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hey youtube today just a quick tip if you’re having problem with your let’s say SD card micro SD card maybe this trick would work with sim card – you try reformatting well you tried everything and it does not want to work okay before throwing it in the garbage and buying a new one you would try this little trick yeah isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a nice soft rag here call it whatever you call it you just put a bit of alcohol on it just like dad and just clean the contact just like that isopropyl alcohol will dry very quickly and it won’t break your electronics I used to use this this technique when I was working for Nortel yeah big telecom giant that is not anymore alive so even some people said that you can use this here yeah small pen eraser you have children whatever they have you just rub the eraser on it to remove what’s on the contact but I prefer rubbing alcohol so before truing in the garbage your memory card try this maybe it will save it thanks for watching you.

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