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‘The lord’s abode is on the seven Hills’ Everyday the bus used to be full. Not a single passenger today. The farmers in the village may have gone on strike. O driver, Are you waiting for passengers? Today no one will come. The bus will have to return empty. You may go. But where are you taking flowers? any marriage? We won’t take so many flowers for any such function. Why are you taking so many of them? We have festivals like Sankranti and Deepavali.

. Today also is a festival. It is the birthday of Suryam sir. We also shall go and pay our respects. Where is he? I and the people of this place.. Bless all of us that we live happily. ‘May you all live in good health and prosperity’ You love this place more than your mother. You are the head of this mandalam. You must acquire great fame. You must enjoy many more happy birthdays. I pray to the Lord that all this should happen. Greetings, Sir. – Greetings. Hope you’re doing fine. Why did you come to our village, sir? Today is a festival in this place. What festival? Your son’s birthday is a festival in itself. I heard that the gods idol is also being inaugurated. I came to see both the occasions. Inauguration will be done by our boss. We all know what the gods do. Everyone knows that good activities in this mandalam are done by Suryam sir. To tell you the truth I am his admirer.

‘May God give a long life to our leader’ Greetings, Sir. Greetings, Sir. Greetings, Sir. Greetings, Sir. So all this is! Who got this idol made? Are you in your senses to do this? Do you think I am alive or dead? You said it was gods idol but put mine instead. Am I a patriot or a political leader? How can you make an idol for a person who is alive? They are making idols for gods. Does it mean that God is not alive? You are the God for this village. You fed the poor and give shelter to the needy. You take care of us like a god. Had we put our faith in God instead of you.. Would he provide the support we need for our livelihood? These are days when our own children don’t take care of us. You are donating food everyday. These days people fear to give birth to daughters fearing dowry. You support us to get our daughters married.

Would you create an idol for me and worship it? In Karnataka, there is an idol for smuggler Veerappan. Why go that far? In the places that I worked earlier.. There are idols for murderers and rowdysheeters. I had to inaugurate one such idol myself. This is not the idol of any criminal. It is that of a great person who people have affection for. It is a sin if a god does not have a temple. It is a sin if this village which is like a temple, does not have your idol. Don’t object to it. In any other place, you will find a different leader for each religion. But here you are the only leader for all religions. Suryam sir.. Being the head of this mandalam.. have the right to punish them for any mistakes. But you don’t have the right to take away their happiness. That’s it. ‘The affection in the heart sings a sweet song’ ‘The entire village is united in song and dance’ ‘The affection in the heart sings a sweet song’ ‘The entire village is united in song and dance’ ‘This is a moment of joy’ ‘Let’s enjoy’ ‘You are our leader. – We love you’ ‘The young and the old all have affection for you’ ‘We all respect you more than our own parents’ ‘We sing the affection in our heart’ ‘Let young and old pray for your welfare’ ‘The affection in the heart sings a sweet song’ ‘The entire village is united in song and dance’ ‘What can we give you to repay your debt of gratitude’ ‘We can’t even think of giving you anything’ ‘What can we give you to repay your debt of gratitude’ ‘We can’t even think of giving you anything’ ‘You guard this village’ ‘You take care of is like your eyes’ ‘If we get any trouble you don’t rest’ ‘You provide solutions for all our problems’ ‘May God provide you with a long life of joy’ ‘Let us garland you an express our gratitude’ ‘We promise that you always will have our support’ ‘The affection in the heart sings a sweet song’ ‘The entire village is united in song and dance’ ‘In your looks we find the light of the sun’ ‘In your smile we find the cool moon’ ‘In your looks we find the light of the sun’ ‘In your smile we find the cool moon’ ‘The entire village has come together’ ‘They all sing your praises’ ‘There is no other person like you’ ‘May you live long and God bless you’ ‘You taught us virtue, Justice and brotherhood’ ‘You are a teacher and god’ ‘You possess all great qualities’ ‘The affection in the heart sings a sweet song’ ‘The entire village is united in song and dance’ ‘The affection in the heart sings a sweet song’ ‘The entire village is united in song and dance’ He ensures that no one stays hungry in this mandalam.

That is true. See what they want over there. – Ok! Saidulu, serve over there. – Ok! Babu, Serve them whatever they want. – Ok! Appanna! – Go and serve that side. If someone comes.. I will tell them that I have come to check the grocery. Where is this lady.. Samba! Samba! Someone seems to be coming. Hey, Samba! Shall we check the accounts? Are you tired after working all day? I am the only one who thinks about you. You can save some money that is given for provisions and buy some new saris. I will take care of accounts. You don’t have to worry about that oldman. His mind is not working properly since his wife’s death. Samba! Samba! Hey! Hey! – Samba! Huh? What is that sound? – I don’t know. Switch on the lights. What are you two doing here? I came here to check the provisions account. I came here to ask about the items needed. – Is it? I know both of you very well. Challenge! If anyone can beat me.

. ..I callenge! Mr. Narayana Rao! Do you agree that I am the strongest in this village? Stop it! You don’t have to feel so proud just by beating six people. Last year my nephew has beaten 12 people. Still he is so down to earth. So, you are saying if I beat your son-in-law.. ..then it is like beating 12 people. Challenge? Cousin! Come on! Stop it, Cousin! Don’t mind him. No one can defeat you. Don’t want to hear that. I am challenging you. Nephew! This wouldn’t do. You should teach him a lesson. – Should I? I am lost! No, neighter of us should lose a fight. Greetings! Go and sit inside. Greetings, Mr. Narayana Rao! Oh, please welcome Mr. Trimurty! What brings you here? I came here to pay your money. What is happening? My daughter’s engagement. Who is the groom? My nephew. Please come in. You came at the right moment.

Please come in. You are very lucky. Village head is becoming your son-in-law. I am the one who is lucky but me. I lost my parents in my childhood.. ..but my uncle protected our family prestige and raised me. I feel lucky to get married to his daughter. Have some milk. Are you taking care of him even before engagement? He doesn’t drink tea or coffee. Who is going to complete the formalities from the groom side? Chakram will do that. The only daughter of Kota Narayana Rao.. ..the girl with good fortune, Rajyalaxmi, is being betrothed.. Sri Maheshwara Rao. These completes the engagement formality. Hey, thief! Thief! Thief! How dare you try to steal here? hey, do you accept your crime? Saidulu! – Sir? Release his hands. – Okay. Don’t you know that stealing is wrong? I know, sir. But I was hungry and have no other choice.

Hey, he is hungry. Open the sack in front of him. You said that you are hungry. Eat now. Sir? – Didn’t you say so? Eat now. Eat now. Come on! Come on, eat. Don’t stop. Eat it. I cannot. Please save me, sir. Get up! Hey, bring jaggery here. Eat it. Hey, stop it. If you feel burning sensation after eating just a few chillies.. These people toil hard without basic facilities and inclement weather.. ..they make a lot of effort for their crops. There is a crops like their own children.. And now you want to steal that. Did you ever think how much they would suffer? Just like parents would feel sad if their son doesn’t support them.. Even a farmer feels the same pain if he doesn’t get the fruit of his toil. You are an adult. Can’t you work hard for your living? Sir, Your elders taught you how to do farming. Our elders taught us how to indulge in theft and loot. How can we have good habits like great people like you.

We too want to work hard and lead a respectful life. But who will support us with fields or any such thing. We all thought a lot and came to a decision. That we will a lot 25 acres of cultivable land.. And give it to you on rent. We will provide every help for you to cultivate that land. But all of you should stop robberies and work hard. Not just that. You must ensure that no thefts happen in this village again. These other papers pertaining to that. The governments which told us to change have changed.. ..but no one was able to change us. You have not only helped us but also showed the right path. You should live long! We all will work hard from now, sir. Welcome! Sir, this is special tea. Hey, give us tea quickly. Why is his tea stall so crowded? He is giving a cup of tea free if you buy two cups. Come on! – Please come, sir! One cup is free if you buy two cups.

