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We all love new technology in that means that we all of the Nest Thermostat, I’ve seen way too many occasions where people go out to the store and buy a nest just to get home and realize oh no common wire what to do now well I’m here to show you a couple of tips and tricks to help you continue your love affair with the nest whatever you do please don’t return the nest thermostat to the store until you watch this video because more than likely you’ll be able to get it to work in this episode I will be covering the following issues people run into most often when installing a nest Thermostat first problem I’m going to help you with is the common wire problem now this is a very common problem with the nest thermostat common problem common wire now we’re going to go to the base and remove it and this is usually how it typical installation looks now what nest wants to happen in a perfect world they actually want this to do something called power steeling where it actually steals power from the air conditioning circuit but depending on your furnace some furnaces are not compatible with this what my technicians usually do when they’re installing a nest thermostat on a 4 wire system without a common wire is that going to take this green wire they pull it off and I will go to the furnace board and do the same thing move it from the green to the common terminal and the reason that you don’t need this green wire is that as more you when the thermostat control the fan for the system which is usually like 2 percent or 1 percent of all the systems out there this is for older systems that have separate fan control and that’s not very common nowadays if you have a newer home or anything that was built in the last 20 years at 99 percentile what that means is a more modern system what happens here is when this wire here the Y1 terminal which is the cooling output gets a signal so pretty much the thermostat just closes the circuit between the yellow and the red wire the control board actually has a built in fan logic so once it gets a signal on this y1 wire it turns on the condenser outside for the air conditioning and then runs the fan timer that’s built into the control board and this is like 99% of all the furnace is out there nowadays so in this case when you have a newer system you don’t need this wire this is only if you want to turn on the fan which nest only allows you to turn on the fan for like 10 or 15 minutes at a time anyway for me it’s useless I think this is more important than having a common wire then having it hooked up to the fan and the second problem is when the wire colors don’t match that picture perfect wiring diagram that you see on the nest website well don’t panic pretty much the wire colors don’t really make a difference they are all copper conductors they’re like twins except for the colors they are only for identification for instance in this case Blue is Y1 Brown is w1 black is common and orange is Rh so any of these colors can be used for anything all you have to do is get a pen and a paper and write down which terminal what color is going to go to the furnace and just make sure that they match hopefully I helped you fix those two most common problems with the nest thermostat here’s the nest thermostat right here other than that the nest is a great product but with every great product comes certain challenges and those two are the most common with the nest thermostat thanks for watching subscribe below we always need subscribers and helps us make more videos like this to help people like you enjoy the nest thermostat enjoy life goodbye its just like plugging it into a lightbulb just pretend that this is a nest thermostat it’s like you’re plugging positive and negative the other way they’re actually using the circuit from the air conditioning to charge the nest thermostat through the circuitry of this control board which in my opinion isn’t a good idea at all focus focus focus lay down lay down cooperate I bought you for a reason b-roll see one door wall mount whoa whoa watch my hand.

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