Samsung Galaxy Note – S Pen: Writing a Text Message – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Use your S-Pen to write a text message to your friends. Watch this video to learn how to convert your writing into text on the Samsung Galaxy Note. To begin, touch applications from any home screen. Then, select the messaging application. Next, touch the Compose New Message icon. After that, touch in the area that says Tap to Enter Message. To switch your keyboard into writing mode, select the T icon at the bottom of the keyboard. Now, with your S-Pen, write the first word of your message. Your writing will appear inside the text box above, if the text is not what you intended, select from the selections above, or delete your word and try again. If the word is correct, touch the space bar icon to continue entering words. Your Samsung Galaxy Note can recognize most symbols as well as.

Within this keyboard, you also have the option to select numbers and symbols from a list, adjust keyboard settings, or use the speech to text option. If at any time you would like to return to your normal keyboard, simply touch the keyboard icon. Note that this feature is available anywhere you can use the Samsung Keyboard..

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