You won’t get such opportunity. This is one day offer. What is the matter, Chidambaram? I am giving an offer. One cup free if you buy two cups. That too valid for today. Uncles, all of you have your tea. I will pay the money. What? Are you going to pay their bill? Is it your birthday today? Is this a gift for them? – You too have a special gift? Then give it to me. He will give it in the end. – Okay. Count how many people are here. Sixteen people including you and me. Chidambaram! How many cups free if we take 16 tea? Don’t you know that? – No. If you take sixteen, eight cups free. Oh, so the six of you and you two, leave this place. Go out quickly. Empty the place for others. How many are free for eight cups of tea? It isn’t enough if you dress like an educated. Four cups free for eight cups. – Four! Hey, you three and you.

Go now. Yes, vacate the seats. This is business time. You brainless fellow! – Who is that? You don’t know him. How many are free for four cups? – Don’t you too know maths? Two cups free for four cups. Two! English? – Yeah! Both of you can go now. What about two cups? – I am tired of your ignorance. – Yes. Okay, one cup free for two cups of tea. Here, take it. – Give him. Have it. Poor fellows! How was it? – Wonderful! Come on! – Pay me first. Why should we pay? – Why not? Don’t you know? – Give me the money. Idiot! You said 8 free for 16 cups.. – Yes. 4 free for 8 cups. 2 free for 4cups.. – Yeah! 1 cup free for 2 cups.. – Yes. He took that one tea and I didn’t take anything. I think something is wrong. They offer one sari free if we buy two saris. They offer one pant free if we buy two pants. I copied their idea for this. But why am I in this condition? He doubles the price of each item and reduce 25% in price. What are you waiting for? Let’s go. – Okay. Is that what this is all about? It seems I should make my buffallo drink.. .

.a lot of water before giving any offer. Hey, remove the board. These plants aren’t getting enough water. Where did Nagesh go without watering the plants? He didn’t switch on the motor too. Hey! How long are you going to take? Finish it quickly. But for this pump room, we would have to do it in the open. It seems that your master got this room built for us. Hey, go and switch on the motor. Greetings, sir! Greetings, sir. – Greetings. Greetings, sir! – How are you? – Fine. Sir is here. – Greetings, sir. Greetings, sir. – Greetings. Why did you take trouble to come here, sir? I would have come to you if you sent a message. Why did sir come here? There isn’t anything for you to sit. What are you looking at? Bring something for him to sit. – No, it’s alright. I will sit here. Alas! How can you sit on floor, sir? I am not some God. I too am human. How many of you are staying in this house? Me, my wife and my son.

Recently he is married. So including his wife total of four members. How can four people sleep in this house? He and his wife sleep on that corner.. ..and my wife and I sleep in this corner. Then send your son away from the house. What mistake did he do, sir? You are doing a mistake and not him. How can they live happily in front of you? We are not animals that mate on the road. When I am able to save some money, I will make a new hut for him, sir. Before that your daughter-in-law will leave him.. ..and go to her mother’s house. There is empty land behind the pump shed. Make a hut for him there. Keep this. Sir! You helped us a lot till now. And now this.. Till their hut is built, you and your wife may.. ..take shelter in the food donation hall. – Ok, sir. Nephew! Are you shaving? No, taking a bath. We got a nice match from Amalapuram the other day. I saw the girl. She is very beautiful. Why do you want to get married at this age, uncle? – Yes. You are so weak.

. ..why do you want to marry at this age, sir? Did I say that I want to get married at this age? I am talking about nephew’s marriage. He knows how to get the people of the village married. He knows that married couple cannot live out of pump rooms. He knows how to donate food. He knows how to gift farmlands. He doesn’t know how to get a wife for himself. Why should the knife bother when the vegetable doesn’t? When your son isn’t thinking about it, why should I bother? Don’t speak foolishly about marriage, or about heir to the family. I don’t want to get married for a wife or children. I don’t want to live only for my family. You became a mother just because you give food to the entire village. I became their brother because I share their joys and sorrows. The affection of these people is enough for me. I don’t want anything else. Please don’t talk about my marriage again. You can serve people even after getting married. Aren’t farmers continue cultivation after marriage.. ..and married people doing their jobs properly? Political leaders who married twice or thrice are doing social service.

You are the only one who speaks of being bachelor to serve people. What are you saying? Isn’t our prime minister a bachelor? Tamilnadu’s ex-chief minister is unmarried. Isn’t she serving her people? Bhishma, Chanakya and who else.. Swami Vivekananda and Kattamanch Ramalinga Reddy.. These people became great without getting married. Hey, idiot! – Hey! We were thinking of making him agree to marriage somehow. How dare you ruin our plans of his marriage? You brainless fellow! We were talking about married people.. ..and how dare you bring bachelors into this matter? If you speak about bacholors again.. ..instead of marriage, I will kill you. ‘Marriage is a harvest of hundred years!’ The girl who can become the wife of my master! Where are you? ‘Shall I teach music to the stream’ ‘Shall I make that breeze to dance’ ‘Shall I make the jasmine smile’ ‘Shall I make the sky and earth unite’ ‘This beauty in this aroma’ ‘It should come to me in the form of romance’ ‘One should get wings to reach the stars’ ‘One should become a bird to fly in life’ ‘This is an special moment when hopes soar high’ ‘Shall I teach music to the stream’ ‘Shall I make the breeze to dance’ ‘This is a moment of ecstasy’ ‘This is a moment of ecstasy’ ‘This is a moment of ecstasy’ ‘This is a moment of ecstasy’ ‘I am the Cuckoo who is ready to sing’ ‘I am like the fresh drop of rain ready to reach Earth’ ‘This burst of youth makes me rule the world’ ‘Life should always be full of cool moonlight without any darkness’ ‘O birds, do you listen to me’ ‘O parrots, will you accompany me’ ‘Let us race is against time’ ‘Shall I teach music to the stream’ ‘Shall I make the breeze to dance’ ‘ ‘How much anxious is the sea for the river to come and join it’ ‘So is the case of the damsel who has great dreams’ ‘ ‘I shall travel like the cloud which reaches the mountain’ ‘I shall be one of the stars’ ‘And shine in the sky’ ‘O swans, Do you hear this’ ‘Will you come along with me’ ‘Let’s become the lightning of the first clouds’ ‘Shall I teach music to the stream’ ‘Shall I make the breeze to dance’ Tie it properly! Come on! Hey! – What is it, sir? – Are garlands ready? How long will you take to complete it? Move quickly.

– Hey, you! Finish the work quickly. Hey, it is the shirt of the groom. If anything goes wrong, I will make him a shirt of your skin. Put these flowers in your hair. – No, aunty. You take them. Appi! Put this inside. – Okay, sir. You should put colour on your lips too. Then only it looks like a perfect match. I will definitely if you buy me the lipstick. We are going to the market tomorrow. I’ll buy you one there. – Okay. Please come, Sundaramma! How are you? With your grace, we are fine. It’s all thanks to village head, my cousin. Greetings! – Greetings! How are you? My daughter became the teacher in the government school. Please take this, sir. – I am very happy. Where is your posting? – I don’t know yet. You are the only girl who studied BA B.Ed in our village. If you work in our school, we too can feel proud of it. I will talk to the MLA.. ..and see that you get posting in this village. Greetings! Please come, sir. When the mill was being built.

