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Hi this is Joanne with Broadcast Sunny. I like to bring you any great tips to keep you motivated and productive in your dreams. This is the Productivity Challenge Timer app I am not getting paid for this review. They probably don’t even know I’m doing it. I will show you the functionality first, then the pros and cons. If you want to skip to a certain section go to the description box on the YouTube page and you can click on a different sections of this video. So, let’s start with functionality.

I will start with projects as you can see I have four projects laid out for the free version. They only give you four projects if you click on add, it will tell you if you go pro you can get 999 projects. I will probably go pro because I’m really enjoying this app. it’s a last I saw the taping of this which is December 2016 it was five bucks who I if you click on a project this is the screen you get when you add a project you basically can add a name you can set a default session the default session when you first download the app is 25 minutes you can change that in the settings i will show you in a minute but you can also go into each individual program and change the work session to what you wish you can mark whether it is an ongoing project suspended complete you can delete the project the help menu goes into more detail probably I it’s pretty self-explanatory you can read it at your leisure so that is oh and also you can see that there are the times I’ve spent on each of these projects so it looks like i am neglecting the published book i will probably have to get it to this afternoon right achievements achievements i don’t really get I don’t know why they have this it even says oh well unlock more in pro version well and see if you look down here is all unknown achievement and since I don’t know what the achievements are I have nothing to work towards too so I really don’t care but if you want to see the achievements that I weren’t here they are that’s pretty much it there’s others but I haven’t gotten them and i have no idea how to so i don’t really care about the achievements but if you go to the bottom up the homepage it’s your rank your rank we go into how a ranking works you can look in to how many minutes you need to go up in rank but the number of times you work a session helps you go up in rank and I must admit it’s a bit of a motivator especially since it every once in a while you’ll get notice you have 75 minutes or 40 minutes to your next level so that’s nice stats stats is quite nice this is the stats for the year all time stats which is probably about the same if not is the same i’ve only been using this for two weeks oh it says 11 days not even two weeks it gives the hourly activity you see how many days i work per week with this app here you see how many minutes per day the x-axis is the date the y-axis is the minutes and then down at the bottom this is quite interesting the projects I’ve worked on and the percentage of each project i don’t know about you but many times i’ll keep thinking in the back of my head I should be working on this should be working on that but you have to work on what you working on now so this actually quiets that voice a little bit in the sense that I know which projects need to be worked on and which ones do not setting so settings here’s where you can set your default work session see it’s at 25 minutes which I like the almost complete sound two minutes before a session and it will beep at me and tell me that this session is almost over the overtime step i have not used i usually I’m I go a minute or two over but that’s it the short break is five minutes so for every 25 minutes i get a five-minute break now for the long break duration is 15 minutes and the long break comes after every five workstations sessions or you can set it to whatever work sessions you want so that’s the 15 minutes which of course you can set it to whatever you want as well you can sort by project or by last activity this is nice so you can if you wanted to rotate the projects you are working on you can backup using any of these on in the cloud devices don’t judge me that is turning off notifications as some people complain that this is a nagging app I don’t find it so if i don’t want it to ring at me i closed it down i don’t know how difficult that is but some people it is this is a different types of notification sounds you can take and then the sound level i like my kind of high cuz i’m deaf and then I’m not really death i’m just i have bad hearing in one year my ticking sound off here’s the ticking sound is annoying like now I don’t want that turn that off that the default is off other sound 70-percent you had the vibrate on complete keep screen on turn on screen on complete do not keep updating notifications which I get that too right now and keeping it i’ll see how much it’ll annoy me at the moment it’s not and use a service to update notification if you look at the top of my screen there that circle with the is already is already notifying me so it’s you that’s annoying all right back up so you can backup click on back as you can see i did one backup session I can restore it if I want I don’t really use it I’m not too concerned if I lose the data it’s not the end of the world it just means you don’t remember what you’re working on about this gives you more information about the app you may read it at your leisure so my work is done for today I can take a break and it will take the brake 450 it gives me an ad first I forgot about that and I can take off shoot and it means to click on that I can exit out come on and it always gives me an exit out I’ll see I got a little notification go for it you if you work for 15 more minutes today you will gain a rank so i’m gonna skip this break and see a start works at session I’ll show you that in a second up here where it says ready to get to work that notification starts changing when you don’t click on the start work session right away and it will start beeping at you say hey weren’t you working this is how many total set work sessions I work for the day on all the apps not just what the current project is so i can turn to mom chat which is my tuesday weekly twitter chat if you’re interested at noon but will stay on this since i’m on it right now and we’ll start the work session there’s the 25 minutes i can forfeit the work session it says no I don’t have time to do this i thought i did I don’t so that’s how you set that up so let’s go over the pros so the main pro is for 25 minutes it really keeps me focused I really try not to get any distractions in those 25 minutes I really hold on to it but the nice thing is i also know there is an end at the end I’m rewarded with five minutes to do whatever I want whether it’s go to the bathroom get some coffee or tea or hot chocolate whatever you like maybe get an apple maybe just walk around a bit just to get you some of the blood flowing so I really it really helps me focus i like that timer uh it lets me set up more than one project a lot of apps that i see has one project and really how many of us are working on just one project and actually this for projects is kind of silly even for me and that’s why I want to move on to the pro version which again I will do an update video if I do get to do it i also like in this project is I know where I’m spending most of my time I spend most of my time on this learn java make an app review this is actually my video thing so and then i’m spending no time focusing my book which i should get to and I also know what I’m truly neglecting instead of am i neglecting it maybe I’m not so I do like the earning of the badges it does does make me when I’m going to work on a project i think i should use my app so i can keep track of how many minutes and maybe go up in rank which also means i have to work on it for 25 minutes alright so the cons there is no pausing on here and from what I ride the app developer said they will never put pausing on here I understand this concept you are supposed to be devoted to your work at this time but i feel that the makers did not have children or do not have anything to do with raising their children because like in my case that has two teens when they grace you with your presence with a conversation you want to grab it when you can and i wish i could posit for those moments particularly the other times I’m like no no I have to focus so i get it but I don’t get it so that’s one I also want more projects again get the pro version so i have to do that i always have the tunnel little projects going on and actually many times like say the weekly mom chat i usually have to set up a lot of things and it would be nice to put up those little projects to get it going that would be nice and again I will have to get the pro one other thing I don’t like I wish it had at least is I wish it had a deadline for the project’s it would be nice if i can just have your deadline is here and although this is not a project management tool this is a more of a Productivity tool i understand why they don’t have it but when you are setting a goal and I see these projects as goals for me personally i’d like to see a deadline ok you know this is the deadlines coming up on this so you got to spend more time on this so that’s probably a minor detail nonetheless that is my productivity challenger weight challenge train timer app and i hope you liked it if you did please like share and subscribe and embed it on your website and appreciate it or make comments below ask questions I’m and i will get to when I can I usually check it regularly anyway thank you.

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