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welcome to the channel mark fashion meets fragrance my name is Kevin settings in today’s video we talk about pineapple vintage ex bench this stuff is dope if you like this kind of videos cool go ahead subscribe the channel daytona notification for future video our livestream updates show you boys some love all right guys pineapple vintage ex bench this is the shiznit let me tell you why you take two of the most complimented fragrances in the world pre to Ventus and do survive and you slam dancing together and the fragrance you think you’re not going to produce a compliment monster get out of here that’s exactly what my good friends over at pop wounds bitches deal with this thing they took two of the most complimented fragrances in the world took their impressions of them and made them cry then they put them together when I say this stuff is good I am Telling You this stuff is good if you’re looking for just a straight-up compliment monster of a fragrance no frills no muss no fuss knock them drawers down kind of fragrance that’s this no some folks don’t like it when I go on that route but hey man what it is it it is what it is let me get straight into the c3po system complement factor awesome sauce straight awesome sauce performance eight hours plus projection two to three feet CR three feet plus almost beast mode who’s rocking this definitely avoid a step player this is the straight up playoff fragrance you know I say spray on some opportunity that’s exactly what’s going to happen you were there you’re going to spray on opportunity have a secret weapon make the game come to you trust me guys compliment fragrances make you do a lot of things walk taller feel more highly compliment and fragrances do a lot of things they help you walk taller feel better about themselves they start conversations and it just a good thing to add on to anybody’s personal brand you know this closer they sent this to me for review but even if they hadn’t it will get my stamp of approval for sheer compliments now I know some of you guys gonna be like paying your son at heart man it’s good for Compline here’s the question a lot of guys always ask what about the price point for 50ml I read that 50 MLS and openness but 60 70 bucks there – 300 ml awesome yeah if you want compliments parfum the vintage desk complemented fragrance as well I love this house for that reason but I will say this don’t leave it up to me hit us up in the comments section let us know have you tried X batch IV put it on skin have you rock it out in public what happened how the ladies react and your friends react add your family react I’m too daughter yet did they like it so cool if not cool to keep it cool keep it classy as usual if you like these kind of videos go ahead and give me a big thumbs up and share it out to anybody that you think use the information thanks so much for watching and subscribing till next time talk at you later by the way want to stay connected follow me on social media you know the links in the description peace two fingers a timeout is ship away hey guys if you want to be your best look good smell great and be your best each and every day follow a link down in the description and book your one-on-one private Skype consultation details in the description it’s up to you you only have seven seconds to make the great first impression you might as well make sure you knock it out but apart expect xmax bitches extract richest.

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