. ..I told my son that it should be inaugurated by you. Greetings! – My son, sir. We have only 2 acres of land. He worked hard and built this mill without taking any loan. Earlier they all used to call me a small-time farmer. Now they are calling me as the owner of ricemill. I am very happy about my son. The auspicious time is nearing. Please start the opening ceremony. You are the one who should open this mill. Me?! – I requested you since your hand is known to be very lucky. You built this mill with your hardwork. It is your father who is very happy about your progress. The father becomes proud only when his son becomes successful. It is same with your father. That is why.. ..I will be very happy if your father opens this mill. Go ahead. Good! Hey, how was the function? We went there and returned back. What is the use? – What do you mean? We came to this village crossing 40 villages to cut the ribbon.

But you gave that opportunity to that oldman. If you told them all this stuff when.. ..they invited us for the opening ceremony.. ..we wouldn’t have wasted our time and petrol to come here. Hey, stop the jeep. Stop it. My God! I think he is angry. Sir! Sir! Please stop! Sir! Please forgive me if I made any mistake. I don’t mind anyone opening, wasting of petrol or time. I am not the one spending money for that. I won’t involve myself in your personal matter ever. I am hitting myself with my slipper. Please come back, let us go. Hey, I just wanted to go to the market. Jackfruits of fine quality are available in this market. Mother likes jackfruit. Let us buy one for her. What is the need to come this far for jackfruit, sir? A full load will come to our house if you send a message. – Hey! But people of our village doesn’t take money from us.

Who will ask the God to pay for something? That is why I came here. No one knows us here. Let us buy it from here. Is that so? – Yes. – Okay then. ‘There is some trembling in the heart of the girl’ ‘All of you clap once. – Clap!’ This is it! – You will enjoy! ‘Sambar in Idli’ This is a unique fight.. – a fight between foxes and dogs. Here the king of snakes and the mongoose will fight! Fighting! – the fighting is about to start! Here is a famous star. There is a villain – there will be a fight between them. Fighting! – all of you clap! Come out to fight! – Come out! ‘Let us all enjoy this fight in the open’ All of you clap! – Bring the snake out. O great snake! O great snake! Claps! Claps! O great snake! O great snake! Claps! Claps! Clap loudly! The snake is about to come out.

Clap loudly! – Claps! Claps! – That’s it. Clap loudly! – Come on! Little children, please keep some distance. – Yes. Those who have heart troubles, better leave this place. Yes. – Continue clapping. Clap loudly! Look at this.. Where is the snake? Where is our snake? Hey, get lost! Are you trying to cheat us with your words? Come on, let us go. Snake! Dear snake! Where are you? Snake! Where is our snake? I think it escaped when we fed it with the egg a while ago. We caught it recently. We didn’t take out it’s poison fangs. Don’t know where it is and what it will do. Snake! – Dear snake! Give half kg. Okay! – Measure them properly. Okay, madam. Mom! Do you want me to buy these too? Here! How much? I think this is sufficient.

– Yes. What? One rupee each? I am talking about lemons. Yes, I know. In the typhoon.. ..all the lemon trees across the state suffered badly. I will give you each for 75paisa if you want. Cousin! – Didn’t you buy bangles yet? I did. – The prices here are very high, sir. No way! Look. – He might say that the floods caused this. Near that shop. – Wow! Did you like that girl, sir? Do you want me to talk about the marriage? Not that. – Then? Look down. O God! He saved the girl! You did it, sir. How dare you hit my sir? He teased my daughter by holding her hand. How dare you shout at me? – you are mistaken. I was afraid that the snake will bite her. That is why I pulled her from there. Shut up! How can a snake come to such a crowded place? You are arrogant! – Shut up! I will cut you to pieces if you say one more word.

– Calm down! I swear and tell you this. There was a snake near you. I pulled you since I thought that it may bite you before I could scream. What I say is the truth. – What happened? He tried to molest me. Instead of saying sorry.. ..he is pretending as if he tried to save me from snake bite. Hey, from which village are you? How dare you insult a girl? Who are you? – No, sir! Really.. – Hey! Shut up! How dare you? Please listen to what I say. How dare you try to misbehave with our village’s girl? You should surely get punished for this. Please don’t beat my master! Don’t do it. Listen to me. How dare you insult our village’s girl? Cousin! That’s enough. Leave him. He might die if we continue. Never try to repeat this. ‘Our father Surya, you are like the moon in the sky’ ‘Are you being eclipsed’ ‘Did the sky go pale’ ‘The time strike you like a deadly snake’ ‘Is the peace of your mind troubled’ ‘This bad Rahu may bring you a lot of trouble’ ‘Our father Surya, you are like the moon in the sky’ ‘Are you being eclipsed’ ‘Did the sky go pale’ Snake! Snake! It’s a snake! Run! Snake! There is a snake here.

Cousin! I think we made a mistake. Yes, cousin. Instead of thanking you for saving her life, how dare she do this to you? I will not spare her. Not only her.. ..I will kill everyone who insulted you. They didn’t do it on purpose. Just a misunderstanding. Leave this matter here. – Leave it?! Do you want me to ignore the fact that they beat you? I will not listen to you in this matter. I won’t forgive them. Why would they beat me if they know who I am? I don’t mind if they beat me up. But you.. I will see their end. Hey, promise me that you won’t tell this to anyone. – Sir? Promise me! – I won’t. If you, my driver, don’t listen to me.. ..what’s wrong in their behavior? – Sir? Hey, if you really are my man, then promise me that.. won’t tell anyone about this. Okay, sir. Sir! Sir! What happened? What happened, sir? Please tell us. Nothing! – Hey, move! What happened, nephew? Why are you wounded? Nothing, uncle. Actually..

– My child! What happened to you? What happened? Nothing serious, mother. – What do you mean? You are wounded so badly. Babi! What happened? Nothing, mother. A small accident. – Accident?! When we were on the way.. – Hey, where were you looking while driving? Don’t you know to drive slowly when sir is with you? I am the one who was driving and not him. Why did you do that? What were you doing when he was driving? Hey, it is not his mistake. He tried to stop me but I only insisted. Why did this happen to you? – You should not be worried about small injuries. Do you call these small injuries? Mother! Doctor has treated me and gave me injection. He said that everything is alright. Come inside! Hey! Sir was hurt so badly. Why weren’t you injured? – Just one shot.. Hey, how dare you bash up my sir? You will definitely pay for this. Pay for this! – Babi? Babi! Is it true? I heard that Suryam sir met with an accident. Is he alright? All this is your fault. My fault? What did I do? Hadn’t you invite my sir for the opening of your ricemill.

. ..he wouldn’t have get beaten up like that. Beaten up? What are you saying? Didn’t he injured because of the jeep accident? No. People of Narendrapatnam village beated him up unnecessarily. Priest.. – Yes, sir? – what is the exact time for the marriage? It is 5.02am, sir. You continue. Hey, serve tea and coffee one more time. Otherwise they will sleep by the time of marriage. Hey, Chakram! Cousin! You look very handsome. Did cousin dress up like a groom? – Yes. Why? I want to see him once. You saw him since childhood. I want to see how he look dressed like a groom. You cannot. You can see him secretely at the time of marriage. Mr. Narayana Rao! Mr. Narayana Rao! – Please come in, Mr. Trimurty. You are here on time. Please bless him. It is better that you take that great man’s blessing immediately. Then only everything will be alright. Whom are you talking about? About the man whom you bashed up in the market because of misunderstanding. Who is he? Mr.

Suryam. Are you talking about district president Suryam? – Yes, sir. Are you out of your minds? Why did you do that? There isn’t any person in that district who was not benefited by him. He’s such a great man.. He’s the only man who has an idol installed while he’s alive. We really don’t know that he is Suryam.. ..and is a good man. Even though you didn’t know that, what you did is a big mistake. If people of that village know about this, everyone will enraged. We question anyone who commits a mistake. We hang our heads in shame when we make a mistake. I will go there myself to seek forgiveness. – No, cousin. I am the head of this village. But I have insulted him without knowing the truth. I will go to him to seek forgiveness and invite him to my marriage. It is said that one must not cross the village boundaries in marital attire.

