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I saw this nailpolish flower on pinterest and wanted to show you how it´s done First I take a wire which has a strength of 0,25mm. The required length of the wire is about 60cm. I take the wire at 10cm and wrap it around a pen and then I turn the pen around so we have a loop. Then I take the longer part of the wire and roll it around the pen 4 times. Then I pull it down and hold the 5 loops together.

Then I pass the longer part of the wire through the 5 loops so they are connected. Then I twist the wire together. Next, I form a tip and now I unfold the petals. Then I turn each petal around. With pliers I form the petals to make them look nicer. Now it looks like this. If you want you can add a leaf. Twist the wire together. You need to form a loop and pass the wire above and underneath the loop and twist the wire together again. Now you can cut off the rest of the wire an now it should look like this. then again I take my pen and bend the petals, in order to create more rounded shapes – it just looks nicer. I also add a pointed end to the leaf. Now we move on with the nail polish. You need to put quite a lot of nail polish on your brush and then you paint from the inside to the outside of the petal make sure, that the brush touches both sides of the petal It doesn´t always work on the first time but with the time you´ll find out For the petal I use another color.

And now you let it dry. If it doesn´t work for you with nail polish you can first use craft glue, because it is easier to attach the glue onto to petal and when the glue is dry, you can add nail polish to the petal..

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