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It’s Finally That time The time to be call you Beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but you Need to know the tips and tricks you can do with your device am i right and That’s Exactly What we’re gonna do next Before We Get into the video i Just want to let you Guys Know i’ll be giving away a case and a Screen Protector Once We Reach 1,000 subscribers but not to one To two lucky Winners to enter you to subscribe Like One of My videos and comment hey but It has to be a good comment more details to come on my Next video stay Tuned and with That We’re gonna be looking at The tips and tricks of The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 the first thing i do with all my devices Is to put a sd card When i put the sim card i put the sd card Too and the Way to do that is that you use the little tool that came with the phone and You use the you press the hole that is right on the tray don’t Press the One on the Mic or you messed up the Phone so this Will pull the tray When you pull the tray Down you can Put Your Sim card and Then The micro sd Card of Course i use 256 Gigabyte sd card But You can use Whatever size you want Then We Put That back in The Next Thing we’re gonna do is to customize the desktop so you can Feed more apps applications Icons and The same Thing with the tray so you’re gonna pinch on the home screen and go To home screen settings and by Default It comes five By five the home screen and the apps tray Four By six Let’S stop on the five by five And you can see the Example here if i do five six i can fit more icons on the desktop Same Thing the Calendar can Extend more and in Just General to me it looks Better as a five by six in the tray we can Do the same Thing with The tray By Going Here and you can see how the tray Looks Like I’ll Go Up i set of four by six i do a five by six and Now i can fit more Applications Another Thing you can do if your custom.