He is a great man, uncle. That is why he left that place silently even after we insulted him. He will definitely forgive me. I have to go. Hey, come on! Come on! You sit there. You all here. Come on, sit there. Come on! Come on! All of you come with me. Come on! Let’s go. How dare they bash up our sir? Kill everyone. Come on! Come on! Go! Let us go to that village. Mr. Suryam! Mr. Suryam! Is Mr. Suryam at home, madam? You called him by name. It means that you don’t belong to this place. Yes, madam. I am the village head of Narendrapatnam. Please come in. Come! Sit down. I am his mother. – Greetings, madam. I want to see him. He is sleeping. He met with an accident and was injured badly. It isn’t because of accident. He was injured because of us.

We misunderstood that he was misbehaving with a girl from our village. That is why we bashed him up. I came here to seek his forgiveness. – How dare you? How dare you beat my son? – Mother! Mother! What are you doing? – Mr. Suryam! Please forgive me. – Get up! I will kill you. – Mother! Even I never hit my son. How dare you beat him like that? – Mother! Please forgive me! Please get up! I made a big mistake. I know that it was due to misunderstanding. There is no greater person than one who realises his mistake. But our village people are scared about circumstances. Nothing will happen. Even my mother knew about it since you told her. Why are you dressed like this? I am getting married today. Please forgive my mother for beating you. You are the one who should forgive me. If you forgive me.. ..please attend my marriage and give us your blessings. That’s very nice.

But I cannot walk long now. I will visit your house after I get better. Who is the bride? – My uncle’s daughter. Give these to the bride as a gift from a brother. You should definitely come to our house. – Definitely! I take your leave, sir. – Okay. Hey, why did you lie to me? Mother! I wouldn’t have kept quiet if they did it on purpose. It was just a misunderstanding. That is why I didn’t tell you. Their village would have been distroyed if I tell the truth. Hey! Attack! Mom! Get up! Let us get ready to attend the marriage. Destroy them! I won’t allow you to live. Hey! Come out! Come out! I shall see how long will you stay inside. Hey, she is the one responsible for the incident. Come here. I will see your end. Hey, burn that house. She should be burn down to ashes. Hey, this is the house of Mahendra, who bashed up our sir. Come on! Who are you? What’s happening? What is this? Hey, tell me where Mahendra is.

Tell me. Oh, no! Mother! Where is your cousin! – I don’t tell you. – Won’t you? Hey, pour kerosine on her. Mother! No! Mother! My child! Come here! Here! Go away! Go now! Mother! Come quickly. Mother! Come quickly! Father! – Rajyam, my child! Rajyam! Oh, no! Mother! Mother! Come out! Rajyam! No! Leave me! Rajyam! Leave me! Leave me! Mother! Hey, Rajyam is burning! Go and save my daughter! Mother! Come back! Mother! How did this happen? Sir! Suryam’s men attacked our village. Sir! – Alas! Oh, no! Everything is over! Suryam’s men attacked our village and destroyed it completely. Rajyam! See, your would-be is here. Open your eyes. Open your eyes. Please! Who did that? Hey! How? How did this happen? What were you doing? What is this? Sir! Greetings, sir. – Greetings! Sir! I didn’t know anything about this. Without telling me, the people our village.. We didn’t come here to enquire about how this happened.

Home minister sir asked us to give you police protection. Police protection?! What for? More than fifty people have died in that village. More than hundred injured. Some of them are in serious condition. Hundreds of animals were burnt alive. Most of the village was burnt down to ashes. I don’t know anything, sir. So many lives.. I must go there and see them. No, sir! That is not a good idea. They are very angry now. Why did you make me responsible for this sin? My child! I am scared. We are not the one who should be scared. People of that village has lost so much because of me. Greetings! – Greetings, MLA sir. Press reporters were going to that village. I brought them to you first. Sir, how did all this happen? Please don’t ask me anything now. Please don’t write in papers.

. ..that it happened as a result of political rivalry. If a small problem is portrayed as a national one.. ..there will be greater trouble. I told them everything. They won’t write anything against you. Please all of you go away from here. I don’t want any security. I will take care that such incidents do not repeat again. Please, sir! Please! Hey! Are you humans or beasts? It was a misunderstanding. How could you destroy that village? He was the groom. He still came all the way here to seek forgiveness from me. I told him that nothing will happen to their village. What should I tell him now? Don’t know how many people suffered there. Hey, I am the one who was insulted and injured. If you’re injured, it is the same as us getting injured. – Shut up! When I get injured, do you wear the bandage? when I am hungry, do you eat? I did not get married. I thought of you all as my family members and felt proud of my family. But today all of you.

. ..have destroyed my faith and my goodness. When someone takes birth as a human being.. It is to help other human beings and not to kill them. Can any of you give life to at least one person who lost their lives? Tell me. You have a debt of gratitude that I got you married. Did you go there to make another woman a widow? I gave you food when you were hungry. Did you reduce their livelihood to ashes for that? Hey, you are responsible for all this. You were just a driver. Why did you get the desire to lead a mob? Did you think of becoming a gangleader by burning down villages? Do you want to become a goon by killing people? Hey! You couldn’t keep your word. I don’t want to see your face again. You shouldn’t be in this village. Get lost. If I see you again, I’ll kill you.

Get out. Go! Hey, how many houses did you burn? Two houses. You don’t even have a moustache. Are you a terrorist to do all this? Sir! They bashed you up unnecessarily. Do you want us to keep quiet after knowing that? All our hopes are with you, sir. – No. Don’t put any hopes on me. I don’t want your affection filled with bloodlust. You be what you are and I’ll be what I am. From now I won’t do anything for you.. ..and you don’t have to do anything for me. I thought that you are all my people. From today I break all the bonds with you people. I am telling this to you all. Listen clearly. They might bash me up or even killed me. No matter what, none of you should move an inch. Sir! – Shut up! That is final. When you sent gift for my bride, I thought you were generous.

When you addressed my wife as sister and gave sari.. ..I felt very happy. You gave me marriage gift and secretely sent them.. destroy my village. When I came to your house seeking forgiveness.. called me your friend but backstabbed me like this. I swear! I didn’t know anything. – Lie! It is a lie. I know that even an ant wont’ move here without your permission. Even butchers have some principleds. He buys a goat and has the right to cut its throat. What right do you have to incite all these people to attack my village? Even soldiers don’t kill their enemies who surrender. But you don’t have that principle either. Idols should be installed for great men like Lord Rama. Not for demons like you who come like thieves to attack women. Statues of great men were broken out of ignorance. But no one broke the idols of scoundrels like you.

Move aside. Make way. Sir! No! Wait! Come and challenge me if you have the guts. Sir! It is not great that you attack my village when I am not there. come now! I did not come to go back alive. I came here to kill all of you and die. Come on! You are immoral people and he is your leader. why does he need the statute? Sir! Do you know what this is? they are the mortal remains. They are the mortal remains of my family. And of the people of our village. I swear by this. I will ensure that you won’t have peace of mind from today. Marriage for a marriage.. Child for a child! Person for a person.. And house for a house.. I will take my revenge. I will make your village a burial ground. After that I will beat you like a dog and send you to the grave. This is going to happen. I told you all not to install my statue.

But none of you listen to me. You all saw it. you like it but he did not. He broke it and left. Please don’t drag my life into the open again like this. Alas! Alas! – My son! My son! Alas! See the result of what you did. I heard that you are a great man and have a statue in your village. You are really a very great man. You are a great man who got an entire village burned in one night. You must have statues installed in every village. You acted in haste that day also. See the result. You are still out of your senses after all this. Don’t stab me from the back. If you think that I’m responsible for all this.. Stab me from the front! stab me! What our people did maybe a grave sin. To make amends for their mistake.. I came with this money.

