Microsoft Excel Tips : How to Add or Delete an Excel Worksheet – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hi, I’m Amar Enhsaihan and I’ll show you how to add or delete worksheets in Excel. You open an Excel workbook, go to the bottom, go over to one of the tabs and then you right click your mouse. And then you’ll see, insert, delete and other options. You click insert and this is a little bit different in Mac ’cause you have all these options and in PC you would just have sheet and you would select that. But in Mac you have all these options. So I’m going to select worksheet and then it say open. And you see that it’s inserted a new sheet there.

But if change your mind you want to delete it you can go back, the same trick, right click your mouse and delete, that is if you want to delete it and it say okay and you deleted it. And that’s how you and delete worksheets in Excel. Thank you for watching. This was Amar Enhsaihan..

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