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hello everyone welcome to galaxy note 2 tips and tricks episode fourteen and today i want to cover a question that was asked one of the comments of my videos and it was about how do i send this large video through an email that i captured? and the more i thought about it I thought it was a great question because we’ve all had this problem in the past so i thought of 2 great solutions to combat this problem one is through dropbox and the other is through youtube so let’s get started i think dropbox is a good solution because dropbox should come with the samsung galaxy note 2 and if you sign in or if you create an account they automatically give you an extra fifty gigabytes of space to use for two years and you could definitely take advantage of that to combat this problem and before i start i’m going to assume that you’ve already have this app stalled you can ready log into it if you don’t know how just walk through the log in creation process so the reason why dropbox is great is that when you capture a photo or video with the samsung galaxy note 2 and you bring it home and it connects on that home wifi connection automatically it uploads those pictures to your dropbox account automatically without you having to do anything and it is done through a feature called camera upload and when you signed in for when you signed into dropbox for the first time it should have asked if you wanted to enable camera upload and as you could see it is already enabled here and it only works over your wifi connection so it doesn’t touch your data usage when you’re outside but if you didn’t enable that feature it is a good time to enable it here so when you open the dropbox app you should be presented with the list of folders and one is called camera upload so just go to that and say that you captured a lot of photos and images that day and you’ve brought your device home and you gave it ample time for it to upload the pictures and photos to your dropbox account it should be on this it should be in this folder so if you scroll all the way down you should see all the photos and videos that you’ve captured and you see one that you want to share all you really need to do is hit this dropdown circle and go to share and say you wanna share over email and it creates an email and it already includes the dropbox link now when the recipient of this email gets this e-mail they go to this link they could download the original file so i think that is fantastic and it is a good way to share a very large file in a very convenient way let’s go to the other solution the other solution was to use youtube youtube is great because everybody knows what youtube is and you give people a youtube link they know what to do with it they know how to go there and they could watch it in lower quality if they don’t have good internet or they could watch it in the highest quality so just open up the youtube app go to your account and hit the upload button and just choose the file that you want to upload maybe the video that you shoot that you want to share and make sure you hit unlisted.

. well… i take that back unless it is if you want to upload the video and everybody that you give the link to they can view it now if you want random strangers you’d like to share you want people to be able to find your video and just look at it if they really want it to you could make that public just uploaded after you’re done filling out all the descriptions and say you hit the upload button this one’s uploading but let me just give you an example say that you have this uploaded already you could hit the share button and just like we did with the dropbox just select the email or any other method of sharing and type in the recipient’s address and they’ll get this youtube link and they know what to do with it so that concludes the end of this episode so please hit like go to my channel and subscribe for more and upcoming videos of galaxy note 2 tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your samsung galaxy note 2 once again thank you for watching.

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