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what’s up guys move your back with another minecraft video today we’re gonna be looking at the top 10 Minecraft servers in the world did quite a bit of research and found a handful of epic service I hadn’t seen before that have thousands upon thousands players online at any given time now the main criteria for making it into the top 10 as having the largest number of players active during peak hours a lot of servers were really close I was a player numbers for about a week or so to come to the countdown you’re about to see if they were still too close to be certain it came down to which server I thought had a better user experience down I’m gonna sit right now and as you can see behind me we have some awesome stuff to look forward to anyway let’s hop right into the countdown starting up the countdown at number ten we have the room inside server the ruins I’d server is a German service that usually has about 67,000 players online during peak hours and is also owned by youtuber whose name just happens to be true inside his real name is also Sebastian Meyer and he currently has 1.

2 million subscribers on his main channel now as popular as the server is they definitely focus a lot more on quality over quantity they only have several mini games which you can see down over here you’ll see it has survival games and trap survival games Edwards Revo jumped down and get down so it doesn’t really have too much stuff going on in terms of giving you a lot of variety but they do everything very well and they also have fantastic online leaderboards so it’s actually extremely competitive and people really enjoyed the server a lot now it’s worth noting that it’s mostly in German so you’re not gonna have an easy time kind of understanding things but if you want to learn how little german or if you are a German player who understands the language you’ll have a lot of fun on this for undecided on this particular server it also has a very active teamspeak as you can see on the right which is Tiesto true inside that TV coming in at number nine we have a restaurant server called last crashed now when you log into the server you’ll immediately be put into this room right over here and you can’t actually go anywhere they actually require you to create an account for the server as you can see over here now this is gonna be a little bit intimidating some of you guys because they don’t use of Latin alphabet they’re actually using cyrillic so you see it has almost over here and I kinda figured it out after a little while messing around but basically this is how you would login over here and this is how you can register so I’ve already done this whole process but I’ll show you how it would be done so you would type in class are eg and then you were just type in your password twice to see this little bit of lettering these two words over here and it’s were here they mean password so for example I could just write YouTube video YouTube video of all times and this would essentially be my password you don’t have to type in any user name because it’s strictly for your account that you have on minecraft this is basic made so that way if your account gets hacked you will have everything on your server maintained and then once you’ve created your account you simply type in / El and then type your password and once again which I’ll do right now so once you’re actually in the server you end up in this little place over here and this is a fantastic looking little spawn point now by the way the server also gets about 8,000 players during peak hours and since it’s in a very different time zone for most American and European players you’re not going to see a lot of people on during during late night hours and I’m from New York so I will see them go as high as 8,000 in the morning and probably as low as 500 people during night time so it has very different peak hours which kinda makes convenient if you like playing a different time or if your actual Russian player this is probably very convenient for you so let’s look at what many games they have so this is one of few parts that you can actually understand you’ll see at the top that they write them in normal Latin so you have Empires II kit PvP Skyblock regular creative mode mcmmo Castle Wars parkour bed wars a whole bunch of different arcade games as you can see here including pac-man which I liked a lot by the way and I highly recommend you try to hide and seek in time which apparently isn’t here yet it’s not in time haha survival games Hunger Games sky wars build battle and creeper attack so I love to see more about the server it I did experiment with a little bit and it looks very cool but i wanna see can say much more than I’ve already told you that don’t understand the language but I definitely recommend you guys check it out because everything that I have seen looks like it’s very well done coming in at number eight we have the Christology server now you’ll notice that this is also another Russian server but this one happens to be the most popular Russian server in the world it’s owned by YouTube renamed the master 59 are you who has about 750,000 subscribers now I’m gonna warn you guys and say that this is probably the most difficult server I’d ever had to log onto in my entire life now beyond the language barrier being a bit of an issue you have to sign up for this on a separate forum on a separate website rather which is Kristi Alex dotnet