it is.

So you just click Try Precision Targeter now. So we’re going to define a certain zone. So click Plan a Neighbourhood Mail Mailing and we just do Standard and we’re going to do in-market date on the 24th. And here we can select Houses, Apartments, Businesses. I don’t need to know Farms. I’m not going to distribute any mailings to farms. And click continue. We don’t really have a mailing in this case so we’re just looking for information. So we click continue. And here’s where you can rank by demographic. So we can say that we’re looking for…I want to leave it kind of broad so I can get some good data. And then the household size, I want to have families so 3 or more people. Household income. Let’s go $60,000 and over for income. And click continue. And here you select custom.

I’m going to search Edmonton. I want to see Edmonton. Right at the bottom it shows you the actual city Edmonton. I’m going to zoom out a bit. I think I want to go into the SouthWest area. So let’s pretend our restaurant is right in the middle, so we’re going to draw a zone around this restaurant and see what we come up with. We’re going to click to start drawing. All you do is as your changing direction, you click once and just drag the zone to where you want it to be. And that’s a nice simple square zone. It says double click to complete and it’s going to load the information for you.If you look at the color, what they’ve done is they’ve highlighted the different walk selects. So each of these is a walk area. If you scroll up here you’re going to see a home count of 14,000 and then if you look at this right here, you can see that blue is a low match, so we’re just going to scroll this out and we’re going to see, ok, only the high match.

So this met all the criteria that we had specified. Click on the route. You can deselect it. So we’ve deselected it and it’s taken it off the total. And select it again; add it back. For that route, it tells you how many houses, apartments, and businesses are specific to that route. It’s a really neat little tool. What you can do is download a report that gives you this information so you can save it for later or you can save it in your profile. Click download report and we’ll save it to the desktop and we’ll check that out. And it just gives you the detail. It gives us a picture of the map.It gives you the specifics. So if you actually want to do a mailing, you know exactly what the point of demographic information is.

I hope this tutorial was useful. If so, please like and share. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear it in the comments section below. And don’t forget to subscribe. I’ve got a lot more marketing tips coming your way. Thanks so much for being here..

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