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2017 Star Shower Window Wonderland Movie Projector Review | Testing As Seen On TV Products hello you guys and welcome back to another vivian tries this is our second video so for this Vivian tries we’re gonna drive this guy which is the star shower winter wonderland projector it brings Christmas and Halloween stories in it you know I’m super excited I think this is the one I’m most excited about star shower window Wonderland we have the Christmas and Halloween and look how frickin cute this is it’s like an old-school little projecting what is this a movie projector and it brings a stand and then you have the little like velcro so you can hang this screen that comes with this I’ll show it to you guys in a second and then the plug we’re gonna put the stand on it then we’re gonna take it out to the window put it on the window so you guys can see the movies how exciting yeah some really cool movie design babies what the heck okay so this one is from the inside not from the outside I did not know that so you got to put this inside your house how cool is this look at that very cute let’s go test it power plug in yeah oh wait wait you gotta take that I don’t know mother would be like okay so we have the Halloween Christmas and the little thing in the front there is no other knobs on this thing there’s seriously turning it on and you can pick either the Halloween or the Christmas and that is it and then to adjust it to tilt it there is no other buttons on this thing I mean watching any of my videos alright let’s turn off the lights and figure it out I mean it’s kind of giving me alright guys so I have it all the way back there against this wall it’s still just doing that little I mean look how big the window is compared to that little screen there it’s hard to focus to feels plasticky and kind of cheap but we’ll go outside and see what it looks like from the outside so let’s look at the vertical okay so there’s the vertical okay this one looks better because it’s longer but the other one kind of sucks okay so yeah maybe if you have one window like this right okay so this one looks a lot better than the other one because it’s there’s just so much space okay so we’ll leave this one on and then go outside and look at it but how does it switch it’s just replaying the same guy so I’m gonna go through the different scenes for Halloween so you guys can see it so there’s one the next one oh that’s cool that was kind of scary next one I like this one the best I think I don’t know what this is eyeballs floating next one oh that was cool I like that one that was cool like a maze maybe from outside it a little different well that one’s cool okay looks like it’s some Christmas ones okay the birds I love him Santa Claus hi he’s cute oh there’s puppies oh that one’s cute like he’s in your house okay we’re going to tilt it to one side so we can have it right there okay I think that one’s my favorite the tree with a train oh that’s cute okay I think that’s it right now we have the the projection screen horizontal so long ways like this but you can see up here where the mini blinds are you’re not gonna be able to see that from the outside unless you flip over the projector screen to also be vertical so just keep that in mind and it’s hard to focus this thing I’ve been trying to focus here for like five minutes it’s kind of focused so when you’re putting up your little screen you got to make sure it’s stretched out really good otherwise your image from the outside it’s not gonna look that great you have a ceiling fan or an air conditioning unit that might like move this thing might distort your image so just keep that in mind here is the Santa Claus from outside we’re about 25 feet away you can kind of see it I’m kind of disappointed it’s kind of okay man it’s okay we have it there as a vertical with the Santa Claus plane it’s cute I mean it’s not great but it’s cute I’m not gonna say it’s horrible I wish it would have just taken up both of those windows as per the box says it will do but not so much yeah so it looks like I’ll explain a little bit more later ah oh here we go the Santa Claus guys look how nice that is and it takes up the whole window and just so you guys know the projector is the same distance as the one that we had the bulb had one same distance back as this projector is and look how clean this is there is Logan Santa Claus I love this one guys I’ll link up this projector down below if you’re interested look how clean that is and they’re about the same price I think all right guys so disappointing this is my least favorite one it’s just like plasticy and sheep I really thought it was gonna be so much better than this it was so hard to focus with this little lens here I mean I spent 10 minutes trying to focus and I never got it to focus right in the back here you just have the two buttons so you have the Christmas and then Halloween here you have the vertical or the horizontal buttons and then back here you have the power you have the audio jack if you want to attach speakers to it and as you can see there in that picture it shows this giant window and it even shows down here this giant window but it did not fit the window we pulled that thing as far back as we could and it still did not work properly here’s another example where they’re showing the windows so if you do it horizontally it shows four little windows vertically two windows the vertical one would fit a window like that but the one that was horizontal there was no way I was gonna be able to covering those four windows it just was not gonna be possible all right guys I almost forgot to plug this in so here in the back you have the power cord and then you have the audio jack that you can plug in like one of these little speakers – like I have here so I have that plugged in so when you turn it on I like to go vertical you’re not gonna be able to see the actual movie because it’s early in the morning now if it’s not dark enough but if we turn it on let’s say Christmas it’ll start playing through the speakers turn it up or down and then you can switch them play to the next one so that’s what that looks like with the speaker okay I set it up in my laundry room because it’s the darkest room in the house right now so I have the little speaker there has a little projector here this was the one that I was most excited about it was really plasticky it felt really cheap it was really hard to focus it did not fit the window so I was a little disappointed in that I mean it’s very cute just not what I thought for the price so for that reason I’m gonna give this guy three Vivien heads all right you guys that is it for another Vivienne tries I hope that you have enjoyed this video if you have given a big fat thumbs up for me in the comments down below let me know if you’ve seen a cool as seen on television product and on my feature in an upcoming episode if you’re new to the channel subscribe I am putting out one to two videos out every week for your entertainment don’t forget to share the videos with your family and your friends that’s all that I got for you today I’ll see you in the next.

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