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hey guys what’s up and welcome to this new vlog and this vlog is a little like after a long time so in this vlog I have Samsung Galaxy alpha in my hand and you are currently viewing the 4k video of it and I will be going to review the camera specs of this phone so let’s go and let’s find out so first of all this camera can record up to 4k footage and this has a very nice camera and it can record up to 240 frames per second slow motion video and that is quite a big plus point in this and currently you are watching the 4k footage of this phone and it’s unedited 4k and if you go to the settings you can scale it to 4k and let’s have a look at the different resolutions of this camera and different functions ok so I’m just going in to a park this is the 4k recording of this phone you can watch for yourself this is the 4k recording of this phone let’s do some close-up video shoots and that is really nice okay so now this is the 60 frames per second video of this camera and it is in 1080p it can record up to 60 frames per second in 1080p and you can see it’s really smooth well that was very nice okay so in my point of view I mostly make visual effects in my channel so for visual effects this camera is quite better because it has a very detailed image and it has got 60 frames per second 120 + 6 + 7 + 240 frames per second so it can perform well and those visual effects okay guys so now I will take some slow-motion shots with this camera and then I will take the night footage with this camera and I will do that at night so this is the night footage it’s not completely dark but it is night and it is the footage of this phone in night you can see it I’m right now watching the phone’s video so I cannot say much about it and now this is the footage with the flashlights on and it’s 4k and if flashlight is on and you can see so now this is the indoor footage of this phone and it is under the light and there is no daylight here and it’s just this light’s light and so here it’s the footage of this phone okay guys now I have turned on the ISO very lower and the exposure is at its max that is 2 so now the image is a little is better but now it’s in 1080 pixels okay so before this I used to record videos using this camera and with this the video was , the video was like fisheye and with this camera the one with which I am now recording it has no fisheye effect so this one is good for visual effects and with it I can do camera tracking and it can have good results and with this camera the camera tracking was not possible okay guys so let’s do some talking about this drone and I have been working on this room for about a month and I am making my own micro controller for this and I think I am successful today and here is the micro controller that I have used it is Arduino Nano and I have made the code for it which runs this drone so I will post that I will make videos on that so you can subscribe to me and you can get that and you can make one of your own and that code will be available in my next videos and if you are not familiar with this channel so go through my channel and you will see most of the visual effects stuff you will like that and if you like them so subscribe and share this video thanks for watching .

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