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hey guys welcome to a new video in today’s video we are going to explore a secret code of Samsung phones which is installed through manufacturers which is not given to the customers so let’s get on with it first we have to go to any Samsung phones native dialer and type in *#0*# it should immediately open up this screen this green is the service menu for samsung phone it is a secret menu which is installed in the samsung phone for engineers or people who want to test out the functionalities of the phone if it’s working so first you can see there is a red green blue these are the three colors which will be shown on the phone screen to see if the colors are displayed right away so I’m going to click the red it should show a red screen so that means it’s going to show the right color of red so you can see it’s showing red right here now lets you have to click the color to go back to the menu so next is green and last is blue so these are the RGB sensors of your phone red green and blue to check if your screen phone screen is working perfectly with respect to RGB sensors means to test out if the RGB sensors of the phone is working next is a receiver this receiver is to test the head head piece which comes with your phone that is where the caller who calls you up you can listen to his voice which is near the sensors stop above the phone and besides the selfie camera next is vibration when you click the vibration button the phone should vibrate so this vibration button is to test out in case you have dropped your phone or you feel that your vibration motor isn’t working you can click this vibration and check if your vibration is working and in case the vibration is working then your phone has some issues with the software and not with the hardware then the dimming the dimming is for the screen to be made dim each click will dim the screen with respect to the auto brightness sensor see now it’s light RGB red green and blue now if I just tap on the screen it should dim so this is the dimming feature of the manufacturer next is mega cap if I open mega cap it should open up your phone’s camera so this is to check if your phone’s camera is working or not that’s why it’s called mega cap with respect to the back camera next is a sensor so now if your phone supports gyroscope accelerometer barometer and temperature sensor these are all the sensors which could be displayed on your Samsung phone so now you can check the accelerometer proximity sensor that is now you see if I just place my finger just near the sensor near the piece you should see the color changing thats proximity sensor now this proximity sensor will show that whether your phone is being touched with any hand or anything so now I’m going to touch it back again so you should know so I’m constantly touching that’s why it’s green and it’s vibrating now if I lift my finger up it’s going to stop next is a barometer and you can check that altitude it’s 899 then light sensor you can see this is for the auto brightness to check the level of rightness so now I affect over the screen it should go to level 1 if I leave it it should go to level 2 and if I go towards this light it should go to level 3 the brightest you can see the colors changing see it becomes in single digits now it comes up to 400 and it can go near a thousand yes so depending it depends on the intensity of light let’s go back next is this gyroscope so you can test it out created so XY and z plane to know if your phone supports gyroscope next is the magnet in case you have a magnet you can place it near the phone and it should be able to read it then you can check the humidity so if I click thermistor it should tell me the temperature so 32 degrees so there is a bunch of tests here so I can do a math test so that a bunch of tests so let’s go back next is the touch now in case you drop your phone and you have a doubt whether the screen is cracked or whether the LCD is cracked you can do this simple puzzle so you have to just place your fingers on the boxes and you should be just making this line you chicken see it should call a show the color green depends depends on the phone but the green tells it’s alright so I am making a cross here and it should automatically go back to the previous screen after I complete this puzzle so that proves that your phone is working DSP hovering now if I hover my finger over the screen it should I’m not even touching it that’s why the line is coming like that so this will show that your phone has this sensor which can detect the hovering because Samsung phones come with inbuilt hovering features for gesture control speaker so you can stop means pick off your phone then there’s subkey which is just makeup blue screen and if you touch your phone’s buttons it should change the color so I was stretching let’s try it again if I touch the menu button it says color one more if a touch pad pink and light pink now front cam hi hello so this is your front cam protest of the selfie camera the next is LED so the color if your phone supports LED this is the color which should be shown near the beside the camera I can’t show it red green and blue and so go back next is IR so if your phone supports an IR blaster infrared blaster which mostly nowadays Samsung phones do not support the last Samsung phone which supported IR blaster was the Samsung Galaxy s5 so this is not much use for Samsung phone which do not have an IR blaster IR blaster if people want to know what it is it is this small LED light which is on top of phone or remotes which will trigger channel changes in your TV screen or in your radios etc next is low frequency we can test out low frequency I wouldn’t want to test out anything with this because I’m not well-versed with this so let’s go back barcode emulator test so you can check the barcodes test using this set of software’s so basically this is mostly a manufacturer settings but the main settings which I told you what these sensors to keep your phone’s test like you can use your phone as a thermometer and the next thing is touch and camp camera so next is black to see how black your phone will go so I have to keep go back so we’ll just show that and Nexus some data entering file I’m not sure what the data entering file will do since our test this also will go into testing which will test out all those firmware versions check and it should come pass so that’s good so this test was mainly to show people who have any doubts of what I call if they dropped their phone or the screen is cracked doubt you can use this an app for vibration to check if your phone’s alright so that you don’t have an issue if you liked this video please make sure you click that red subscribe button so please do support my channel and please like share and subscribe make sure you share the video to Samsung users so that they don’t have to struggle and waste their money on checking if their phone has a defect or any issues with the hardware mainly through software settings this is mainly a code used by Samsung manufacturers to keep a check on their phones so comment down below if you want more such hidden features in phones thank you.

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