you then have to download a different minecraft client and log into it and that’s exactly what I’ve done over here and especially all without knowing the language so I had to do quite a bit of research to get this to actually function properly that being said it is the most popular and server in the world and yields about eight to ten thousand players online during peak hours so it definitely seems like a quality server but if you don’t speak the language I would say it’s probably not worth the effort so once I downloaded this different client I had to change the settings when I would posit you’ll see that this is now in English but prior to that it was actually completely in Russian so this is actually a very long process for me to get this working but now that I did figure it out here is a list of the many games so let’s go to the browser over here and only some of them are going to be in England so I’m not sure what some of these actually say but I’ll give you guys as much information as I am capable of you have something called the war annihilation grand theft minecraft zombie mod Hunger Games the hub and something else over here build battle Colony wars Edwards again with the other server had as well PvP prison jet aircraft sky wars two things I don’t understand craft which I believe is based on the video games of mine Z and that pretty much sums it up I wish I could give you more information about the server but then again it is extremely difficult for me to get through any of this so it’s doubly interesting if you are Russian player but if not I would say you probably want to skip this one coming in at number seven we have the cosmic PvP server the server gets over 10,000 players online during peak hours and is actually owned by two very well known youtubers the first one is pressing place last TBN our friends whose main channel has over two million subscribers and the other one being Mr Wilkins who has over 1.

5 million subscribers on his main channel now the entire concept of the server is that it’s essentially intergalactic PvP server so if you look around it’s disclosed to be like your your space helmet that’s equipped on right over here and this is like your hub so if I click on the compass over here it’ll show you where you can go so you have to start with this one over here yet the vanilla galaxy galaxy which is busy just a small version of like a little vanilla many games and whatnot and it’s nothing too crazy at this is not a very popular part of the server as you can see not a lot of players are currently online you have the practice galaxy and you have the event galaxy that’s what I believe is done strictly for for like one would ever like the youtubers are having like different sort of events and whatnot and the practice Galaxy I believe is also for think it’s for only premium membership of not mistaken although you can double check on that one but this is where most of the fun happens let’s click over here and you can go to any one of these planets now you’ll see that right now there’s actually not too many players online but then again I’m doing this video at night so let’s go to let’s go to the alien planet and I’ll show you how the server kind of functions rights let’s go into first person view you’ll spot over here in this kind of little lobby area and you’re gonna have a whole ton of different things you can buy so has a lot of lower that down a notch there we go so you have all these different things you can buy and they can give you a bunch of different effects but the general way you want to happen to the game once you do have some form of equipment as you’re going to go over here you see it as a team players gonna hop right down and start some gonna hit the sky couple times and is gonna kill me because I have no weapons and just like that I’m officially dead but that’s the gist of the server you have a bunch of different world it’s strictly PPP based and it’s quite well done coming in at number six we have the hive server the server usually gets around ten to twelve thousand players during peak hours and is a very popular among a lot of youtubers and I believe I recorded here several times myself so it’s owned by four people one of them being jolly Ajax aka jolly ol Brits who is a youtuber with 200,000 subscribers a former YouTube renamed for Reid who has 400,000 subscribers and two guys named clink star and boxer so it has a whole bunch of different things that you can do on that so let’s go and look at the mini-games first so if you see over here you have sky wars the arcade survival games hide-and-seek the herobrine block party split leg trouble in Mineville deathrun survival games soloed riot the lab cowboys and Indians one in the chamber and survival games heroes and this is some other stuff so it has parkour as well so all these many games are done phenomenally well and the server is pretty active during all times during the day I know that back in the day when I would play the server a lot more often survival games were probably the most popular things that were being offered over here and during peak hours it was actually really hearts against a lobby because they were just so overcrowded but if that’s if that’s what you’re into this is one of the better service to go on the also has a ton of different like pets and stuff like that so let me see if I can find it for you guys I got a stun gun with meatballs not exactly sure what I just did but let me see if I can show