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Hello, welcome to another Unboxing and Review, from Parkside, this time is this cordless angle grinder, the model is the PWSA 12-Li A1 PWSA 12-Li A1 this uses a battery of 12v and 2Ah and now the new… Lithium technology with fast charge this battery charge time is 60 minutes this angle grinder has a speed of 19500 Rpm 19500 Rpm, and uses a disk of 76mm 76mm with a ….. inside diameter of 10mm lets start with the Unboxing this one brings, like almost all the others tools from Parkside a hard box resintent lets open it to see inside this angle grinder is a lot smaller than i expected, although the box is small i didn’t expect to be so small lets see, instruction manual the charger with a charger indicator or full charge indicator and the angle grinder, and it is very small it’s really very small as you can see is a very small size this battery is a new model i don’t know if they are compatible with the previews models but i will compare i think that they are not compatible as you can see, the model is the PWSA 12-Li A1 charge indicator this charge indicator light on when you turn on the grider it’s not too loud.

.. when you turn on the charger indicator turns on really, this is very small, the disk is of 76mm and the inside diameter is 10mm this disk, won’t be easy to find inside of the box, it bring also the key to remove the disk let’s start lets start the review to start, lets see the battery the battery is of 12v and 2Ah has i said before, fast charge this is new the production is of this year and there are different opinion how to store lithium battery’s but on the back, tells you how you should store it with a full charge the lithium battery should store it with a full charge I have this that uses a 12v battery lets compare they are different the fit is different, they are not compatible it doesn’t fit that means that if you are thinking in use the old battery’s it won’t work although, it will be release a new cordless drill with this battery probably they are compatible the disk is very small, i don’t know what kind of use, you can give to it I bought with the objective to use it to small cuts and probably sanding but with this kind of disk lock, it won’t be a possibility.

with this grinder, also this protection is not adjustable this disk protection is not adjustable let’s start to remove the disk it has this lock button for the disk press the button and lock the disk and use the Allen key to remove the screw remove the screw remove the washer and the disk, it’s really a very small disk inside the disk protection is removable it uses 3 screws it seams that you can adjust but it is not easy, i think it won’t be easy to find disk with this size, you should find one or tow brands that sell this kind of disk, and as you can see 76mm with a inside of 10mm let’s mount it i am disappointed with the size of this tool it’s very small the cut capacity, it won’t be a lot let’s measure the cut capacity to screw it on is the inverted process, lock the dick to screw it is not necessary much, but it need to be tighten let’s put the battery it won’t hold, it need to be laid down to get an idea this angle grinder has 19cm for 10,5cm maybe 11cm on this wider part cut capacity, let’s see use this this tool has a maximum of 13mm of cut capacity 13mm it’s a very small cut if you want to cut a tube you will have to rotate it it is not possible, if it has more than 13mm, to make the cut from one side.

you have to rotate it this is only to small cuts i don’t you if you should buy this. this cost between 30 to 40€ depending on the country when you can buy the one from X20 team probably for 50 to 60€ and you will have all the versatility of a angle grinder i am very disappointed it is not to loud it is not to loud, i think it is very silent but i don’t see what you can use it on this is a tool Parkside quality price, is very good i believe that this it has use to one person or another but i can’t see what it’s a very small disk my advise is to buy the other the x20, it’ is more expensive, but probably it will be better because you won’t have a lot of use to this one the cut capacity is really low it should have a bigger disk and this protection should be adjustable but if you want a very compact angle grinder this is it, it’s very small, is very compact disadvantages low cut capacity, on the battery is a disadvantage that they are not compatible with the other 12v tools but it can be the new models for all lets see we are at the end of the review if you like it, leave a thumbs up, and subscribe to my channel any question, leave a comment and i will get back to you.

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