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I finish this it is 2am and my parents are sleeping and it is freaking cold it’s pretty good if you don’t zoom in [pewdiepie gasping] oh no! so yeah you ready to watch me get triggered … by Moana… Let’s just get into this. I tried to break down her face shape with these red lines so that when I drew her face it would actually look like Moana and not spoderman or Lynn well Miranda I tried working on a pose but then I failed so instead of erasing that I just put it to the side just in case but i didn’t use it the beginning of a painting is so stressful i’m just looking at a blank canvas and I’m like I’m supposed to make a good thing on that it’s like an endless void what am I supposed to put in there i shortened the whole character because she was looking too tall and skinny she needs more meat on her bones actually this is part of the reason why i like her she’s not as much of an anorexic Barbie doll like the other disney princesses are and yeah actually I haven’t sketched digitally for a while so I wanted to make it feel like pencil on paper and to do that I used gray instead of black with forty percent opacity and a soft eraser that copies the terrible accuracy that I have with my real eraser I guess I tried to limit myself in this drawing a lot i think that you actually well free anyway I get better results when I have some sort of restriction it’s like it’s it’s like a challenge it’s like the writer a book is going on how can i add challenges to my hero to make the story more interesting then I find a way to overcome those challenges except in books it’s like the authors more like how can i make my beloved characters suffer for my entertainment character suffer for my entertainment because uh oh I just hit my hand.

the characters in a book always like no no story is good and less the characters are suffering like there’s no interesting books when the characters not going through some sort of hardship so I don’t know maybe if I may be fine like sadistic and and like I don’t know put restrictions and make myself you know somehow like have these challenges or suffer whatever then maybe I don’t know maybe it’ll be more interesting and that’s weird anyway by the way here’s a piece of advice with mallanna she doesn’t have to find deltoids shoulder muscles i had to smooth the top part of her arm out and i really struggled with her hands some reason maybe it’s because I wanted them to be too perfect for something or maybe because I was used to sketching on paper too much I don’t know but I have nightmares about the hands on this one join a characters face in a different angle is one of the hardest things in my opinion is so easy to get it wrong that’s why I had to break her face down there on the side with the red lines to see how I was going to do it so that it would look like Alana spoderman this pose started out as just something random that looked aesthetically pleasing but now that I look at it the way that her hair is flowing in the same direction of her hand and how her leg even opens up on that side of her body it’s actually really nice because all of her weight is on one side of her body the rest of it opens up like like her leg and like that side of her are all straight and so that paddle on that side is like literally showing you how the line of weight goes while the other side of her body even like her hair and her skirt are flowing the other side in the wind so I don’t know not bad for random pose i guess i had no idea what i was going to do for the background so i just threw up some colors and I mean literally threw up some cars that threw it up yeah I tried to make something happen at first and the layer underneath the lineart I put flat colors like a coloring book remember when you were taught to color outside the lines well I don’t always do that you don’t want to get mixed up with a guy like me one thing i did was have the huge change with my brush so that it would look more natural and less digital and boring and in Photoshop and i’m sure other programs you can set the brush so that the color very slightly every time you put it down and I did that to give some variance in the color which is especially important to making the skin look less like a bad mannequin challenge i had this really bad idea for adding blue light to her i ended up deleting because i couldn’t get to look right it looked like I was just erasing part of her because it’s the same color as the background and then after that I started painting on a layer above the line art so that it would slowly systematically cover all of the scribbles from my rough sketch and then I put lighter brighter colors on the ears to account for something called subsurface scattering which is basically that glow that your ears get when a light is behind it so cool or like your hands when you hold up a flashlight to your hands soak while of sub sub sub surf my gosh subsurface scattering but here’s the here’s where the craziness comes in and you can you can watch me fail i have never been super good at hands but i usually figure it out fairly quickly but with this one no it did not work like that I got so frustrated I mean so frustrated with this part is unbelievable I just couldn’t get it to work and i spent way too much time trying to figure it out I should have just taken a picture of my hand and then put in Photoshop and traced over or something but i have to be a and astronomically stubborn go and just keep making terrible octopus tentacles of hands I mean seriously after messing with our hands for so long I started to question my own appendages as if suddenly my fingers would start oozing away from the rest of my body and the most unnatural double-jointed Salad Fingers kind of away