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I’m going to use the type tool to add text to the image. Click on the type tool in the toolbox. Click anywhere in the image that you want to add a line of text Choose font, size, style and alignment for your text To choose a color for the text, click in the color field to open up the color selector panel. Click a value in the circle and click a value in the square. You’ll see the color that you’ve picked in the field to the right. You can also enter RGB or hexadecimal color values to produce a color. When you’re happy with a color, click OK and you’ll see it in the color field.

Now you can type your text into the textbox. When you’ve created a composite image which combines a foreground element with a background and some text, and you’re happy with what you’ve done Save the file once in .pxd format once as an original and save it once in .jpg format to submit through Insight You already know how to save in .pxd so I’m just going to cover .jpg right now Go FILE > SAVE, choose a slightly different file name, but still choose one that ends with the number of the image in the sequence of your slide show. So since this is my 5th image I’m going to call it GPF_05. Pixlr will automatically add the extension .jpg to the file. You should not add jpg to the file name yourself. Choose JPEG from the format drop down menu.

You can push the quality slider all the way to 100 for best quality. Then click OK and save the file to your computer. Submit your .jpg format file to us through Insight. Do NOT submit your .pxd format file. Keep the .pxd file safe on your computer in case you want to do some more editing on this image later..

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