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OPO has become a household name in the indian smartphone market with a lot of great budget options to offer today we talk about one such device hey this is Sreehari from mr. phone and this is our full review of the Oppo a83 before jumping into the video if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet please do that and also click that Bell I can write next to it so that you get notified for all the cool tech videos that we put out the Oppo a 83 is actually a very well built phone it has really an ergonomic curves but other bones of this price range are not exactly caring much about design it’s also being pretty well and the weight makes it feel very premium we’ve got the black unit and it really looks tell thing in this the buttons are also fairly well bend with the power button on the right – warning rockers on the left now on the bottom you have a micro USB port and all with a single speakers and on the top since a headphone jack the display on the Oppo a degree looks like a really high quality panel the color is also look very good the glass on top is not the smoothest to use I remove the protective layer on day one but it did not with the smoothness the tall aspect ratio of eating banner lets you view movies in ultra wide with less you leave also gives you the option to pinch out to stretch the video to anything by 9 aspect ratio other than that the display is really good and I have no complaints here going on to the software although there are a lot of Android skins that try to look like iOS I think Oppo wins that battle I have used Chinese us before like emotion UI mi you and a lot of others but this one was truly unusable for me from the home screen which had apps all over it to the swipe up from the bottom which brings up the Action Center all exactly mimic iOS even the notifications are dismissed in an iOS way and not the Android way even a task as simple as changing the wallpaper was buried in the settings and it was very annoying for someone mu is never used iOS before now if you’re not so much of an ardent Android fan then you might just enjoy using it icons are pretty colorful and funky loop in the settings also has a lot of cool features like a special security tab for a lot of permissions app blocks payment a protections floating windows whatever you ask you also get gesture controls and a lot of options in that where you can customize the gestures you also have a gaming do not disturb mode for those uninterrupted gaming hours you also get a clone app it supports apps like whatsapp light and bbm only one of it is widely used in India let’s hope that they bring a support for Facebook and Instagram very soon and in the back seats are very perfectly placed fingerprint scanner oh I’m sorry and at the front sense of very comfortably placed fingerprint scanner wait what the operator 3 does not have a fingerprint scanner I think they succeeded in their attempt to make an iPhone 10 kilo and because just like the iPhone 10 the you go 83 does not have a fingerprint scanner it has face unlock which works quite well it’s not accurate all the time and it fails to unlock and a lot of moments but that’s all you get you don’t get a favorite now now let’s talk about the performance of your poetry the AAA degree has a mediatek helio b23 chip said this is an octopus himself dropped in 2.

3 gigahertz having a cortex a53 for now what all this gibberish translates to is smooth day-to-day performance now you won’t be able to play heavy games on this thing but everyday performance is not going to be a problem the ant reduce code for all those who want to know is 85,000 which is pretty high it’s right amount the order nine lights here in 659 now everyday use is supposed to be smooth enough and it is at some places but it’s still a mixed bag so apps open very quickly due to the relatively high clock speed but everyday performance isn’t as smooth and there is a bit of lag when you what this basically means is that if you are a heavy gamer then please don’t buy the oboe III it’s not meant to play a lot of games but yes everyday life will be pretty smooth with this thing talking about the camera the Oppo 83 has a single 13 megapixel sensor at the back and an 8 megapixel sensor on the front the camera performance is really good and it takes great looking daylight shots with a good amount of detail and colors the nine shots to look very plausible you can learn more about the camera performance in a camera comparison with the on a 9 light which is linked up here in general the over 83 shots have a lot of contrast and colors look very natural selfies also are really good looking and you do get a background blur mode all the results are not very desirable the layout of the camera app is again many iPhone II it has time-lapse auto mode of duty mode for both front and back and an expert mode for the pro photographer on you at the end we come to the battery of the oh boy d3 which is an average 3180 and the excellent sights the battery life is actually quite good not once has it died on me but yes charging is a bit slow I watched a few movies on this thing and it handles them quite well by conserving a lot of battery long hours of gaming obviously throttles the phone a bit and uses battery a lot but I guess that’s normal and of course espares so in a nutshell you get a great design a good-looking phone a gorgeous display up front and average performance a mixed bag of UI some of you might like it some of you might not and a very good battery life that’s it for this one let me know what you thought of this review in the comment section down below if you don’t want to buy an oppo a degree you’ll find the links for that in the description thank you so much for watching this is SreeHari from Mr.


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