his salad fingers and he is Salad Fingers even a thing anymore i don’t know i probably don’t even want to know yeah so then I spent time painting over the line work more time doing that so she wouldn’t have scribbles all over the place that I say that already i just picked from the colors that i already laid down from before which were picked from the picture of her that i have on the side here here’s where the other tricky part came in feet why our hands and feet so hard for people to draw feet are like stumpy hands with tiny stumpy fingers that are harder to draw the hands because they came from the fiery depths of Hell in case you can’t tell i don’t like drawing hands and feet feet but with that being said i have a huge appreciation for them and admiration for the artists who have mastered the sinful skill of drawing appendages because the thing that makes them so hard to draw also makes them so cool when you get it right hands and feet can be so expressive and aesthetically pleasing and while it’s so obvious to pose the body and cool ways to make your drawing look awesome posing the hands and feet in nice ways can also bring your drawings to the next next next level believe it or not to help with the feet i looked at reference images of Tarzan because i love how Glen Keane and the other animators disney drew his feet with such character I mean a lot of cases Tarzan uses his feet like hands so they had to draw Tarzan’s feet with like a purpose other than those stubby things that go in your shoes I would like pick up stuff with them and eventually i remembered that there is this little gap between your big toe and the rest of those little piggies so when I put that in there and help me see the feet better in my head and finish the shape of the feet that I was happy with one of the things that i love about milana for some reason is her feet and ankle she doesn’t have the tiny Lindsay ankles like Disney is usually known for it also reminds me of the art style of chris sanders the dude responsible for lilo and Stitch azhar style or mel doodles here on youtube if you haven’t seen Mel doodles yet i would highly recommend checking out her stuff she has a really cool style that you might enjoy i’ll put a link in the description for you to then i started working on the patterns and the details of her clothes putting the holes in the triangle things and then I made that hawaiian flower thing off to the side to get the shape right before I put on the skirt because it’s kind of an angle i actually ended up putting it in the wrong place at first but through the power of double checking i fixed it yeah then i kept slowly hacking away at the patterns until all those are more time-consuming to do but it helped that i was lazy and decided to do it quickly and sloppily I have an amazing attention span i also thought that the what’s that thing on our chest called and i’ll just call it a wrap ething for now I thought that the rappy thing on her chest was facing the wrong way and so I wanted to make it accurate and have it tilted the right direction as the like a regular character design but then I realized it looked better the way it was so 10 points to gryffindor for being creative and risky and doing stuff deal with it for the shading i used a light purple set to multiply to paint in the shadows it’s it’s a pretty basic way to do the shadows very common in cell shading and like anime stuff so if you want to shade a digital drawing of yours try it out light purple set to multiply it’s like it’s like going vegan solves all your problems solved all your problems solved all your problems solved all your problems i did a step-by-step shading video that covers this process in depth but with a pencil instead and i’ll put a link in description for that for the shade or maybe one of those I card things where they were they called those I cards that they those things that pop up in the top right corner I think they’re just called cards anyway for the ambient lighting or soft highlights i used a white I used white I was gonna say a white color but it’s not really color and a soft brush on a layer set to soft light to bring up the highlights but it basically just goes on lightly to anything round or anything that sticks out it’s kinda like that highlight on the sphere that beginners are supposed to draw you know that sphere that every beginner drawing drawer person is supposed to do many way that I colored on another layer set to multiply or something i think it was multiplied to make her skin darker because she was looking to white when I added the highlights and because i made her skin darker I had to adjust the shadows to then I did what I hate myself for every day with basically every single one of my drawings i deleted that highlights layer and i started over repainting them why didn’t look bad before no was it necessary now but I took my time and when i read it the result was better i guess so while i’m lying awake at night and i’ll try to convince myself it was worth it oh when I read it the layer was set to overlay instead of soft light so there was more color vibrance soft light the layer mode is a little bit more muted i love overlay mode it’s like when Ross draws from YouTube does his color dodge thing I do my overlay thing what time is it overlay time oh yeah Batman mashed potatoes and gravy I don’t know why I said that here’s another way i use overlay mode i use a really bright color and then with a soft brush I color one side of the drawing so it looks like there’s a strong colorful light shining on her then I do it on the other side with another color sometimes it helps to use a complementary color that’s where there was color theory lessons come in note to self I’ll have to make a video on color theory that’s