you the pet section maybe maybe not instead the crystals players enabled up selector let’s get that at the how many there we go see you see you can get pets mounts hats and achievement so it does offer you a handful of things if you are that kind of person that wants to spend money on a server so it does offer a lot of options and is a very high quality server halfway through the countdown were now at number five and the server is called epic you this one actually has one of my favorite hubs as it makes everything look very intuitive so you can see almost everything from the center which I’m a very big fan of this happens to be the biggest friends server in the world in a peaks around 15,000 players online so it’s probably owned by a guy named check of I abut against this is not in the English language it was a little bit difficult for me to get more information on it but it does have over 20 mini-games which I’ll show you right now so these parts are in English so I can read these to you she pours PvP swap pitchout movie Tron domination catch the cow fallen kingdoms arrow UHC run you would see theme UHC so apparently this is a very popular UNC server survivor Hunger Games payday and I think I just got I’m not sure what just happened I think I was like a mass refreshes you see everybody the bottom of disconnected but I don’t think that’s normal that’s a really awesome image of link but let’s get back into the list we have ice runner totem age of empire was actually played and I wish I understood a little better but it’s pretty cool this one of my favorite games of all time outside of Minecraft that is but I was a little bit confused since again the instructions were not in English disco sheep and epic / there are a couple other things were here so you have like I think jump this just doesn’t do it you like parkour among some other things but this server in general is quite good and it’s very active during most times a day although during during night time where I’m from New York it’s a little bit slower but you’ll never will generally never see less than 3,000 players online and again about 15,000 during peak hours coming in at number four we have the gum HP server this is the most popular server in Germany and i’ve seen at peak as high as 25,000 players online it’s worth noting that most of this is actually available in English so you’re not gonna have a lot of problems having sorry German so it is actually very intuitive to use for all my English speakers out there it’s owned by u2 renamed homage to you the same as the server name and he has about 1.

3 million subscribers on his main channel so let me show you some of the many games that this server has to offer you have rage mode survival games trouble in Minecraft zombies surf Edwards again bed was being very popular in foreign service if you haven’t noticed that it’s actually a very good game that I recommend you guys try on any of the services mentioned by the way conquest survival PvP Kors sky wars and their games or a and shopping chaos so out of all these from my experience skywards is the busiest but this again is a quality server and is going to be busy during most times of the day coming in at number three we have the cube craft server the server get as high as 30,000 players online and is owned by somebody named BBQ man it has 13 mini-games seasonal games daily challenges and a handful of vanity items so it’s quick quickly take a look at some of the stuff that has to offer so you’ll see it has the lucky islands which is its own little series of games which also actually I’ll show that towards the end of this little clip we have money walls tower defense the arcade which has a handful of different games PvP gore’s block wars parkour skyward survival games rebuild which offers a couple different options as well Ultra Hardcore control point and the rest of the stuff is just options both quickly take a look at the lucky islands right so here we are so let’s just my texture pack very quickly and I’m lagging but there we go so as you can see these blocks now have turned into lucky block so it’s very similar to the lucky block mod and that’s what this game is about it’s a pretty cool confident after playing it I was pretty intrigued by the sensor lucky block and then you guys have to fight a couple different teams at the end of everything very very cool game let me show you some of the other things that the server has to offer if you go to the challenge menus it’ll show you what your achievements as well as some daily challenges that you can accomplish so for example you know when a game of survival games played three games skywards etcetera etcetera and you will get rewarded for these so let’s look at some of the value items you have had trails wardrobe gadgets when effects miniatures cue blitz which I’m not exactly sure what they are glass colors arrow trails and that is the gist of that but this is basically probably the most popular server in the world that is not owned or affiliated with a very big YouTube and it’s been doing phenomenally well for a while coming in at number two we have the my place server the surrogates around thirty to forty thousand players during peak hours and has been one of the most successful servers in Minecraft for quite a while now its owners are defect seven AM see sterling and chess it also has to YouTube that are essentially partners and they are CaptainSparklez and Parker games now I wanna see that this probably has