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I recently moved and had really poor signal with my Clear Spot Apollo in the front window of my house. You can see my previous videos on clear and the clear spot Apollo in the video description. The poor connection has kept me from posting new videos. I purchased the WinAerial2 12dBi Dual Antenna for Clear Spot 4g Apollo. You can watch my review of this device by clicking the link in the description or on-screen annotation. Since my connection was poor, even with the external antenna, I decided to do a quick hack and attach it to the satellite dish on the south side of my house that was not in use. This was a very simple job.

The winAerial2 came with a mounting plate. I used some twist wire and attached the mounting plate to the receivers on the dish. I then attached the winaerial2 to the mounting plate. With my cell phone in hand, I pointed the dish in the direction of the tower and made slight adjustments until I had the best signal. I ran the coax along with the satellite dish cables into the attic and into the closest room. The clear spot Apollo now sits on a shelf, out of site right next to my signal repeater. My signal improved drastically… RSSI jumped 15 from -88 up to -73 My CINR also increased a full 15 from 1 to 16. This is amazing when you consider I am in a dead zone that is out of range for my closest two towers. Since I used twist wired with the mounting plate, I can easily remove it from the dish with causing any damage to either device. My internet speed no longer fluctuates and is constantly over 5 Mb/s download and over .

5 Mb/s upload. Now, I know some of you are saying that is slow compared to Time Warner, Comcast and AT&T. But I can tell you, I NEVER have to deal with any of those companies and that alone it worth having a slower connection that meets my internet needs. I never have to haggle for price changes, bundles, extra fees, or technician visits, clueless support agents, or data transfer caps. Slower, but still high speed, internet and a much higher quality of life. What do you think? Please let us know in the comments section below. Thanks and have fun out there..

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