Take it. Who wants your money? Married ladies who came to the event returned as widows. Buyback the lives of those who were killed by your people. Everyone lost either a limb or a home or even their life! There are others who were left with nothing. Their curse will fall upon you and you will be destroyed. Give this money to your murders and get more villages destroyed. Get your statues installed in more and more villages. Go away! ‘Those who are used to enmity won’t understand a mistake’ ‘They only see poison everywhere’ ‘Those who are behind the smokescreen can’t see daylight’ ‘Their eyes are blinded’ ‘This despair of the heart and in the deafening sound’ ‘What is the cure to this ailment of society’ ‘O foolish man, how long will you do good’ ‘O sun that shows us light..

O moon who provides cool nights’ ‘Have you been eclipsed’ ‘The sky has become listless’ What happened? What happened? Who is it? Kill me! Ask your villagers to kill me. Tell them to kill me, who is responsible for all this. That day it is our mistake for beating you who protected me. But you destroyed our village to take revenge. I was to get married but now my life is ruined. You ensured that nothing remained in our village. I lost my mother and everything I have. Whom should I live for? Tell me. The people of my village are blaming me for the incident. If a girl from your village suffer like this, what will you do? My dad died in my childhood and your village took away my mother. Who will protect this orphan now? Where can I seek refuge? I lived for this village since 35 years. I remain unmarried all these years for their sake. To correct the mistake that they did.

. I will marry you. If you don’t have objection, come with me. ‘Mother!’ Save me! My nephew asked driver Babi to leave the village and go away. But I have a doubt that he is still around this place. Go and search everywhere. Stop pestering me.. I am searching for him. Just like India conducted nuclear tests after 65 years.. After seeing her figure, I too want to do a similar thing after 25 years. Do you think this is some desert for you to do such a test? She is okay for me. I’m in the prime of my youth. Sorry, yaar. I seems to have hit you both in some soft corner. It is a danger if one is it by a train. But it is fine if woman hits. What is your name? Killi Kittiri! – what a strange name! I’m starting to drool when I hear her name. Which placeou belong to? I was born in Yedurlanka and was raised in Bobbarlanka. I became mature in Krishnalanka. Hope you are not now in Sri Lanka! Why did you leave all those nice places and come to this village? I came in search of my man. You may then select either me or the both of us. My lover told me everything about both of you. What did he say? That you are batteries without a charge and are good for nothing.

Who is your lover? Your driver Babi! We won’t keep quiet if that is the case, We will show you our charge. We will show you our power! Wait! – Elders advise us to run if required and do a rape. Run and catch her! – Would you rape her after I catch? Wait, I have to rape you! How is the water? – It is cool. What did you do? Wait! – I won’t! – Stop if you are a woman! You are not men if you can’t catch me! Please save me! These seem to be ladies from our village. Who is it? – Alas! Don’t be upset. – Why don’t you take off your clothes? A woman wants to safeguard her self respect. If a saree gets wet it can be dried. What can we do if our respect is gone? What happened actually? – those bastards ran after me to molest me. I came to your refuge. Isn’t there anyone who can protect women in this village? – I’m there. Thank you! Oldie, I know very well why your wife died. I also know why he did not get married. Do you want to show your manliness to this innocent girl? If I tell this to master.. You have a very soft heart.

You have a fighting nature. You may go home safely. – Thank you. If I praise my son, my evil eye may be cast on him. I will tell you in short. Any girl who marries him will be very lucky. We asked him to marry a very beautiful girl. But he used to say that we should talk.. ..only about public and not about marriage. It is the first time that he agreed to marry. He has occupied the hearts of the people, being the head of this place. If he wishes to give me a place in his heart.. That is my good fortune. I’m very happy. If you work like each other then there is no need to delay. Let us get the marriage done tomorrow. ‘Sanskrit Chant’ ‘Sanskrit Chant’ ‘Sanskrit Chant’ Play the marriage band! ‘Sanskrit Chant’ What are you thinking about. Is it about the country? It is not about the country.

It is about my nephew Suryam. He takes good care of everyone including cattle. How much will he take care of his wife.. How happy he will make her.. What will he do for her.. How would he keep her happy.. ‘Your anklets dance to the tune of vibrant youth’ ‘The gestures hint at union and eyes sing a teasing song’ ‘Youth is in a mischievous mood, and my companion is here to loot’ ‘This romance between the both of us’ ‘Your anklets dance to the tune of vibrant youth’ ‘The gestures hint at union and eyes sing a teasing song’ ‘My beloved’s body is sweet as sugar cane’ ‘Her mischievous smile pricks me like a rose’ ‘The actions of youth on fire’ ‘There is no postponement’ ‘Is this the desire to unite’ ‘Why do you want to delay’ ‘You are eager and energetic’ ‘It will cause problems’ ‘Shed your shyness and enjoyed to the hilt’ ‘Don’t indulge in untimely romance’ ‘My dear lady, don’t be shy now’ ‘The first experience should not be controlled’ ‘Your anklets dance to the tune of vibrant youth’ ‘The gestures hint at union and eyes sing a teasing song’ ‘This young girl opened her eyes’ ‘The moment of union with you is around the corner’ ‘This feeling warms the heart’ ‘It is waiting for the moment of exhilaration’ ‘Is it your manliness’ ‘Why don’t you listen to me’ ‘It is the magic of your beauty’ ‘That keeps me in anticipation of the joy of love’ ‘Shall I sing the songs of romance’ ‘Shall I come to rule your beauty’ ‘My dear love, you play pranks and tease me’ ‘You are crossing the limits’ ‘Your anklets dance to the tune of vibrant youth’ ‘The gestures hint at union and eyes sing a teasing song’ Ah! Ouch! O my God! I am saved that this is not a public place.

Had this been a park my life would have been ruined. Save me! Ouch! O God! I thought that the master shouted. – I too felt the same. Normally it is ladies that shout during first night. Why is he shouting instead? He got married a bit late. There will be some problems. Do you think he will enjoy the result? It is his effort that made him shout like that. Like a snake which seeks vengeance.. You came as a wife to my home to kill me. You need not have made of this plan to kill me You may kill me directly. I repeatedly say that there is no connection between me.. ..and the problem in your village. But no one believes me. That day everyone’s got angry and beat me. You are doing the same mistake today. Not only men.. even women from your village are fools. Why do you cry? that I am not dead yet? I thought that you would come to me with love.. Not with vengeance. Is this your nature or did someone rile you up? That’s okay..

But use this opportunity to kill him. The function of union has three nights.. You still have two of them. You must act as if trying to make amends.. ..for the first night and do something. Poison him somehow.. We need not teach her how to kill. She must have made the plan already by now. Don’t spare the life of that man who killed our women. Don’t forget that your mother died in front of your eyes. My niece who was supposed to get married.. Don’t forget that she died too. The fire in the village may have died. But it must keep blazing in your heart. You must always remember that. Your desire to finish him will grow every moment. The day you kill him, we will make it simple.. ..for you in our village and worship you. The next time that you meet us, you have to give us good news. Madam.. Did you marry our master just for this? I saw women who seek the welfare of their husbands. You are the first woman I see who wants to kill her husband. I swear by the God and say that there is no relation..

..Between your village getting destroyed and my master. I swear by my mother. I and my villagers are responsible for the destruction of your village. You people beat us not knowing who we are. My master took an oath from me that I should not reveal this to anyone. I was angry that they beat him and revealed it to our people. I did not expect such a terrible thing would happen. That is why Master threw me out of the village. I can’t live without seeing my master. That is why I am living here in disguise. My master remained quiet and still all this happened. If he had spoken out himself the people who egged you on.. Not one, including them, would remain alive. My master never differentiates between people on any ground. If that were the case, he would not have married a mean woman like you. Kill the person who is responsible for destroying your village.

