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Hi there. I am John Bond from Riverwinds Consulting and this is Publishing Defined. Today I am going to discuss the changing scope of who or what a publisher is. I have previously spoken about what is academic publishing, in particular the traditional roles of acquisition and business development, production and editorial services, and marketing and sales. See a link at the end of this video to that video. But today I am going to talk about the expanding definition or scope of who a publisher is. Typically, in scholarly publishing, companies like Elsevier or Wiley or Lippincott Williams and Wilkins would come to mind if someone mentioned for-profit publishing.

Or, one might think about large professional societies or associations and their flagship journals like IEEE, the American Chemical Society, or the American College of Physicians. Others would rightly include database companies or continuing education organizations as publishers. But increasingly, a wider net is now being cast. Online only publishing companies of course are on the list. But how about video sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Or podcasting networks like Panoply or Earwolf. Facebook and other social media sites are creating an enormous amount of content each day, albeit user-generated. Active bloggers are creating original content that sometimes can exceed what a journal or magazine might publish in a month, especially if you take into account the comment section to the blog. All of these groups can lay claim to the term publisher. Additionally, aggregators, whether in news or scholarly content are an interesting case. In the purest form, they are creating little to no new content but I would imagine many might view sites like Flipboard, Inoreader, or Feedly as publishers.

And then considering sites like Reddit or Quora that generate an enormous amount of content, the line becomes even grayer. And finally, is the individual. Many people through the avenues mentioned above or at their own sites are creating a lot of their own content. Individuals are assuredly becoming publishers themselves. When the word publisher is used today, in scholarly publishing or more broadly, we will have to continue to expand our thinking quite a bit beyond the traditional organizations. Well that’s it. Hit the Like button below if you enjoyed this video. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click on the link to see my previous video on what is an academic publisher. And make comments below or email me with questions. Thank so much and take care..

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