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G’day, I’m splitsie the director, editor and co-star of a little space engineers machinima series called light echoes before i started making machinima with Capac I played many hundreds of hours of survival. This is a short guide to what I think is a solid set up of a survival world for people just starting out in space engineers. I’d strongly recommend the campaign is the first place to start as it shows you through the first steps in a fun way, I mean I even enjoyed it after almost a thousand hours in the game so that says a lot. This tutorial is going to be all in the menus so if you’re already familiar with how to set up a game you can jump ahead to the next video which will begin in an atmospheric lander in the solar system start.

In the new game menu you will be presented with a number of options first select custom game at the top and then on the left you choose the starting location for your game. There are a number of scenarios on the left but I would focus on just two of them if you’re interested in a survival scenario similar to other survival games out there. The first one is the crashed red ship. It will place you in a ship that looks like someone fell asleep while driving and plowed straight into an asteroid this was my favorite way to start the game prior to the planets update with most of my newest starts being modified planet starts trying to recreate the same sort of idea. The second one is the solar system start, this places you in a lander that’s fully intact but has no method of getting back off the planet so you’re stranded until you build yourself a way breaking free of the gravitational pull of the planet you’re stuck on.

If you want to play with planets and have a pc that can handle it i’d recommend the solar system start for your first survival playthrough. Since we’re wanting to play in survival mode you should make sure to click the survival game mode button. Sound mode is a personal preference, the online mode just like all the other options can be changed after creating the world so pick whichever you like I wouldn’t recommend public at this stage though. environment hostility is important as this dictates whether or not you will suffer from meteor storms and my recommendation for new players is to turn this off. There are enough engineering challenges in space engineers that having rocks randomly fall out of the sky, or in the case of how they used to be, not so randomly targeting straight at your reactors and refinery and basically everything that was important. They aren’t really needed at least at the start.

Leave block limits on for now and auto save on, there’s a way to go back to a previous autosave if the game happens to save just after a disaster such as overestimating your braking power and making a mess of a shiny new ship so you can leave it on worry free that it’s not going to ruin your saves. I’m a believer that mods aren’t a good idea until you understand the core of the game but if you want to start modding right away pretty much anything from Eikester will be a great place to start now let’s look at the world generator options if you’re starting with the red ship you will need some asteroids to be generated or you won’t have enough resources to do something fun. For both starts you can set this to whatever infinite option you like but beware on the solar system start if you have asteroids on with the game in its current state there will be some very strangely generated asteroids that fall within the gravity well of the planets but if you switch them off you stuck traveling to moons to get platinum so I’ll leave that one up to you. Flora density doesn’t have any real gameplay impacts at all as far as I’m concerned so set it how you think your PC will handle it and now let’s go back and have a look at the final menu the Advanced Options menu.

For a new player I would stay away from realistic settings these create some interesting design challenges but they drastically increase the amount of time you spend doing grinding MMO style resource trips back and forth and back and forth so I’d suggest inventory x10, assembler efficiency x3, refinery speed x3 then welding speed x 2 or x 5 and same with grinding speed the max objects, back up saves, world size respawn cool down, view distance and day duration just leave at their default value until you have a feel for what you’re going to like best and now for the checkboxes the ones that i would pay attention to are: auto healing that should definitely be on. Enable wolves I’d say turn this one off this might be contentious but i think a new player you don’t need to be worrying about your magnesium supplies from constantly making ammunition to shoot cyberwolves but you can definitely turn this on later once you’ve got a base that’s well defended.

I personally like to enable air tightness because I feel this adds a much-needed survival element and also adds a good engineering challenge to the game. The remaining settings just leave them at their default and now you’re ready to go start your first survival adventure follow along as I will be doing a series on the main survival concepts launching with the solar system start. See you there! you you.

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