I am the person responsible, kill me! Don’t kill my master who is like a god. I will fall at your feet and request. Please don’t kill him! This doesn’t seem to be an injury which you got by falling from your bed. If one falls from the bed, the back should be broken. If one falls on his front, the spine should be affected. And every such situation one of the limbs gets injured. There is no chance that once thigh gets injured. You mean that the injury was caused by someone throwing a stone there. That should be the case. Otherwise master must have hit that stone himself. – correct! What is the point of discussing all this? I suffered the injury and am in pain. That may be true. Was your wife not with you when you suffered the injury? – She was there. What did she do? – she cried. Master got angry it seems. I’m not angry. She really cried. She stopped eating after seeing me suffer. She applied a warm cloth so that the pain eases.

She went to the temple to pray since she can’t do first aid like you. Please be careful. If you suffer an injury to his leg again, it will become useless. I go now. She’s coming again take my life. Did you eat to your fill? I ask since you must do the exercise again with that stone. You will become weak if you don’t eat. Observe carefully. I sleep with my head on this side. I pray to you. After I go deep into sleep.. Hit me properly so that it is done in one blow. Otherwise I may become a blind or lame man. And I will become useless all my life. I’m having to die at the hands of my wife, after all this life. After I’m dead.. Take your share of the property, go back to your village and live happily. Don’t kill my mother also. Best of luck! What is this? I misbehaved not knowing your true nature. Please forgive me. – Pramila, get up! I tried to kill my husband! They won’t be another woman like me.

You realise your mistake. That’s all I want. ‘My love, I come for you’ ‘My beloved, I wait anxiously for you’ ‘My love, I come for you’ ‘My beloved, I wait anxiously for you’ ‘I will make a garland of my thoughts and offer it to you’ ‘I swear and tell you that my affection for you is undiminished’ ‘My heart sings a silent tune and offers itself to you’ ‘My Song of Love promises to take care of you forever’ ‘My love, I come for you’ ‘This jasmine was hit by a cyclone, but landed in your temple’ ‘You are a divine flower that has come to me’ ‘Even the lightning behind the clouds..’ ‘..won’t come out till the breeze touches it’ ‘Come to me like a boon’ ‘O shining beauty’ ‘How can I repay your debt’ ‘You are a God-given boon to me’ ‘Repay that debt by coming to my embrace’ ‘My love, I come for you’ ‘My beloved, I wait anxiously for you’ ‘Come down to me like a cool shower and decorate my courtyard’ ‘I have come to you like Ganga reached Shankara’ ‘You are pulling me towards you’ ‘You can transform even a lion into a deer’ ‘I come to you in full bloom’ ‘Come and enjoy my beauty’ ‘Come to my lap and rest there’ ‘My dazzling beauty’ ‘I come to enjoy lifelong marital bliss with you’ ‘My love, I come for you’ ‘My beloved, I wait anxiously for you’ ‘I will make a garland of my thoughts and offer it to you’ ‘I swear and tell you that my affection for you is undiminished’ ‘My heart sings a silent tune and offers itself to you’ ‘My Song of Love promises to take care of you forever’ You forgive many people with your kind heart.

You spared me who tried to kill you, and you spared our village head. You forgive even the people who attacked our village. Why don’t you forgive that one person? Which person? Who is it? I am Babi.. Please forgive me. I’m living in disguise since I can’t bear not to see you. I did not make that mistake intentionally. I could not bear to see them beat you and told that to our people. Please forgive me just like Lord Rama forgive Hanuman for burning Lanka. Ok, get up. – I will do so if you say that you forgave me. I forgive you. Go and attend to your work. Thank you. I take your leave. Your dress is very beautiful. Your saree is attractive. I will enjoy my night in your company. We will fight with Jasmines all through the night. Alas! – What happened? My legs are paining.

– Do you want me to massage them? Please don’t do that. – Shall I massage your hands? No, thanks. – Shall I massage your waist? I feel shy. If you are raped, your shyness will go automatically. – What are you saying? There is nothing to say now. I will just climb on you and get going! – that’s it! Alas! Ouch! Let me go! – don’t leave her. Let me go! Ouch! We won’t leave you. – Why do you do this? Don’t do this! – Ouch! Is it you? Do you have any doubts? idiots! Had I really been a woman my life would have been ruined. When you spoke about leaf and thorn, I thought that you are a woman. If you had said it was thorn vs thorn, I would have gone my way. My first experience in life is so bad. I never expected this to happen. I will do something that you don’t expect? – what will you do? I will go in the same disguise and tell the master about all that you did. Hey! Stop! – don’t go! If you don’t want me to tell this to Master, you must do as I say. We will do! Serve them properly. Here! Hey oldie, bring me a plate! I will get it for you.

Oldie, Are you out of your senses? It is you that is out of your senses, not me. You should fall at our feet but want to blackmail us. Why should we deal with an orphan like him? Throw the food to him like to a dog. He will lick it up. Here, eat this! Who do you call an orphan? I’m not have my parents, but the master is there for me. He is a master for all the 40 villages. There is a neem tree and a banyan tree. Both are called with their respective names. For someone who knows about his parents, should have a surname and title. But you don’t have any of those. After you are dead.. Do you have any one to carry your dead body? My dear, When are you returning from the town? I’m going for the seeds and will return by lunchtime. Bring this ration along with you. Ok.. – My dear! There is something that I cannot write in that list. Will you bring it for me? What is it? You must guess. How can I guess? – what I mean is..

What are you referring to? I can’t do all that. Go and get it yourself. How can I go to the town to get it? Is there no option? – No! Check this out! Thank you! – it’s okay. What do you want? I want that! – we don’t sell that! I’m referring to what that doll wears. Oh.. a bra! Don’t shout. Please speak softly. This is not some smuggled goods to speak softly. What is the size? What is meant by size? Just like there are different sizes in vests.. Similarly there are different sizes in bras. Which size do you want? Size.. Give me all the sizes. Are you opening a new shop in your village? Something like that.. Greetings, Sir. What are these? Are they sweet packets? – Greetings. Greetings! are you doing well? – Yes. Sir, are these sweets? – something like that.

What type of sweets are they? Laddu or Mysorepak or what? From which sweet shop are they? – take them inside. Ok.. – Sir! I will find it out even if you don’t tell me. I can find out! Can’t I find it if Master doesn’t tell me? I can know it just from the smell. Ah! It is made Halwa made from ghee. Master never gets it only for himself. Whatever he gets he distributes to everyone. I will do it on his behalf. I will distribute it. Here, take this. What is this? – Halwa made from ghee. What is this for? – if you eat this it will solve all your health problems. This will solve all your problems! – is that true? It is indeed true. Go and gobble it up! Ghee Halwa! I will come to your dreams at night. See you! Why should you come to my dreams? Mother, After marriage some people pay more.. ..attention to their mother and wife. But my master treats everyone equally.

That is why he brought ghee halwa for everyone including you. My son is great. Even those without teeth can eat this sweet. What Rambai.. do you have teeth? – I lost them. Eat this sweet in that case. You will get sweet memories of your dead husband. That’s a fact. Madam, sir brought ghee halwa. I distributed to everyone without asking you. But I will ask you and take one for myself. You too must eat some of it. – Ok! When he got the sweet, why is this man giving it to me? Why did they put the sweet in these packets? Great! I will eat all this by myself. Mother, Did you open the packet and eat the sweet? how is the taste? Ouch! Why did she beat me? is a sweet so good? Hello Samba! Did you eat the sweet? – A lover may give a love lettter or take to a movie. What is this nonsense? do you think I’m your paramour? If ghee halwa is given to a paramour, this is what I get in return! Would one give laddus to a lover? Whose legs are these? I allow you to sleep in my bed thinking you are a kid.