To have a Button to open the tray and you don’t want. To use the Gesture or open in the tray You can Pinch home Go to home screen? in apps bottom Right Here so if you do by Default is Hidden if you do a Show Apps You Will have the Button to open the tray Just like They used to have on the old Samsung Phones i Don’t like that so i won’t use that Let’S look at The application tray One Thing you can do is hide icons on the application tray So if you go to settings you Can Hide Apps you Can Select The App you want to hide and Nobody Else Will Be Able to see the app unless they go and change the setting of Course and What i like to do is customize the notification Crop When we pull the notifications down you can See that the Brightness Slider Doesn’t Show immediately you have to pull twice in order to see it and another Thing is the grid size this is how many Toggles You can Feed in one screen If You wanna change that you can click on the dot Select Button Grid Instead of Four by three you can do A 5 By 3 and you’ll Feed more Toggles to Get The Brightness to show immediately when you pull the drop down we tap on this little arrow do you see here? And We’re going to Select Show control on top tap on done Now When we open The notification Drop Down the Brightness Slider It Shows immediately The S-pen if you got a note a is because you wanna S-Pen so let me show you When You pull the s pay Now It will pull a Menu This menu can Be customized By tapping Hall and then You can Either remove the Icon or you can Add New icon By tapping on the plus sign and Will allow You to select applications that you wanna Let me go back The translate is pretty awesome Let me show you if you tap on translate If you want translate something Right Now have an English to spanish If you Select Let’s Say Phone telephone or if you Select Messenger It reads Mensa hero Also Another New Thing is live message if You tap Here you Select live message This Is a New One It creates a Gif you can do something Like This Save It As a Gift and Send it Out to your friends Messenger or some other applications a Super Gift Right Thing you can do is create a screenshot and write on top so if you open the menu selection here and Select String Right It Will create a screenshot right and then You can write on top you can also do it on Other Applications You can Make create a screenshot from They Say you too in YouTube you can Then create screenshot and Say Hello This is the video i want you to check it out but you don’t Have to Select the Whole screen you can use the smart Select – if you go to the menu here you can Select Smart Select and Then Select a Session of The application you want to create a Screen front and then You can save it Drawn top And Set It to somebody of Course you can create notes right so you can open the menu here and create a new note? And Write on your note hello Lala and Save it Now not Only Works there okay let me show you so if you put the pin back in The Sound on the store and i want to make some notes and i wanna unlock the Phone i can Just pull the pin from The Lock screen and It Will open The note application and Now i can make a note and save it Another Cool thing you can do with the pen is with big speed let me show you If i’m on chrome and i’m looking for something Like This Boss and i want to know the cost for this Headphones i can Just Select It and Hit on the shopping car It will show me the cause of the Headphones in Amazon Another Thing i like to do immediately is to put the Samsung device Maintenance Widget on the desktop Because that Shows me the memory and storage utilization and Also i can Click It to optimize immediately if the Phone is running slow to do that You Pinch on home Slick Widgets Look for device Maintenance and Then Select The device Maintenance 5×1 That Will show you what i got on the desktop and show you the storage Memory utilization And i can Just tap on optimize if i Need to free memory you can do the same by adding the same Kind of Widget To the Edge Panel By flipping into the edge Panel and going to configuration in Selecting Device Maintenance Well That Would allow You is that It Doesn’t Matter Where you are in the phone when you pull the edge Panel and Flip Through The different options You Will show you the device Maintenance immediately and you can See this and then You can click on fix now or Optimize and you have to go to the home screen to see how the storage and Memory Utilization Is doing another Thing i like to do immediately is to optimize the Animations of The Phone how do you do that You go to settings you Go down to above Phone And You Look for the bill Number on the bill number you’re gonna tap 7 Times until It reads that You are now a developer In my case i already did It so it’s gonna tell me that i’m Already a developer But When you tap there Seven Times and go back One step you See this new option developer options tap on that Now Warning Here do not Select other Things but Just What i’m telling you to select unless you know what you’re doing Scroll Down and Look for Window Animation Transition Emission in animator Duration When you Select here like point five you can Make It faster The Default Is one you can do a point five and in the Phone will feel much Faster you See The Animations are Faster if You don’t want Animation at all you can Turn them off Too if you go back there to developer options you can Just Turn It off here and it Will Just Turn off the animations and you get no animation you Get easy Access to whatever you want? See there’s no Animations now Another Thing i like to do immediately east at a dart team Recent beam Because you’re using our oled Panel Oled Panel The Black dots They don’t Lead so you’re not going to Samsung teams You can Do That By going to settings and Looking For Wallpaper and Themes and Then Look for team on team you can go and look for Maybe Material Dark i like The Material Design Style Because i like the look of the original Android Taken The Material Black You can see a lot of The Themes are free you can Pick something Like This Dark Right Now i’m using one that i pay for Which is this One Right Here Pixel D and i like It because he has colors and You can see a preview of The teaming right There before you even Purchase or do anything another Thing i like to do you have a Beautiful Panel right By Default is not using the full resolution So to set it up you go to settings Display Go to screens Resolutions By Default Is gonna be writer What the hell you have a Beautiful Panel Let’s use the full resolution i Always Change to the full resolution and Apply The screen Navigations also can Be Modified thank you Samsung Thank you Finally Now you can set Up the screen Navigations to look like older Android Phones If you go to navigation bar The Bottom Layout you can see that i’m using back Home and recent is a Recent home back Can Select the Layout right Here button Layout and Select Which One by Default Is Recent home back Because Other Phones Actually Almost Every Phone Uses back home reason That’s how i set out immediately Another Thing you can do is set Up this home button to unlock If you have no problem Unlocking The Phone by Just pressing the home Button you can do That It’s not doing a i scanner it’s not doing a Finger scanning or anything okay so You practically live in the open When you’re on the home screen and it’s locked you can Easily Just Press the home button and It won’t lock the Phone when you apply a custom Theme to your Phone The Navigation bar might Change too if you don’t want That to happen you can go on the Navigation bar and Where it Says Apply Current Theme You can Just Turn off and it’ll be back to the Default if you want To change the color of the Navigation bar you can Change it Here You Can Select a Color That You want.

