Minecraft: 5 Lifehacks – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hello and welcome to a new video on my channel! Today I’ll present 5 Minecraft lifehacks to you. We start with Tip 1: When throwing a splash potion directly on the hitbox of a mob or player, that entity will then get the full effect duration. To show that, press F3+B to show the hitboxes and when standing on the dispenser, you see: there’s my hitbox. And this potion hit my hitbox directly, so I got the effect for 8 minutes. In here’s plenty splash potions of fire resistance with 8 minutes of fire resistance. Moving on with Tip 2: When the Pumpkinblur is too bulky, just use a resourcepack.

We all know: when we want to starr at an enderman or want to wear a pumpkin, then we just wear a pumpkin This pumpkin vision is very bulky, as you see, but fortunately, we can change that using resource packs. One of these is Xisumavoid’s Vanilla Tweaks Res. Pack, which you’ll find a link on the left and in the description. I’ll activate Xisumavoid’s Resource Pack right now… …and as you can see, the pumpkin vision is less bulky than it was before. Moving on to Tip 3: Wooden tools can be used as fuel (regardless of the durability) To show that, here’s a chest with very damaged pickaxes and here with undamaged ones. And both of these will let a furnace burn equally good. Tip 4: When first putting golden tools into the enchanting table, you’ll get better enchantments. Here’s two enchanting tables, both equal, and in the first one we’ll put down a golden pickaxe first. We get Fortune III as a preview, and now this has Fortune III, Efficiency IV and Unbreaking III.

Unbelievable! And only because we put a golden pickaxe in first! But when only putting in a diamond pickaxe, we only get Efficiency IV. The golden tool was missing. And here’s this videos’ last lifehack: Don’t waste your pickaxes! Because some ores can be mined with less valuable pickaxes than you actually think. For example: Lapis Lazuli Ore. Some players think you need an iron pickaxe to mine this, though actually a stone pickaxe is enough. Second: Nether Quartz Ore. There are really players that think a diamond pickaxe is required to mine this. Just ridiculous. Actually a wooden pickaxe is enough. That’s it for this video, hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you next time. Bye bye!.

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