How dare you play such games with me? What do you mean? – take this! Ouch! I gave you sweets but you give me a hot slap! My cheeks are swollen and became red. Alas! – My boy! Who are you? – what is your age? 28 years. How much is my age? – must have crossed 70. How dare You play games with me? Granny! What a slap! my head is reeling! That is why the old man died early. Why is everyone slapping me? There must be something significant in this. Let me check. Did I ask you to distribute them? – No. Why did you distribute them? – it is my bad luck! You gave me a godlike husband I couldn’t imagine in my dreams. Let me have this joy all my life. Salutations to Lord Venkateswara. Please take this. May you have health and prosperity. May you have children soon! This is the year that you got married. On this occasion we want to conduct Lord Rama’s festival very grandly.

Regarding that matter.. – We shall discuss. Pramila, please go home. I will speak to the priests, go to the market and return. Let’s discuss now. Please give me some alms. – Please give to me also. Madam, Please give me alms. Give me some money. It is not change that I want. I want to kill your husband. What did I send you for? what are you doing? You went as an enemy but now became his servant. If you have any shame, how can you light a lamp in an enemy’s house? You married a man who killed your mother.. ..and now wish to be a mother through him. Had he been a scoundrel, I would have killed him by now. But he’s a good man. I swear by this temple and say that he is not responsible for what happened. Great! You are giving a certificate to the man who burned our village. All that happened without him knowing it. – Shut up! We got you married to him not to spend nights with him and his wife. It was for you to become a widow. We are cowards to take the support of a woman. I know how to kill him.

Let’s go. You may have changed but we want change. We will kill him for sure. If you spoil our plans, we will kill you also. Sir left just now. What should I do for my husband to have a long life? Why do you ask that? Tell me what I should do to ensure that my husband lives long. It seems that you suspect something bad. Your husband is like God himself. He will have a long life for sure. But I will tell you for your satisfaction. If you do the Sumangali worship.. You will have a long and happy marital life with your husband. How to perform the worship? You must invite hundred couples, cook the food personally.. ..Feed them in a temple.. You must offer them vermilion and clothes.. And then take their blessings. Rangamma.. bring the onions here. – I’m getting them. I put the masalas inside. Please make way. Give me the vegetables. O girl! – What is it uncle? – today the food should be great. You will see how people appreciate my daughter in law’s cooking. It is enough if they don’t say anything bad. You always speak ill.

Go from here. There may be some mistake in the recipies as a result of what you say. Are you doing fine? Did you make all arrangements properly? – we did that. Tell Babi to put the bench that side. I don’t see Babi since yesterday. Where did he go? Is Babi inside? I’m asking you. Why don’t you speak? They both insulted him yesterday while he sat to take food. He left without eating anything. Where is he now? Babi! Babi! What are you doing here? Let’s go home. – I won’t come. Who do I have that I should come? I don’t have parents or siblings. I don’t have a home. I’m an orphan like a dog. When a man dies, there are people who cry for him and carry his corpse. There is no one to cry if I’m dead. No one will come to carry me.

Who am I if not an orphan. When I went to take some food.. They threw me out like I were a dog. Those people who called you an orphan are the real orphans. If orphans are those without parents, then got is an orphan too. But how can you be an orphan so long as I’m there. You disguised yourself as a woman since you couldn’t bear separation from me. So all that you said is a lie. Don’t say that. Lord Rama resides in the heart of Hanuman. But you are my life. If that is true, come let’s go home. Did you send the couple sitting in the chariot for food? We will send them. Did you spare some food for us? – we did. – You may go. No one who comes to eat food to our home is an orphan. They are all my people. Once a person six down to take food, it does not make a difference. Anyone can eat but a few morsels. Any hungry person who comes here..

You must feed them with love. you may leave if you can’t do that. Pramila, Let us give some food to Babi. – Ok! I will serve you personally. Each to your fill. Eat! You are not an orphan. You are like my younger brother. Eat now. I will feed you myself. Your madam cooked all these. This food tastes very good. Please have some food. – No! You must not eat anything till the prayer is over. And that is true. I cannot eat. Carry on. Madam, The priest is calling you both. Eat to your fill. ‘Oblations to god’ ‘Oblations to god’ Sir! Sir! Sir, driver Babi is writhing in pain! Surf is coming out of his mouth. Babi! What happened? – Babi! Babi, What happened? Take him to the hospital quickly. Let’s go. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to you.

I’m going to die. Nothing will happen to you. Don’t worry. Many families got ruined because of me. I’m suffering as a result. – Don’t think like that. I’m going to die. – Hello! Sir, Please stay with me. You cannot go in, sir. What happened, doctor. – The food he ate has been poisoned. Babi! Someone poisoned the food. Who did that? Please stop other people from eating the food. Go quickly. Wait! Stop! Let no one eat. This food has been poisoned. Alas! Throw the entire food away. Not even dogs should eat it. How is Babi now? Why are you silent? Babi! Babi! Babi! Babi! ‘The nectar you give me turn into a poison’ ‘This is the cruel act of fate’ ‘O Virtuous man, you became the messenger of death ‘This is a vicious circle’ ‘Hope you did not play any gamble’ ‘Destiny smiles sarcastically at you’ ‘You are being accused of stabbing in the back’ ‘My father Suryam, you are like the moon in the sky’ ‘Are you being eclipsed’ ‘The sky looks pale’ Karna donated only to those who asked him.

You are giving food here daily without anyone asking for it. If someone could poison the food in such a place.. No one came from the neighbouring village to commit this crime. Someone from this village did that. Who is it? When the protector is the one who attacks, what else would be the result? The person who did that is in this very house. Are you out of your senses? People in this house serve only food and not poison. It is your daughter in law. I will break your teeth. Is this your faith in us for all the patronage you enjoyed. If your daughter-in-law is one who walks in her husband’s footsteps.. What was the need for her to meet.. ..the head of the neighbouring village and their men secretly? Did she tell this either to you or to your son? If she did so, then we will believe that.. ..she is not related to this food poisoning.

I don’t commit the crime. It is true that I met them. But I did not poison the food. I swear by God. I don’t know anything. Believe me. What is the need for you to make them believe? Whether you believe it or not, my daughter law is honest. What is the need for us to justify to all of you? go away from here! Mother, It is not they that should leave this place. It is your daughter-in-law. She tried to kill me on the first night of marriage. I forgave her thinking that her intention was to kill only me. But after learning that she wants to kill the entire village.. ..I can’t let her stay here. Uncle, Send her out of the village. I treated you like my own daughter. How dare you plan to kill my son? Your life will be ruined! Mother in law! – don’t address me like that! Don’t show me your face again in life. You should not enter this house even if I die. Go away from here.

Mother in law! please listen to what I say. Get out of here! Out of joy that you agreed for marriage.. I did not try to find out her background. Your daughter-in-law is a good woman. Is that so? If she wanted to kill me.. She would not perform this worship for my longevity. If that were her intent, she would not have.. .. stopped us when Babi was about to give me food. No one would have questioned Lord Rama when he sent Sita to the forest. But he sent his wife away for the sake of public. People get ready to die of hunger. But no one wants to eat poison and die. That is why she has to bear this burden till the truth is known. ‘Faced with serious problem, the blame is put on an innocent person’ ‘You left your dear wife’ ‘Sita Was asked to take the test of fire’ ‘This test is burning your heart’ ‘This is a test by fire that time gives you’ ‘Did you convert your heart into a stone’ ‘Did you become lifeless like a log. Alas!’ ‘Our father Surya, you are like a moon in the sky’ ‘Are you being eclipsed’ ‘Has the sky become pale’ O lord.

