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So how you been jack? Good. The side effects are so much better. Perfect. Which also means his bladder is mostly behaving, so that’s great. Jack you are a superstar. Spina bifida touches almost every organ system. All those issues together require specialists to tackle each of those different issues. If you’re not looking at the whole child and all the aspects of their care together, you’re very likely to miss something. We’re able to have him see multiple providers in one visit and we’re able to make a plan on the spot. I can tell you that there’s nothing like this elsewhere in the world.

Patients come from all over, 40-some states and several foreign countries. The resources that we have are second to none, the equipment we have is state-of-the-art, and probably most importantly are the people. The nurses that we have are some of the most dedicated nurses in the entire hospital. Are you gonna learn how to drive? Yeah. There’s a way to go through the assessment, and then to learn the hand controls through mass rehabilitation commission so I’ll print that thing out for you. See you guys later. Once they call in they realize that there’s something magical about this place. Because we talk to them a lot, they really become part of a community with us. We have a social worker, a neuropsychologist, and a physical therapist. Those three providers allow us to give them the extra help that they need, and to pull all of those different pieces together and provide a really individualized care plan is what brings families here. Quality of life is, at the end of the day, probably the most important thing. Having a dedicated team that comes together to make that happen is incredibly important, and it’s what we have here.


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