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Red Wolf here and today’s target is the EL-16HFE, we’ll be taking a look at the magazine size, rate of fire, damage and how it drops off, cooling power, accuracy, and I’m going to suggest a few cards to run with this one.. I’m going to assume you already know which class these weapons belong to, but if you don’t I’ll like the trooper review for their class in the card that is now coming up on your screen. But before we get into all that, make sure to hit that like so I know if this is the type of video you enjoy, also hit that subscribe and notification button, it really does help a lot, and New videos will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and streams on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm central time.

So lets get into the information Magazine Size w/ and w/o attachments The amount of rounds you can fire before overheating is 15 rounds, There is no cooling attachment on this one, so there is no way to improve that, however I have found a good alternative that we’ll cover once we get down into the cards section. The EL16HFE has the lowest number of rounds before it overheats in the assault class, meaning it’s pretty unforgiving if you miss a few shots, since you’ll be overheating much faster than the person your engaged with. Rate of Fire w/o attachments It gets even more unforgiving when you look at rate of fire. The EL16HFE has the slowest rate of fire among the assault class, at an amazing 210 rounds per minute. While this is not the slowest rate of fire in the game, you definitely feel it when your in a fire fight, and it will definitely cost you some engagements if you miss, or aren’t landing a few head shots here and there.

Since there is no rapid fire style attachment on this weapon, the EL16HFE is not for you aggressive players, who like my self, are constantly running around like a crazy person. This weapon is best suited for those medium to long range players, and is honestly best in the hands of a specialist who got lost in the loadout screen. Damage w/o attachments, (min, max, DPS and drop off) While the rate of fire may be slow, this weapon more than makes up in the damage it deals out per round. This is the highest damage per round weapon in the assault classes arsenal, maxing out at 49 damage per round and dropping down to 30 damage per round. IF your using the range attachment the lowest I could get was 37 damage per round at long range. At close range, landing all your shots the EL16HFE has a potential of dealing 171 damage per second, and at long range doing 105 damage per second with out the range attachment. IF your running the range attachment, it will do 129 damage per second at long range.

This will put it at second for long range in terms of DPS numbers wise, but first if you take into account actually being able to hit the target, since the CR-2 still has a higher DPS potential, but the accuracy on the CR-2 won’t allow you to land every shot, while this weapon, with the slower rate of fire can. The EL16HFE also has the lowest drop off damage wise compared to all other blasters in it’s class, dealing 75% of the damage at long range that it does in close range with the ranged attachment and 61% without it. While the percent of drop off doesn’t really mean much in terms of game play, it does mean the damage done is more consistent overall, for those of you who don’t like to have to do some quick calculations on the fly, or just like to know you’re weapon will perform similar damage at all ranges. Accuracy w/ and w/o attachments The grouping for the EL16hfe, for the rate of fire being so slow is rather large when you don’t aim down sight on this one. If you do aim its becomes much better, and if you add the recoil reduction attachment the recoil is basically non existent.

The green on the right is with recoil reduction and the blue on the left is without. I would definitely run recoil reduction on this weapon along with the improved range. You do have an option for the dual zoom scopes but i’m not really a fan of the scopes outside the DMRs for the specialist. Cooling Power (reload times) Cooling time on this weapon is identical to all other assault rifles, so the shortest cooling time is an auto cool at 1 second, regardless of how many shots you fire. If you do fire until your forced to cool, it’s not to bad, since you’ll hit the blue in 1.15 seconds, and then the gold in 2.08 seconds. If you fully let it cool after overheating, it is a rather long 3 seconds. Cards For this weapon, I am going to recommend using the Flash Pistol card with it. Cyborg whos a regular on the stream had me us the flash pistol only one game, and it was actually really strong. So since you have very few rounds to fire with the EL16hf when you get to the cooling point, you can pull out the flash pistol and still engage, and then switch back to the el16hfe after 3 seconds and repeat the process.

The Flash pistol is also really strong up close, so if you start getting a close range fight, can use it like a secondary weapon since it doesn’t have a cool down time. I will be doing a video soley on the flash pistol but just wanted to say its worth using with this weapon. Call to action At this time I have all the weapons planned out and dated, and i really appricaite those of you who requested some specific weapons. If you want to know the date for a weapon let me know. So in the comment section down below, lets talk about favorite Star Wars Movie? For me, the more I watch it, the more I really love Force Awakens. I know its a rehash of the original triliogy, but the movie is fun, fast paced in comparison to the original trilogy, the fan service moments hit ya in the feels and I really like BB-8. Outro If you liked this video, make sure to like and subscribe to the channel, I love having you here.

Also if you’re on playstation, come join my community, RedWolf72ps4 where we can talk and party up for a few matches. You can also find me on twitter @RedWolf72ps4. Thank you all for watching and as always, I’ll see you in game..

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