. Please protect my child. Suryam, You won’t have a mother after today. Alas! Ouch! – O God! Hey, All of you come here and help. Blood! How did the branch fall down? Eat, my boy. your hand is injured. I will feed you. Eat, my boy. Eat! Drink water. Your mother must have remembered you. I don’t have a mother. – Alas! Consider me your mother. Drink it! You went to kill her but returned without doing it. Are you not ashamed? I could not kill her. – Shut up! I ask you to kill his mother.. Not yours! When I saw her I remembered my mother. Why don’t you just go there for ever and become her son? Shave your moustache off and go inside like a woman! What if he cannot do it? I will convey to you the news of her death. I was thrown out of my husband’s home. My parental home does not accept me. I have now no shelter. I will consider God as my refuge and stay here. Why do you say that you have no refuge? You are the goddess who married the head of this mandalam. Come and stay at my home. It is God who should give the boon and not the priest.

The pregnant woman should be either with her husband at her parent home. She should not be in tears. That won’t bode good for our family. It will not augur good to the village also. Go and bring her. There is no one at home. Who is it? Who are you, Swami? – I am an itinerant monk. I feel very hungry. I asked someone outside who could give me food at this hour. He mentioned your home. I did not want to spoil your sleep. So I am sleeping in this verandah. Alas.. What a thing! We feel bad if someone leaves from here with hunger. We will surely give food if someone asks for it. Please come. I will serve you. Please sit down. Have your food. Eat, swami. What are you thinking? do you want anything else? Nothing more. Someone in the next street said something. I remember that. What did he say? He said that one should be careful while going to take food in this house. He said that poison was also being served in this house these days. I did not believe him. I know that those who serve food can’t serve poison.

Wait, swami. no one took food at this house with some doubt in mind. If you have any suspicion, I will eat first. It is okay. I believe you. You need not eat out of faith. You may eat after you are convinced. If there was poison in this food, I would have died. Now please eat. Wait, I will get you another plate. – Not needed, I will eat from this. Did Lord Rama not eat from the plate that Sabari ate from? I am not a pious woman like Sabari. You answered with great honesty. What happened? My head seems to be reeling. Please have your food. After a short while you will be dead. I poisoned the food that you ate. I poisoned it! You sinner! I give food to the hungry. But today you poisoned my food! You will be decimated! Your life will be ruined! You scoundrel! How dare you do this to a mother? You will die in a dastardly manner! What I did is nothing compared to what your son did. I came to bless my niece at her marriage.

But your son ensured that I get to see only their dead bodies. That’s why I did this. I will not spare your son either My dear! He realised that I did not do any mistake. Sir, Your mother’s food was poisoned. ‘See what happens on this earth today’ ‘Every step is the dance of destruction’ ‘Great men like Lord Rama will not come in this age’ ‘This is not the age when dharma reins’ ‘This woman gave birth to you like Kausalya’ ‘How can earth carry her gratitude’ ‘It has put an end to her life and is happy’ Had we killed him the day he broke your statue.. This crime would not have happened today. The heads of those people who killed your mother should be cut off! Just give you permission and will destroy their village. If we remain silent, they will continue killing us one after another. Just say yes and will cut them to pieces. Just give us your permission! – please do! Go and kill them! Kill them all and come. We will celebrate.

They are not responsible for my mother’s death. You people are responsible. You only are responsible for the death of driver Babi. Had you not gone to destroy the village, this would not have happened. You say that you want to repeat the same mistake again. If you continue this killing, they won’t be anyone left alive. No! I don’t want these killings. I don’t want killers. I want to see you as good human beings and not as killers. Sir, You donate money and food and receive many guests. Your house was like that but now it looks like a pale shadow of the past. You are passing through troubled times. Even the sun god is subject to eclipse. Our Suryam sir too is facing such times. The only solution for this is to perform a worship for peace. If we perform that worship at the Shiva Temple in our village.. We will come out of these troubled times. For the welfare of the my people.. I will perform this worship.

I’m indebted to all of you who came here seeking people’s welfare. I will provide all the needed support. We will perform the worship for peace. Tomorrow Suryam is getting the worship of peace performed in his village. Let us kill him and his people in front of the temple. Go and bring our uncles. I will come with our supporters. go now! Madam! The entire village is going there to kill your husband. Go to inform the people of your village.. ..about this and save your husband’s life. Do you want us to believe your words? We won’t believe you. Our village is ruined because of you. You come again now to create trouble. we won’t believe you. Go away. Please believe me. They made all the arrangements to kill him. They must have reached the temple by now. Please believe me. ‘Oblations to the god of fire!’ ‘Oblations to the rain god!’ ‘Oblations to the wind god!’ ‘Oblations to the god of earth!’ Where are you going? return quickly. Where are you going? – for the same thing.

Hope I won’t slip. What is this? How dare you kill the mother who gave us food? Alas! ‘Oblations to the god’ ‘Oblations to the god’ ‘Oblations to the god’ He should not be able to escape. Ensure that. ‘Oblations to the god’ Where is uncle? They are cowards. They dropped midway. ‘Oblations to the god’ Why don’t we enter the temple and kill him! – In the temple? It will be a sin to do it inside the temple. Nephew! Don’t believe him. Don’t believe him. He is Suryam’s man. He beat me up on the way and killed my brother. He should be killed! Suryam sir, please do not come out. Suryam sir, do not come out. How dare you deceive me after being at my feet I’ll finish you! Tell Suryam sir not to come outside. They will kill him if he does. Please continue with the worship.

Tell me who did this. It was I who poisoned the food in your house. But I did not kill your brother. But I killed the brother of Nagi Reddy. He got enraged because of that and stabbed me. Take him to the hospital quickly. You timid person, who got houses burnt down at midnight! Come out if you have the courage. You perform many worships. But you are going to die at my hand. Come outside! Wait here. None of few should come below the stairs. I’m not a mean person to pit all of us against you. To beat you.. I alone am enough. If winning is important for you I will concede defeat. You can go away happily. I will return only after killing you. Listen to what I say. Why should I listen to your nonsense? Listen to what I say. Please try to understand. Won’t you listen to me? Wait. No one should take one step forward. Even if I lose my life.

Kill me! I can’t bear defeat your hands. Kill me! kill me! It is not a big thing for me to kill you. You may have the support of one village. I have the support of 40 villages If I wanted I could have decimated your village long back. You did not learn anything else other than killing. You don’t have the power to give life.. Who gave you the right to kill anyone? Why do you have so much vengeance against me? What mistake did I do? I saved that woman from the snake. She made a mistake by not realising the truth. Without knowing the truth.. You beat me out of anger and made a mistake. I took a word from our driver that it should not be revealed to anyone. But he went back on his word and made a mistake. After hearing what he said they destroyed your village..

All the people of our village made that mistake. You made a mistake and she also did. The people of our village made a mistake too. What mistake did I do? Yes, I made a mistake. It is to assume that all these people are mine. My mistake was to feed the hungry without second thoughts. I helped whoever was in need. That was my mistake. All of you make mistakes but blame me. All of you came with weapons in support of him. Did you think even a little about the people who depend on you? If you people follow like a herd of sheep.. ..leaders like him we’ll keep getting propped up. The use catchy names To create divisions amongst you for their benefit. This is not true leadership. A leader should not make others as killers. You must be able to make at least one a great man. Life is all about living and letting others live. It is not about killing others for our sustenance.

No one is here to live forever. In the time comes everyone has to go without notice. This life is meant to live happily. It is not for flaring up vengeance and cutting each other’s throats. Even the sun god may flare up to see the extent of sin on earth. But this Surya will not harm any person knowingly. Please forgive me. I made a mistake. Get up! – I made a mistake. Come out of your anger and think with a cool mind. That will help you and your village. You were the epitome of patience and answered everyone’s queries. Come, let’s go home. ‘Oblations to the god of fire’ ‘May peace be to the world’ ‘May peace be to the world’.

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