Naruto Final Bond: Level Hack – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Step 1. Open up Cash Checked and click Scan Type, Unknown Initial Value then New Scan. Step 2. Go onto Scan Type again and click Changed Value, then go onto the game. Step 3. Cast your Jutsu once then go back onto Cash Checked and click Next Scan. Step 4. Go onto Scan Type, click Unchanged Value then go onto the game, jump once and click Next Scan on Cash Checked 6 times. Step 5. Repeat Step’s 2 – 4 until you’re left with around 5 Addresses. Reset to find the Addresses easier. Step 6.

Now that I’m left with one Address that’s big, I’m going to click it and press the red arrow. Step 7. Keep casting Jutsu until your EXP is 70 or below. Then go on Cash Checked and double click the Value and copy it. Step 8. Cast your Jutsu once in-game and then paste the Value you copied over the other value and freeze it. Now each time you cast your Jutsu you’ll level up :D.

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