the most intuitive lobby out of every single server that I’ve ever seen and it basically makes everything really easy to access so if you’re standing on this little platform over here which I probably can’t jump too high you can pretty much see everything so you can you have all the games you can access right over here they’re listed on the top as well and you could see them here here again just really really easy to use so if you’re kind of a new but things this will be the easiest thing in the world you simply go over here walk through the portal you won’t even have to know about using the compass but anyway let’s look at the compass so I can show you guys what many games it has to offer and it does offer over 20% and it’s also worth noting that it does have seasonal events or you can have a Halloween event will have a Thanksgiving event a Christmas event etc and they’re all phenomenally well done the code is for this server are extremely talented so you have the bridges capture the flag mine strike draw my thing dominate survival games type wars gladiators sky wars team deathmatch Super Smash Mouth UHC castle siege arcade games which as you can see has a ton of different things so it’s one of the reasons why I think it’s actually might have over 30 min ago as if you include the arcade mixed games Master Builders block hunt wizards Christmas chaos which is their Christmas season event monster means my place clans which is in its alpha release nobody’s playing it currently player service you can actually host your own little mini games and snow fight once again I believe is a seasonal event so this offers a different stuff and I believe it also has some cosmetic things as well so if you go over here you’ll see you have things like the currency but you can buy particle effects gadgets hats costumes arrow trails double jump effects mounts different kinds of music dance pets and that enemies and so all in all this is one of the more complete service will see out there and it is busy perpetually pretty much during all times and a very very good server and I highly recommend it coming in at number one we have the high pixel server the server peaks at around 35 to 45 thousand players online at times and is owned by YouTube renamed high pixel now this guy was very well known for his billed as well as maps and currently has about 400,000 subscribers now this server is known for doing things extremely well and has a lot of seasonal events it’s updated extremely often and is pretty much the go-to for most people out there so you’ll notice that there is a really convenient way to access a lot of the many years you have this giant pool here as well but we’re going to look at the compass to show you some of the games at this thing has to offer you know is that it’s very seasonal for the holiday season very seasonal for the house and I just say that when you guys get what I’m talking about anyhow let’s take a look at the many games so you have cops in crimson blood survival games the walls paintball workfare vampires pixel painters crazy walls which is new smash euros which apparently isn’t closed beta but there are over a thousand players playing you have said the cells which is a seasonal event supercar terrible car races which you saw in the in the intro which also you again in just a moment arena brawl the TNT games which includes several different mini-games build battle skywards new metal walls quick craft warlords UFC champions arcade games which includes a very very large handful and has a couple of things in your as well which is player housing which is an open beta and it already has 2400 players online so there’s quite a bit going on in the sting also has quite a few cows cosmetics as well as collectibles opens up over here let’s go like this there you also on the collectibles you can get pets prestigious companions particle backs thats benders cloaks more gadgets as well as now it’s going to that many games that I mentioned earlier so we can see how awesome some of the things are on the server and what I said that things are well done I really wasn’t getting so the moment we’re downloading the resource pack and it’s going to change into the racing the racing simulator you’re about to see right here so this is the lobby which looks pretty awesome it has these custom textures over here so that way you can see the instructions on how to play a couple other service have as well I’m just a fan that’d make it’s made for the tutorial part rather just excessive advertising and when you go over here you can see some of the equipment that you can be wearing as well as the car so you can be driving and it looks really really cool I mean this is one of the more impressive things I’ve seen any server because again this is entirely even know they’re using I believe block models to accomplish all these looks but again looks so cool look at the entire collection of cars it’s pretty epic and I think I have my custom costume on yes though the server just has so much to offer and again with all the frequent updates you will not get bored going on this one very often so that’s gonna wrap it up for this video these are the top 10 Minecraft servers in the world if you like this video a like would be very much appreciated as it does help me out a lot and subscribe to one of the video similar to this one in the future this is smooth and I’ll see you all later to get these guys.

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