actually useful later i’ve seen so many color theory videos but they’re always just don’t know haven’t found one that’s totally awesome yet but in this case the orange yellow is complementary to the light blue on the other side of her which is what is used to make the scenes in movies look cool i’m being cinematic people i knew i wanted some sort of cool light effect but I didn’t know how I was gonna do it i just kind of wing this drawing so I just messed around with a bunch of blending modes and color dodge and stuff like that until I figured it out i think i actually got rid of that orange at the end I don’t remember if I did I second-guessing skills are at an all new level my self-doubt has turned super saiyan 3 story of my life self-doubt as turns Super Saiyan 3 then I did a little bit of room lighting if you don’t know what room lighting is it’s basically the savior of our universe it is where you put a really light color in this case pure white where the light catches and wraps around the figure it doesn’t go everywhere though only where the light is most intense on the edges of stuff so i put it on the edges where I did that blue overlay stuff again it’s explained in super detail in my shading you done in pencil so if you want to step by step in graphite form the link is in the description after that I went over it again with blue light but this time the layer was set to vivid light because it’s more vivid than overlay oh that’s why they call it vivid light oh my god I feel so stupid it’s like overlay mode but more vivid and it’s called vivid light Wow then I plan to put I’m gonna put something in the title like like how to draw more like an idiot or something then I put flowers in the wrong place of her skirt again being an idiot and then I proceeded to literally scribble in the details of her other clothes I that I use the lasso tool to cut out the outline of her so the scribbles wouldn’t be all over the place poking out of her arms and legs in other words i guess i shaved her arms and legs uh you know what happens to me all the time all the time I accidentally double click when im using the lasso tool and it completely messes up the section that i was working on it’s like I spent two-and-a-half minutes concentrating hard and getting it right and then bare back to square one not that two two-and-a-half minutes is a big deal but when those minutes are spent concentrating if you do it like five times it gets frustrating yeah sounds like I’m it sounds like this painting just made me angry like I’m getting triggered like first world problems of angry white boy thing that’s going to be that’s going to be the name of my memoir first world problems of an angry white boy by Andrew bush man how captivating with that book be it would just be filled with exciting misadventures of Internet lag dank memes and out of context flagellation or experiencing internet lag while viewing dank memes about flagellation after i got the outline squared away i smoothed out all the rough colors that I had put down earlier specifically mostly in the face because i wanted the focal point and like I wanted that to be the focal point and people tend to look at the face of a character mostly at least first when they look at the character and here’s the ok here’s a good rule if you’re going to spend time perfecting and polishing any one part of the body in your drawing or painting make it the face because it’s easier for people to to tell if a face is dirt up than a foot or some other part of the body so yeah I tried to make the face a little nicer than the rest of the drawing oh here’s where it gets cool in my opinion i made a bunch of fish in the background like marijuana was standing in an aquarium or in front of a wall of water something I basically scribbled in some color and sort of the shape of a fish sort of what then I lower the opacity so that it would be see-through and the the blue would show through that bright orange color then I found this cool brush I don’t remember if I made it or if it’s a default photoshop brush but when it’s when it’s white like this it kind of looks like the sun is poking through the surface from underneath the water and i went with it because it kind of looks cool and also who cares it looks good enough for me so I went with it the rest of the rest of it is just filled with a bunch of overlapping overlay colors with bright colors and pretending like I know what I’m doing with color balance I I don’t but in the end the background is just a bunch of colors close to light blue on the color wheel and I just wanted something that would complement the warm colors of her clothes and her skin and i think the the color of that water worked really nicely you know if you think about it mom is pretty much all Browns even that reddish does those reddish-orange parts of her are basically very saturated bright Browns like like if you took all the color out of out of an orange it would turn brown so and like her hair and her skin her clothes are all variations of brown and tan and beige so I think it’s smart of the character designers to do that because it goes very well with the blue of the ocean in hawaii hermana takes place and and and if you think about it her clit for clothes were blue or something she wouldn’t really stand out in the movie because the blue ocean is seen a lot so she had to have a color palette that looked good against it but then that makes me think about frozen Elsa was blue and white but then everything else was blue and white I don’t know I would but what do I know hey way there you go here’s the mawana girl my favorite character design so far ever yes I really mean seriously is my favorite character design right now.

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