To have Right here i Like The team color Because it’s Dark so i’ll Select That Another Thing is that you can hide the Navigation Bar and You can Pull it whatever you want this is how you do it Let’s Say You go to YouTube One Thing You’ll notice is Navigation bar is showing the Whole time If you don’t want the Navigation bar to show you can Just double tap on the bottom and The Plication Will take The full screen to pull the Navigation bar in you can Just Flip on it on the from the bottom you know show the Navigation bar and it Will hai? Automatically Hide If You want a Navigation bar to stay When you flip Up you double tap on the dot and it Will stay the screen Timeout Drives me crazy i don’t like the Teddy 2nd Screen Timeout so i always change that to settings Display Scroll Down Strength Timeout i Put My to one minute maybe three minutes but one minute is okay another Thing that i like to customize is They’re always on display Let’S look at That if You Go to always-on display Select From different choices Here one of the choices the Default is the clock the clock can Be customized to different Type of clocks and Also The Color of The Number can Be Changed too you can change it to multi color you can Even assign a Background to the Clock The Only Thing you can do is assign a custom image i Have a custom Image of mine and It Will Show on the lockscreen When you have They’re always on display Right There What did they absolutely drive me crazy is the Phone vibrations i immediately Turn them off though You can Go to settings Go to sound and Vibrations Scroll Down System Vibration Feedback Turn That off Keyboard Vibration The Feedback Every Time You Type on the Keyboard Vibration That Will Lead Your Battery if you like me when you go to sleep You don’t want To be bothered by anybody maybe Just Your family members you can do that You can set Up on settings and go to Sound and Vibrations scroll Down look for the not disturb you can Turn That on and Nobody will bother you now if you want To allow the People there on your favorites to be Able to reach you at Any time you can Just tap on do not disturb And In here you want to select allow Exceptions in allow Exceptions you can Select custom and then You can Select Your favorites Only The People on your contact list or Everybody i like to select favorite contact Only and That Way my family members can Reach me you Know my favorite Friends Let’S go back One Step you can also set Up the time this is gonna start The time they did another start Will end Let’S customize the lockscreen Now if you go to settings and Look for Locks Ring and Security You can Set Up different title biometric Security you can Do a fingerprint Scanner and Set Up multiple fingers Face recognition He works Pretty fast i don’t know if you can take about a Foot it didn’t Work for me the iris scanner and You can Set Up a Smart Lock Nice Thing about Smart lock is that you can set It up so you won’t lock the Phone if you connect it to your car bluetooth or if you using like bluetooth Headphones at The Gym you can Go to trusted devices and Then Select The Type of device you wanna you wanna trust So returning Connects to that device it will Keep the Phone unlock Another Thing You can Select is the location you can Select your home Address To be the one where the phone is Days unlock you can Do That Here on trusted Places you have to set up your home Address first you can Also Select a Pin Location on the map no, Very important Thing is Backups i cannot stress enough Backups are so important these Days Go to settings Go again to the same Location lock stringent Security scroll all the Way Down until you see backup and restore? Tap on backup and restore and in here go to backup settings Make sure Outer Backups are on if you don’t want auto Backups on then tap on backup Now so they Will backup your device Because if there Is a Problem Your Phone and you gotta restore You data or if you have to change your Phone and you’re gonna Restore Your data and you, have no backups? Make sure auto Backup Is on if you don’t wanna go back Up zone You can do Manually tap on backup Now and it Will backup Your Phone in the same Location lost Ringing Security Let’s Go ahead and change the icon size show on the lock screen on the same Location? Watching a Security If You scroll down you see Up shortcuts tap on that and it Will show you the Default Icons I Shown That Lock string you can Change the you can tap on the left Shortcut and Select an application then You want for The live Shortcut and you can Type on the right Shortcut and Select an application for The ride Shotgun Now Let’s go to Advanced Features There’s a Couple Things Here i want to show you So if you go to settings AdVanced Features Turn on quick Launch camera That Would Launch The camera where you tap twice on the power bottom multi window Having a Samsung Phone is Great for multi window if we Go to multi window You want to make sure the pop-up view action and use recent buttons are all the Way that These Words is there if you Tap and hold on Recent it Will split the screen so then You can Select another application You want on the secondary screen And You can Resize how much You want.

To give to each application Right you can Turn off By tapping Holding Again on the reason a Lot of this application Support Pop-up window so if you go to YouTube and It slide from the top down It will resize the screen of The application and Now you can move It Around Whatever you want You can Open Another application The same Apps also do the same you can do It from the other side too And You can move It Around. Too so now i have two applications open Geeking Out so minimized applications Like You Will do Now computer by typing Tapping on this bottom on the one on the left and they Will? minimize into that into an icon the icon can Be Drained Drag both applications Together or three Applications For One How many applications you Have opened in to open The application again You can Just tap on the icon? Select The application you want to reopen And It Will Reopen Again and You can Keep the other one closed and to move It to full Screen You can Just tap on the Middle icon or you can Just close It on the x if you think The Phone is too big It you want.

To go 100 use you can do that. To go to settings then Go to Advanced Features For 100 mode If he’s not on turning on tap on one hand the mode and there is two Ways To activate you can use gestures you can use the home button By tapping on the home Button three Times i like This one Better Than the gestures on the home of The tap Three Times One Two three you know go into one hand the boat i can also change the location by tapping on the arrow And i will send it to that Location to get back you Just Need to tap three times on the home button again and reading I recommend you Get Is a Wireless Charger There Is so convenient have a Samsung One here let me show you? Pull the Wireless Charger Right Here and When you put the Phone on the Wireless Charger You give You a Feedback That Is charging and he also turns on a blue light on the bottom to let you know that it’s Charging and That is all my friends Let me know down the comments if you already Got you know date Envy you like This video Go ahead and give me a Thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe for future videos These are Be shy Go ahead and subscribe and Thanks for watching and see you next.

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